Book 5: Chapter 32 - Break Away From The Outside World

“I know that grandma told you to tell us how cruel and dangerous the outside world is…” Xing Chuan’s pitiful voice sounded from behind. “So that my sister and her friends would give up on the idea. However, what you did today… didn’t you go overboard?” He seemed to feel heartache for his sister.

“Because I am jealous,” I said coldly. Ghostie crawled out of the water and glared behind me coldly. His eyes carried a murderous intention whereas I continued to face forward. “I am jealous that you can live in heaven. I am jealous that you can be so well -protected. The people outside don’t have enough to eat, don’t have enough to wear to keep warm. The civilization regressed. There are only massacres and hatred. But you, heh, find the outside world interesting. Do you think that the people outside who are being reared as pigs are interesting? Do you think that people eating other people is interesting? Do you think that the people who fought one another to survive are interesting?” I stood up in anger and turned to glare at the Xing Chuan who was as innocent as a sheet of white paper. “You think that people who sacrificed their lives for justice are interesting?!” I had come from a peaceful world too but I had never found interest in the outside world! Every time Harry and his troop had headed out for a mission, I would only be worried.

He furrowed his eyebrows and his expression grew glum. There seemed to be guilt in his solemn expression. He looked at me with his eyebrows tightly knitted. He spoke after he’d stared at me for very long, “Are the stories real?”

Heh,” I chuckled bitterly and shook my head. I looked to the side.“You think it’s a story? That’s the truth!” I glared back coldly. “Let me tell you another thing…”

He faced me with seriousness in his clear black eyes.

I narrowed my eyes. “In order to take revenge for my lover, I massacred a city.”

His expression grew tense.

I chuckled and raised my hands. “With these hands, I massacred the city that was filled with sin! So, you’d better not provoke me! I am very upset with every one of you as well as the island because I find it unfair! Why could you live happily for the past sixty years while the people who I care for had to live in hell outside!” I shouted as my heart ached. I walked past him in huge strides!

I still couldn’t deal with that face calmly, although I knew that I had kept my cool for a long time.

I knew that I shouldn’t vent my anger towards Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City on this Xing Chuan but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control myself. They simply looked exactly the same. They looked like they had been completely copied and pasted!

Hold on…



The people in Silver Moon City were mostly man-made.

Could Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City be a clone!?

No way. Xing Chuan had parents. However, Elena might be half a clone and half man-made. Because Elena wouldn’t have the superpower of a metahuman if she were to be completely cloned.

Hence, Elena was a processed clone.

Xing Chuan was possibly one too.

He might have been built before being placed inside his mother’s body. Hence, he would be semi manmade.

I suddenly felt chills all over. Somehow, I seemed to feel less hatred towards Xing Chuan. After figuring out that he might be a clone, it for some reason eased my hatred towards him.

I suddenly wanted to tell Xing Chuan: You are just a clone!

I wonder what expression he would wear then.

The Silver Moon City Highness who was full of himself and thought highly of himself was just a clone. *Hahahaha…*

Such irony. It is simply the best revenge on Xing Chuan!

Silent moonlight poured through the huge opening. I didn’t know how long I’d stayed for, how the outside world had changed, and where He Lei and the troops had ended up in the war.

I sat on my balcony with Ghostie leaning by my foot. The water ghost had an intense fishy smell. But just like having a cat, the smell became unnoticeable after I’d spent a long time with Ghostie. 

Ghostie nudged my feet in the water.

“I know, I know…” I smiled faintly. “This Xing Chuan is not that Xing Chuan but I can’t help it. Sigh.” I stretched my body. “I don’t want to see him every day but this Xing Chuan is so kind and innocent.” I could feel that this Xing Chuan cared about me although he didn’t converse with me very often. However, he cared for me like how Xing Ya and Elena did.

“This is so annoying. I want to leave,” I shouted at the sea. The only reply I received was the sound of the lapping waves.

Ghostie suddenly sunk into the water. I didn’t know what he was going to do. After a long while, a light shimmered in the dark seawater. It got closer and closer to me. Then, a huge luminous pearl that popped out from the water. It was Ghostie. 

Ghostie held the huge luminous pearl as he smiled at me. I stared at him and got lost in my thoughts. Ghostie is always trying to make me happy.

I smiled happily. Taking the luminous pearl from his hand, I looked at him. “Thank you. I know you are nice to me.” I touched the luminous pearl tenderly. “In the past, the one who would be nice to me, was Harry…” Harry had always fulfilled all my requests. “He let me scold him… let me hit him… My mom told me that such a man would give me a lifetime of happiness…”

“Miss Luo Bing, you have a guest,” the AI in the room notified me.

Holding the luminous pearl, I stood up. I returned to the room and saw a middle-aged couple’s faces reflected on the door. Although they were middle-aged, they actually looked young. I could only tell that they were adults from their eyes. Also, I knew that they were Xing Chuan and Xing Ya’s parents.

I opened the door and looked at them politely. “How can I help you?”

They smiled at me. “Grandma wants to see you.”

I was stunned. Grandma? Did they call Xing Chuan’s grandma Grandma too?

Puzzled, I followed behind them. They smiled gently. “Is it strange that we call her Grandma too?”

I nodded.

Xing Chuan’s mother smiled gently. “Chuan and Ya should call her great-grandma. But we don’t mind the names much. Grandma sounds younger too.”


That grandma is Xing Chuan’s great-grandma!

There had been a couple who looked slightly older. They were Xing Chuan’s grandpa and grandma? 

The middle-aged couple looked good. The man was tall and built while the woman was beautiful. I could imagine that they had been a good looking couple when they were younger. They led the way in silence. We walked past a backyard filled with flowers and a neon bridge under the moonlight. The entire Hagrid Island was extremely quiet at night. Only the lights on the precipice showed that everyone had yet to sleep.

We entered the observatory elevator on the cliff and rose to the top of the palace. The grandma was sitting on the balcony at the top of the cliff as she watched the stars. 

“Grandma, Luo Bing is here."

The grandma nodded and said, “Su Yang, you can leave.”

I was surprised. Su Yang!

The Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City, his father’s name had been Su Yang too!

Then, Xing Chuan’s mother was definitely Yu Xi.

The middle-aged couple left in reverence.

The grandma came forward in her wheelchair and reached to the edge of the balcony. “You did well today.”

I went quiet for a while. I felt apologetic for scaring the few girls until they fainted. “Sorry that I scared them.”

The grandma shook her head and turned to look at me with a dignified vibe. “If you don’t show them how dangerous and cruel the outside world is, their curiosity wouldn’t be rooted out. Only when they know to fear death, would they not have any plans to head outside.”

I didn’t speak. The grandma’s gaze grew in admiration. “Luo Bing, you have the most ability to become a leader compared to every child here. What do you think about Xing Chuan? Do you think he qualifies to be the guardian of Hagrid Island?”

I continued to stand straight in the moonlight. I kept quiet for a while before I looked at the grandma. “If Hagrid Island remained reclusive, Xing Chuan is more than capable to be a leader here. However, if Hagrid Island were to be discovered by the outside world, Xing Chuan has no ability to safeguard this place,” I answered frankly. I hoped that she would take my truest feedback to heart.

The grandma nodded, solemnity crossing her dignified expression. She turned to look at the opening in the sky. "That's what I am worried about…”

“How can it be repaired? That opening?” That was a responsibility I had to take on.

“It needs material that can go invisible. It’s a pity that we don’t have any on the island,” The grandma sighed. “It is only a matter of time before we are discovered."

“Is there any historical site nearby?” I asked.

The grandma was stunned. She turned to look at me.

I looked back at her. “I can enter any historical site within the radiation zone. I can help you to find the resource that you need.”

Hearing what I saiz, grandma got carried away into a daze.

She finally came back to reality. “Oh yeah… Why have I never thought of it…”

I looked at her expressionlessly. “Because you don’t have the habit to go out and look for resources.”

A complicated expression crossed her aged face. She sat in her wheelchair in silence while I stood before her. The sea breeze blew her short silver hair. Even though her hair had turned white, it couldn’t conceal her elegance and noble vibe. She had definitely been a beautiful wise lady in the past.

They lived almost reclusively and they’d forgotten the general knowledge and survival skills to live in the outside world. They had no worries, so they had gradually broken away from the outside world.

Before there’d been the opening, it had been okay to break apart from the outside world because it was heaven here . 

However, because of the opening, it had been exposed entirely. The place here wouldn’t survive even a single blow because they were all ordinary people. None of them was a metahuman and they had zero battle experience!

In Noah City, Harry and his troop had less battle experience. However, they had still lived in the outside world and they’d picked up the skills faster.

Here, their experience was completely zero. I even felt that it might be negative.

“Is there a spaceship?” I asked.

The grandma looked at me and nodded.

There’s a spaceship!

“But our spaceship doesn’t fly using blue crystal energy.” The grandma seemed to have seen through my thoughts long ago as she emphasized, “So, it is not as efficient and it can’t fly far.”

It doesn’t use blue crystal energy!

I felt my head ache.


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