Book 5: Chapter 30 - Shattered Their Curiosity

He had short hair and his expression looked more like an expression someone his age should wear. He had more facial expressions than the Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City. His eyes weren’t laden with anxiety and you could read his every expression. 

It felt as though fate had given me another test by making me look at my enemy’s face all day and all night, so that I could learn how to control my emotions.

Hagrid Island was huge but there weren’t many people. The total population was slightly more than Noah City, totaling up to not more than five hundred people. The island had great ecology so they didn’t have to worry about food.

The buildings and the island blended together flawlessly. There were houses on the island and there were trees in the houses. Buildings stood near the cliff, with hot springs and forests among the buildings. It made me feel the harmony between humans and nature.

Small animals were everywhere, and they would come close and play together. Just the sight of the cute furry animals would melt your heart and wipe away all the sorrow.

The deeper I went into Hagrid Island, the more I loathed to part from the heaven-like life here.

Because the people here were honest, kind and beautiful. They were even more innocent than the people from the world I had come from. They had preserved the characters of the people from sixty years back. They had no idea what the outside world had become.

Theoretically, as this world had been isolated for sixty years, the old grandma shouldn’t know about the outside world nor should she know about the other Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City.

She had specially exhorted me to not react in surprise when I saw Xing Chuan. It showed that she knew that the Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City looked exactly the same as the Xing Chuan here.

Hence, the old grandma wasn’t entirely cut off from the outside world because the Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City hadn’t been born yet sixty years ago. But she was working hard to protect this place, to protect this haven of peace.

And then there was Elena.

It was no longer a coincidence. Hagrid Island definitely had countless ties and a mysterious connection to Silver Moon City.

“You shall stay here from now on.” Xing Ya brought me into a room on the precipice. The entire room was embedded in the precipice. The wall facing outside was spherical and made of transparent glass. The view was broad.  

The location of the room wasn’t high. Outside was another transparent platform. When I walked out, all around me would be the blue seawater. The clear water lapped against the platform and I could clearly see the beautiful corals and fishes swimming. There happened to be a red starfish that had attached under the platform too.

I really liked the room here. It would be convenient to see Ghostie too. He could come whenever I shouted for him. I enjoyed the feeling of asking Ghostie to come and go as I wished. I felt that he treated me as his family and he relied on me too. Just like Harry and Raffles who had been clinging to me too.

In this world, it was very important to have a partner, with whom you could depend on each other for survival.

“I wanted to let you stay next to my room but grandma and the other elders didn’t agree. But it’s great here too. I picked a room with a superior sea view for you!” Xing Ya spread her arms in pride and winked at me playfully. “You can see the sunrise and sunset every day.”

I smiled at Xing Ya. “Thank you.”

Xing Ya jumped before me and asked, “Can I see Ghostie?”

I thought for a while then glanced at her. “I know that you are curious about me and the outside world. It’s very annoying to answer a question after another. How about you spend the next few days compiling all your questions then ask me? What do you think?”

Xing Ya smiled. “This is a good suggestion! The people on the island are curious about you and the outside world. Everyone has many questions to ask. Let me go and ask them!”

“Xiao Ya, it’s time to bring our guest to dinner.” Elena walked in. She was gentle and beautiful, no longer an image made of lights.

She was such a gentle and kind girl. No wonder the young Xing Chuan who’d lost his parents would develop reliance on and feelings for her.

At least, the Xing Chuan here had fallen in love with her and they had become husband and wife.

“I know, I know.” Xing Ya wrapped her arm around mine and said, “Let’s go for dinner!”

Elena glanced at Xing Ya and then at me. “The two of you are about the same age but Luo Bing is obviously far more mature than you are.”

“I’m immature?!” Xing Chuan lifted her chin and asked, “How am I immature? Humph!

Elena smiled and looked at Xing Yu dotingly. 

Such a gentle gaze and such loving doting were almost never seen in the outside world. The world here had preserved this kind of love between humans.

The outside world was a world full of hatred.

The warmth here made one reliant, made one loath to leave, especially someone like me who was mentally exhausted…

“Sis Elena, do you have any questions that you’d like to ask Luo Bing? Luo Bing told me to compile all the questions,” Xing Ya asked Elena with a smile.

Elena held her cheek and thought for a while. “Mm… Let me think. Your brother is curious about her too.” Then, she looked up and smiled at me. “Welcome to our family, Luo Bing.”


No, I’m not your family. It’s just a matter of time before I leave.

I cannot become your family here. I cannot be soft-hearted. I cannot live comfortably. I cannot enjoy your love and care. I cannot let the love here dismiss the hatred in me. Because then, I wouldn’t be able to leave…

I began to live on Hagrid Island. I wore their clothes and lived alongside them.

However, I didn’t blend in with them like I had in Noah City and Silver Moon City back then. When I met them, I only nodded and smiled most of the time.

They were curious about me yet they were fearful of me. They didn’t let their children come close to me and I continued to be a lone ranger.

I understood that they were on their guard against me, and they were afraid of my superpower.

Most of the time, I would be reading in the library.

I realized that there wasn’t any spaceship on the island. Maybe all the spaceships were hidden. In short, I didn’t see any spaceship in the places that I could go to.

If there’s no spaceship, how am I going to leave this place?

At the end of the day, I still have to leave this place. I have been hiding here for too long…

Plus, if they are connected to Silver Moon City, wouldn’t Cang Yu find out that I am hiding here sooner or later?

I faintly remembered that he once mentioned that my kindness and way of talking were in this world unless… I came from there…

Could the ‘there’ he was referring to be here?

Because I couldn’t find another ‘there’ that matched the requirement on the map. Plus, most importantly, Hagrid Island wasn’t on the map and it hadn’t been discovered for the past sixty years.

In the world that was completely destroyed, unless someone had made preparations to live reclusively ahead of time, how could they have built this place before the end of the world?

After the end of the world, there weren’t any resources to build such a reclusive haven of peace. Otherwise, the dome that I had broken wouldn’t be left without repair. It was definitely because there wasn’t a suitable resource to use for the repair.

Hence, this place must have existed before the end of the world.

Xing Ya ran to me excitedly as she took out a tablet. “I compiled all the questions!” Then, she pulled me along with her. She was always full of vigor and energy. It was the energy and happiness of an eighteen years old girl.

Xing Ya pulled me to the shore. There were already dozens of guys and girls around Xing Ya’s age gathering there. The number of people here seemed to be like a class of students when I had gone to school back then.  

“Let us take a look! Luo Bing! Quick! Tell us what the outside world is like!” Xing Ya and the others watched me curiously and excitedly.

I took a step back and stood in the sea breeze. I studied the bunch of young people who were carried away by curiosity. 

We were about the same age but their innocent faces suddenly made me feel like there was a generation gap between us.

Their innocence and smiles even made me jealous.

Why were they able to live without worries here? Why were they able to be saved sixty years ago? Yet the people outside like Jun and Zong Ben had to become mutants or to become rats and lived in fear?

Now they were curious about the outside world and thought it was an interesting and fun matter!

In order to quell the jealousy in me, I decided to shatter them! I was going to use my most cruel side to tell these people directly about how terrifying and brutal the outside world was!

Xing Ya stared at me excitedly. “I heard that the outside world is full of radiation and ordinary people can’t survive. Is that true?!”

I went quiet for a while. As the grandma told me to completely remove their intention to head out, I shall go all out! 

I looked up at them. “Step back.”

They began to back off. I waved again. “Further.”

They retreated further.

Turning, I shouted, “Ghostie, catch me a fish.”

*Bang!* Ghostie was at my beck and call. A fish landed before me.

I glanced at them. “This fish has been living at your place. Hence, its radiation resistance level is zero, just like every one of you. Now, I am going to introduce to you two new friends, Jun and Zong Ben.” I took the heart-shaped box at my waist and opened it. Jun and Zong Ben immediately came out from within.

Ah!” They were thrilled with excitement. They didn’t react like the people in the outside world who screamed in fear, instead they were curious and excited!

Heh, if it was in the outside world, the surrounding people would run away in fear the moment a spirit appeared. No one would react like them, who surrounded them to watch a show.

“They carry strong radiation.” I glanced at Jun and Zong Ben. Jun revealed a confused expression. I looked at them and said, “These innocent children are curious about the outside world. Which one of you would like to break their dreams?”

As expected, Jun looked to Zong Ben. The kind and gentle Jun couldn’t bear to shatter the children’s innocence.

Zong Ben glanced at me and his light ribbon fluttered. He walked before the fish and stomped on the fish. In an instant, the lively fish had turned into ashes.

Zong Ben made a wise choice. He was straightforward and direct.

Now, the descendants who were living in this world couldn’t smile anymore. They stared blankly at the fish that had turned into ashes.

“What are you doing?!” Suddenly, Xing Chuan shouted and he rushed towards us.

He pushed the dumbfounded people out of his way and looked at the fish that had been turned into ashes. He stared at me in shock. “What are you doing? Don’t hurt anyone!” He came towards me without knowing how dangerous it was!


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