Book 5: Chapter 31 - Go, Ghostie

“Stop there!” I immediately stopped Xing Chuan from getting close. “Don’t come near!”

Xing Chuan pointed at me angrily. “We didn’t allow you on the island for you to show off your superpower!” His heavily guarded self was similar to Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City. “Ah!” Suddenly, he groaned in pain. He immediately retracted his hand and looked at the back of his hand in shock. Disgusting blisters were popping up on the back of his hand.

I rolled my eyes without saying a word. The people here were so simple that they didn’t even have any sense of danger. They would be eliminated the moment they stepped out from here.

I couldn’t blame him. He hadn’t been here earlier and he had never seen spirits. He naturally didn’t know that they carried strong radiation!

I glanced at Jun. Jun quickly returned to the heart-shaped box pulling Zong Ben with him.

“Brother! What’s wrong with you?!” Xing Ya quickly went forward while the rest of them were still dumbfounded.

“Don’t touch him!” I immediately stopped Xing Ya from getting closer. “Your brother is radiated. Your hand would rot too if you touch him."

Now, I no longer saw any excitement on Xing Ya’s face. It had been replaced with fear and terror. Finally I saw the fear and terror that was supposed to be in these curious cats’ eyes when they saw blue crystal energy.

Closing the heart-shaped box, I walked up to Xing Chuan. I took his hand but he immediately recoiled. “Don’t touch me! You will get hurt!”

I was touched to hear his words. Seeing his honest expression, I felt softness at the bottom of my heart. The people here were kind. The Xing Chuan here was straightforward.

However, I remained cool to him, because all the people here behaved like that.

I didn’t bother looking at him but grabbed his hand directly. He wanted to shake me off but he wasn’t as strong as me.

“Don’t move!” I roared as I rolled my eyes at him in disdain. Although I was moved, he still wore the face of the person I hated so I couldn’t speak nicely to him.

He glared at me angrily. I extended my palm to cover the back of his hand. He was stunned. I absorbed the radiation instantly until he was only left with a blister. “I took away the radiation. The blister will heal in a few days. You’ll be fine.”

He looked dumbfounded before he seemed to recall something. He looked at the back of his hand. “Oh yeah. You cleansed the radiation that you brought the other day too.”

“That’s my superpower.” I glanced at him then turned to look at everyone else. “All of you saw that. This is the radiation and the outside world that you wanted to find out about. If you are not a radiationer or a metahuman, you wouldn’t be able to survive because you can’t see radiation at all. Just like His Highness Xing Chuan didn’t know that he’d gotten close to the radiation zone himself.”

On Hagrid Island, Xing Chuan was His Highness as well. His face instantly grew dim at being used as a negative example.

I grabbed Xing Chuan’s hand and raised it up for everyone to see the remaining blister on the back of his hand. He wasn’t like Harry and he couldn’t heal himself quickly. I might as well use him as a negative example all the way! 

“This is merely the damage a level one radiation could do to an ordinary person. There are nine levels of radiation outside. As the level of radiation heightens, you will experience nausea, vomit, organ failure, and so on. You will suffer and die in pain in radiation. That fish,” I pointed at the ashes on the floor, “died straightforwardly. It went through the radiation in the center of a radiation zone. Any living thing would turn into ashes directly once touched, without pain.”

They gawked at me blankly.

I threw Xing Chuan’s hand aside and looked at them. “There’s only me in the outside world!” I pointed at myself and emphasized, “...who has the ability to cleanse radiation. Hence, your Highness Xing Chuan…” I pointed at Xing Chuan again.

Xing Chuan looked away as his face grew grave. I continued, “Without me, he will die if he was outside. If the radiation isn’t removed completely, his hand will continue to rot.”

Everyone stared at one another in horror and their faces grew pale.

Xing Ya watched Xing Chuan anxiously and didn’t dare to utter a word.

I walked to the side of the platform. “Besides radiation, there are various living things. Ghostie.”

*Bang!* Ghostie plunged out from the water and landed next to me. His sharp nails extended from his hand like sharp knives.

“This is one of the mutants, water ghost. Their nails are sharp…”I lifted Ghostie’s hand. His nails extended fully. “These nails can easily cut the boats apart and make the boat sink. It can also cut fish for food. Ghostie, show them.”

Ghostie then did a backflip and landed in the water beautifully. With a small splash, he was nowhere to be seen.

In a short while, I saw Xing Chuan and the others’ shocked gaze. Then, a huge shadow passed above my head with a cooling mist, followed by a *bang!* A fish the size of a baby whale landed on the glass platform in front of me.

I glanced at it calmly. Judging from Xing Chuan and the others’ gazes, they were impressed at a water ghost’s strength.

Then, Ghostie came ashore and flashed his steel nails. He stabbed at the belly of the first. The skin and flesh parted at once and the internal organs flowed out. It was a wretched and cruel scene.

*Retch!* Probably because Ghostie’s action was too brutal, some of them vomited at the sight.

However, Ghostie was very skillful. In a short instant, the huge fish had been cut into pieces. He threw them back into the sea, which attracted schools of fishes.

Only a pool of blood was left in front of me.

“There were two kinds of water ghosts. One would take the initiative to attack humans and consume humans as food. The other kind wouldn’t attack humans but they would still consume dead humans as food.” I looked around at the guys and girls who had turned pale and continued, “If you put on an anti-radiation suit and survive by sheer luck, you still have to face day monsters on the land, flying corpses in the air, and water ghosts in the water. They would follow you and stalk you. Once you are exhausted, they will drag your dead body, tear it apart and share it as food.”


“Ah! Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi!”

Some girls fainted.

They couldn’t stand the dissection of a huge fish and fainted from disgust. What more if they saw their comrades being torn apart and consumed as food?

Xing Chuan immediately looked at them. “Hurry up and send them back.”

“Alright!” A few guys quickly carried the fainted girls back.

I thought to myself: Not only did I destroy their curiosity, but I’ve also left a terrifying image in their heart. Maybe, they might have a nightmare over and over again for the next few days.

“But Ghostie didn’t attack you. Did you domesticate him?” Xing Ya glanced at Ghostie confusedly.

Ghostie combed his fingers over his bald head suavely, as though he had a head of handsome hair.

I grinned at him. “Mm, you are the most handsome water ghost.”

Ghostie smiled.

I looked at Xing Ya and the remaining people. “Look, Ghostie can understand human language. Hence, he is one who has evolved with human intelligence among the water ghosts. However, among ten thousand water ghosts, there might not be even one who recovered human intelligence like Ghostie. Even so, Ghostie…” I felt something weighing down my heart. “...still didn’t recover his ability to speak…”

I put my hand over Ghostie’s arm in sorrow. He had only come ashore for a while and his arm already felt dry.

Ghostie patted my hand as though he was comforting me. That very moment, I felt an indescribable familiarity. It was a strange feeling, lasting only a split second before it vanished.

Ghostie turned around and leaped into the sea. His skin would only feel better when he was underwater again.

I turned back to everyone. “In the radiation zone outside, there isn’t food or clean water and air. The rainwater contains acid. The soil contains corrosive substances. You are curious about the outside world but your world is simply heaven to the people outside.”

They had yet to recover from the earlier dissection but their expression grew glum as I spoke.

I stood silent for a moment in the bloody breeze before I chuckled lightly. “This is the kind of air that we normally breathe in. It is filled with the scent of blood.” I looked at everyone. “Let’s stop here today. Go back and digest what I’ve said today and we shall continue next time,” I concluded. Then, I turned to the end of the glass platform and sat there alone. The sea breeze blew against my scattered fringe before my forehead.

I could hear the crowd slowly dispersing. Many of them were still terrified.

Blood slowly flowed off the platform, reminding me of the war in Steel Ghost City. The clear lake water had been dyed red by the blood of the slaves and warriors.

Xing Ya took a seat next to me. Her face was still pale. “Is it true… what you said?” She had yet to give up.

“Before I crashed on Hagrid Island…” I pointed at the opening in the sky. “...I went through a war. It was a … tragic war. The Ghost Eclipers used slaves as human bombs and they ran towards our troops… We didn’t know the ordinary people were human bombs. Then, suddenly… Bang!

Gentle waves stirred in the seawater. Ghostie floated along with the waves as he gazed at me in sorrow.

“Then?” Xing Ya asked me with a shivering voice.

I watched the view in front of me, the blue sea. “Do you know? There was a lake that looked beautiful… It was as clear as your seawater here. But after that day, the lake water turned into a bloody red…”

Xing Chuan gasped lightly and covered her mouth.

“My lover… Harry…” My eyes welled up with tears. Ghostie swam before me and hugged my knees gently. I stead in front of me spiritlessly. “...died… in that war. Every day, I saw water ghosts running ashore in silence to drag the dead bodies by the shore into the lake. I hope that Harry didn’t leave his dead body behind. Otherwise, he would become water ghosts’ food…”

“Stop!” Xing Ya let out a gasp in sorrow and ran away from me.

I smirked coldly. She wouldn’t think about leaving anymore. Even if the door was wide open, she wouldn’t dare to take another step out. Oh, I forgot to tell her that women were treated well in the outside world. If she were to be caught by the Ghost Eclipsers, she wouldn’t be eaten but she would be raped by many people.


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