Book 5: Chapter 29 - Onto The Island

Raffles mentioned that among the three mutated humans, Day Monsters and water ghosts were the ones with lower IQ. However, it didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be one or two who evolved to have human intelligence. Hence, we couldn’t exclude the possibility that there were some among the Day Monsters and water ghosts who had stronger human genetics.

I reckoned that Ghostie was one of the few among the hundreds of thousands of water ghosts who had evolved.

Ghostie could understand human language. He had his own thinking method and his own thoughts. Besides not having linguistic ability, he had his own emotions and he could express them.

Raffles would definitely want to meet Ghostie.

Oh yeah.


“Raffles is definitely worried about me,” I told Ghostie. “It was really irresponsible for me to leave like that. Those two b*tches…” I supported myself with both of my hands behind my back. Looking up at the huge opening in the sky, I saw the brightest North Star.

A few months had passed. I’d finally calmed down. I felt the sorried towards Raffles.

Ghostie remained quiet as he watched me. The moonlight shone on his green skin, reflecting a cold glint. He stood up and walked to the sea, leaving a row of his flipper footprints.

He wore swimming trunks with women's boobs printed on them. The boobs twisted as he walked, making for a funny sight.

He jumped into the ocean. Suddenly, two legs rose above the surface of the water and started flapping around under the moonlight. I chuckled. Ghostie would always make me laugh like this when I was upset.

Ghostie had become my companion here. Although Jun and Zong Ben were here with me too, they couldn’t be let out at all times because it would create radiation, and would also spend a lot of their blue crystal energy.

With Ghostie, I no longer needed to catch my own seafood. I only needed to shout, “Ghostie!”

Then, a bunch of seafood would be thrown on the shore.

“Is that a water ghost?!” Xing Ya jumped next to me curiously. “Is it? Is it?!”

I picked up the seafood that Ghostie had tossed over and returned to the grill.

Ghostie didn’t appear normally. He’d only been discovered while he was hunting seafood for me.

“Grandma said that water ghosts are dangerous. Since you can control him, don’t let him go near Hagrid Island. Then, grandma will allow you to keep him.” Xing Ya’s robot bird hopped around me.

I glanced at her. “Your grandma is right. Water ghosts are dangerous. It’s just that Ghostie developed human intelligence, so he wouldn’t hurt a human. And I don’t control him, he behaves that way because he knows that he is a human!”

“I see. Can I see him?!” Xing Chuan jumped excitedly. “Can I? Can I?”

“Ghostie doesn’t like to see others,” I replied.

Pfft. Luo Bing, you are so petty. Humph.” The robot bird turned away. “I’m the only one who’s been coming to talk to you the past few months.” 

“Thank you.” I put the grilled oyster into her food container and smiled at her. “Your grandma told you that water ghosts are very dangerous. I can’t just let him come out whenever. He is my only friend now. I can’t let your grandma chase him away.”

“Alright. I’ll go and convince grandma.” Xing Ya carried the food container and left.

There were times when I would sit on the reef as I looked at Hagrid Island from afar. Ghostie would be playing with the little crabs that he’d caught from the sea by the side. It was a mysterious island that no one outside knew about. Just how advanced was their technology?

If they had been isolated from the outside world for sixty years, then there shouldn’t be any blue crystal energy on the island.

Their food was abundant but they didn’t seem to have developed industrially because they couldn’t repair the opening that I had made. It meant that they had no materials with which to repair. 

The material of the dome was definitely special because it had kept Hagrid Island hidden for sixty years. It had escaped from the Ghost Eclipers as well as Silver Moon City.

However, I’d broken it. Would it be discovered?

Ghostie dived into the water all of a sudden. It turned out that a robot bird had flown over.

The robot bird landed on the reef next to me and looked at me.

“You came from Silver Moon City, right?” It was the old voice, the old grandma. “The ejection capsule belonged to Silver Moon City.”

I glanced at the robot bird. “Yes, I came from Silver Moon City but aren’t you worried that I am Silver Moon City’s enemy?”

“All sin started from Silver Moon City.” Suddenly, the old grandma said, “I believe in my judgment. You are a good kid.”

I was astonished.

The robot bird looked up and pointed at the sky. “Our dome broke because of you. If the people outside were to discover us, will you protect us?”

“I will,” I replied without hesitation. “I will take responsibility for it to the very end.”

The robot bird nodded. “Alright, I will allow you and Ghostie to live on the island with us. However, please do not look too surprised when you see Chuan because he doesn’t know of the existence of another Xing Chuan. No matter if that Xing Chuan is good or bad, don’t let Chuan find out about him.”

I was even more surprised. It meant that the grandma knew the hidden truth, whatever it was!

“You know the Xing Chuan on Silver Moon City? Who are you?” I stared at her in surprise.

The robot bird turned around. “This is not a question you should be asking. If you want to live on the island, don’t ask too many questions.” The old grandma had a queen’s bearing.

“I understand.”

Waves lapped on the beach, soft as lovers’ mutterings in the surrounding silence.

“The children are curious about the outside world.” The old grandma gazed into the high sky and let out a heavy sigh. “I need you to dismiss their ideas about the outside world. Can you do that?”

I chuckled lightly. “Sure. I will let them know how terrifying the outside world is. I will shatter their desire for the outside world! They don’t know how fortunate and happy their lives are here!” Guilt sprouted in me for all the fragile hearts I would later break.

“Yeah. Thank you, kid.” The robot spread its wings and left.

I stood up and patted the sand off me, smiling. After half a year, I could finally go onto that island. On top of that, I got such an interesting task.

I would let them know how cruel the outside world was!

As I walked into the water, I turned back to look at the island I lived on. It gave me a feeling of home because I’d built it on my own, bit by bit.

I’d used the things that they had given me and filled the pit gradually. It was just like my room. I developed an indescribable reliance towards it.

Ghostie stood up from the water and came next to me. Seawater rolled down along his neck under the moonlight. Rivulets rolled down his clear greenish skin, passing his defined chest muscles and slender belly button to fall back into the water.

He was considered brawny among water ghosts. Standing next to me, he looked twice my size

“Ghostie, we are going to live on the island. Don’t scare people.” I had never seen the people on the island. All along I had only been talking to robot birds.

Ghostie broke into a smile and revealed his mouthful of sharp teeth. His bulging eyes made his smile look even more malicious. It was as though he was saying, That’s impossible. I want to scare them.

On the second day, someone came to take us. It was a boat.

The boat stopped by the side of the island and I boarded the boat. The boat brought me to the huge Hagrid Island while Ghostie swam next to me. When we were about to reach the island, he submerged into the water.

As I got closer, I saw the palace-like buildings on the island. There were sky gardens that were connected together. They even had flowing fountains and abundant flowers. It looked just like heaven.

At the shore, there seemed to be a port that was built out of glass. A few boats were parked around the glass deck.

Crowds gathered at the shore, all wearing long silver coats of similar designs that seemed elegant.

There were a few people standing alone, surrounding a wheelchair. In the wheelchair was a silver-haired lady, who smiled at me as she nodded.

It was her, the master of Hagrid Island, the old grandma.

I got off the boat and stepped onto the transparent glass deck. I walked towards her.

People around me were curious. The children leaned against their parents as they watched me inquisitively.

The number of males and females was quite balanced. Hence, they weren’t surprised that I was a girl. 

I only looked at the grandma but didn’t pay much attention to the people standing behind her.

I walked before her. “Thank you for letting me onto this island.”

She wore a gentle smile across her worn face. “Welcome to Hagrid Island, Luo Bing.”

The surrounding crowd applauded. It was a welcoming applause.

“This is Xing Ya,” she pointed to her right. Then, a young lady about my age jumped happily before me. Just as I had imagined, she was cute-looking with a pair of big eyes.

“Hi! Luo Bing, let me show you around later!” She was so excited.

“This is my great-grandchild, Xing Chuan.” She pointed to the right as she stared into my eyes. I knew that she was hinting at me to not behave unusually.

I calmed myself down and looked up to the right. He was really Xing Chuan!

But he had short hair and he wore a solemn expression. He nodded at me, which I considered as a greeting.

I nodded too. Then, I looked at the woman next to him. As expected, she looked exactly the same as the AI Silver Moon. She was Elena!

Xing Chuan had said that Silver Moon was designed according to Elena’s image.

The woman who stood next to Xing Chuan now was a real person in reality, the real Elena.

“Hello, I am Elena.” Elena smiled at me. She was a gentle woman.


Then, I saw a few middle-aged couples and a few older couples. They all looked friendly as they smiled at me.

“Grandma! I’m bringing Luo Bing around!” Xing Ya pulled me and started running.

The old grandma nodded.

“Ya, be careful. Don’t be in a hurry,” Xing Chuan reminded hastily like a worried brother. From his gaze, I could tell that he was still keeping his guard up against me.

The warm sea breeze blew and my fringe fluttered.

It was the first time I was able to face Xing Chuan so calmly. Of course, he was a different Xing Chuan.


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