Book 1: Chapter 44 - Prepare For Test

A person who can see a thousand miles away! So, Qian Li must be a metahuman!

This world was getting more and more magical. I started looking forward to knowing others’ superpowers, such as Harry’s, Xue Gie’s, Xiao Ying’s  and also Sis Cannon’s. What would all of their superpowers be?

“That is why we have to find seeds! Then, we will be able to self-sustain and use our seeds to exchange for other items…” Raffles said, and then paused to look at Harry as though he had suddenly thought of something. Raffles smiled and said, “You are jealous of Qian Li, aren’t you?” He wanted to find out the truth.

“I am jealous of him?!” Harry stopped abruptly in the corridor. He put his hands on his waist as he looked at Raffles and said, “Why would I be jealous of him?! Is his superpower stronger than mine?! Besides his pair of eyes, he has nothing better than what I have!”

“You are jealous of him...!” Raffles’ eyes were taunting when he pointed at Harry’s face, “....Because Elder Alufa thinks highly of Qian Li, and even gave him the nickname ‘Noah’s Eyes.’ On the other hand, you don’t have any nicknames like Noah’s Har, or Noah’s Ry. Hahaha…”

“You are just a bunny!” Harry suddenly seized Raffles by his collar and pulled him close to his face. Harry stared at Raffles’ greyish-blue eyes as Raffles stared back at him stubbornly.

Second Sis watched them from beside me. Her white eyes showed a bored expression, as though she was watching kids. She yawned and let out a sigh.

I felt weird standing next to Raffles and Harry. Harry had called Raffles a bunny…

“What are you trying to do!” Raffles stared at Harry with widely opened eyes. He then extended his neck and gave him a ‘don’t you dare hit me’ expression and said, “If you hit me, it proves that you are jealous of Qian Li!”

Harry clenched his fists and let go of Raffles in distress. He put his hands on his forehead helplessly, as he couldn’t do anything about Raffles.

*Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!* Ming You suddenly ran to the corridor, “Luo Bing, Luo Bing!” 

Harry heard Ming You calling my name, so he let Raffles off the hook, but still kept glaring at him, “Humph.”

Pfft.” Raffles rolled his eyes at him.

The two of them were giving the cold shoulder to each other.

“Luo Bing, Luo-!” Ming You stopped as she saw Second Sis. She stood far away from us and looked at Second Sis carefully, “You really keep a flying corpse!” She looked at me in shock. It was as though she had forgotten about what she was going to say because she had seen Second Sis. She was surprised at the harmony shared between Second Sis and me.

“Ming You, why are you looking for Luo Bing?” Harry reminded Ming You. He was already annoyed because of his argument with Raffles from earlier.

Ming You came back to reality, but looked at Harry suspiciously, “Harry, what’s wrong with you?”

Ming You looked more mature. Earlier when I had taken Harry hostage, she had spoken on behalf of Harry. ‘Oh yeah, Harry was a metahuman. It shouldn’t have been easy for me to take him hostage, so… it was Harry who had been giving way.’

Harry turned away in annoyance. He obviously wasn’t in the mood to joke around.

“I said that Harry is jealous of Qian Li,” Raffles cupped his hands around his lips as he told Ming You. He intentionally lowered his voice too, but everyone could still hear him.

Ming You heard Raffles and she thought for a while. Then, she looked at Harry and said with a striking note of strength, “Harry, in my heart, you are Noah City’s only hope!” Her bright voice resounded in the tunnel.

Harry turned around to look at Ming You.

Ming You blushed suddenly. She looked away from Harry and said, “Without you and your scouting troops, we wouldn’t even have any food, let alone seeds. Even Qian Li needs to eat.”

“Exactly!” Harry suddenly turned smug and started shining brightly once again, returning to his happy and cheerful self. His footsteps were merry as he started walking next to Ming You, “You’re the only one who can see the truth, Xiao You! Oh yeah, why are you looking for my wife?”

Immediately, the rosiness from Ming You’s cheeks faded away, and she rolled her eyes impatiently at him. 

Ming You looked at me solemnly, “Luo Bing, Sis Ceci wants you to sit for the test right now at the East Square.”

“She’s serious about it!” Harry was shocked.

“Luo Bing, go for it!” Raffles cheered for me happily.

Harry immediately slapped the back of Raffles’ head, “What are you cheering for? All the beautiful girls in Noah City are trained into warriors by my mom. All of them are so fierce; which of them behaves like a girl should?!”

“Harry!” Ming You suddenly lowered her voice and her expression became solemn, “It is everyone’s responsibility to protect Noah City. Regardless of one’s gender, as long as he or she has the ability, they should dedicate themselves to protect our home! Unless…” Ming You looked at me and revealed a tinge of suspicion in her green eyes, “...She is not willing or has a different agenda for being in Noah City.” 

“I am willing to serve!” I immediately replied. I could tell that Ming You was still doubting me. I believed that there were other people who were also suspicious of me. It isn’t easy to trust a stranger, especially when you are at the end of the world, where jungle law worked. I believed that I could eliminate their suspicions and I would try my best to be there for the people of Noah City.

Ming You glanced at me and continued to look at Harry. She didn’t seem convinced. She said, “Until the world is in peace, I doubt you will be able to find a girl who would rest upon a man like a little bird! Humph!” Ming You then turned away; her expression was like Xiao Jing earlier.

“Psst,” Harry laughed. He then looked at Ming You playfully.

Ming You blushed again. She suddenly looked at me, “Hurry up and follow me!” Then, she turned and left.

“Why does every girl throw a tantrum at me?” Harry crossed his arms over his chest as he raised his eyebrows.

I shook my head, “Idiot.”

“What?” He looked at me.

“Nothing.” I was too lazy to explain. I looked at Raffles, “Raffles, can you take Second Sis back to your room for me?”

Raffles was nervous. He looked at Second Sis stiffly. Just then, Second Sis extended her hand towards Raffles. Raffles grew stiffer due to this. He didn’t dare to move even an inch as he looked at me anxiously, “She, what does she want to do?”

I was shocked, while Harry also became nervous. But Second Sis only touched Raffles’ hair that was hanging down on the side of his face. It was the first time that Second Sis was expressing goodwill towards another person besides me!

“Raffles! Second Sis likes you! You are the second person that Second Sis doesn’t mind!” I said excitedly.

Harry raised his eyebrows and rubbed his chin, “Mascot lives up to his reputation. Even the flying corpse likes him.”

Raffles relaxed and smiled, “Second Sis, I will take you back so that Luo Bing can sit for her test.” Then, he waved his fist at me and said, “Luo Bing! All the best! I’ll come over and check upon you after Second Sis is all settled back in my room!” He then led Second Sis away excitedly. It looked like he was thrilled because Second Sis had shown trust in him. 

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