Book 5: Chapter 27 - Another Xing Chuan

There were very few liveable zones in this world. Most of the land area was uninhabited radiation zones. Hence, the probability of me landing in an inhabited livable zone was very low.

I heard waves billowing.

Quickly I crawled out of the pit. The beautiful blue sky instantly entered my sight. I had fallen on an island!

The blue ocean was lapping at the white sand. It was my first time seeing such a blue ocean and such white sand. This definitely wasn’t a radiation zone.

I looked around. In the end, I saw that my capsule had made a huge pit. Blue light spots were shimmering at the edges of the pit. The surroundings had turned black and flattened around me. Only a small far-off patch of palm trees had been left untouched. I really did destroy everything wherever I went.

Hold on. What’s over there?

There was another bigger island nearby! And it seemed to have buildings!

There’s someone around!

I ran towards the seaside happily.

Seawater lapped at my feet, which felt cool on my skin.

But how can I get to the island?

All of a sudden, something flew at me. They were mini robots. The robots swooped at me like silver seagulls. Their wings turned into weapons and aimed at me.

I stared at them in shock. One of them flew in front of me and opened its mouth. Out came a man’s voice. “Outsider! You broke our dome!” It pointed at the high sky with one wing.

I subconsciously looked up and saw an opening in the sky!

Their sky was like Silver Moon City’s, it was fake. I saw flowing clouds outside through the opening.

The dome existed to protect the ocean and the island that had been abandoned at the end of the world.

No wonder the water here was so blue.

“You polluted our water! Please leave!” It roared at me.

I felt my heart drop and I lowered my head. “I’m sorry. I don’t have a spaceship so I can’t leave.”

The robot bird in front of me went quiet for a while before it spoke again. “Alright. We allow you to stop by here but you are not allowed to leave this island!”

“Thank you.” I saw that there were blue light spots in the clear seawater.

I squatted down and the robot birds immediately aimed their weapons at me anxiously. I reached out my hand to touch the clear seawater. The blue light spots began to gather in my hand.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and stop! Otherwise, we will shoot!” The bird shouted at me.

Slowly, I stood up. Suddenly I could feel my body constantly absorbing the scattered blue crystal energy around me like a sponge. It didn’t make me feel weary like it had in the past. As though my cells had expanded completely after I had massacred the city, and now I could absorb blue crystal energy with ease.

“Don’t be anxious. I am just cleansing.” I spread my arms, and countless blue light spots instantly appeared in the ocean water, on the beach and in the air, and swarmed to me!

It was an unprecedented sight, completely unlike when I had cleansed the environment before!

I’d evolved. I’d definitely evolved.

The evolution of metahumans required external stimulation. Harry’s death had triggered me and I had exploded completely. It was like all my pores and meridians had opened up. Now, I could absorb and release at ease as long as I could control my emotions.

Blue light spots connected into a light ribbon and circled around me to enter my skin completely. I began to float and left the cooling ocean water. On the surface of the clear ocean water, I could see my reflection being surrounded by blue light spots.

The silver robot birds were dumbfounded as they hovered around me. When I had absorbed the last bit of blue crystal energy, I slowly returned to the surface of the water and stood in the ocean water.

“It’s clean now. I’m sorry that I’ve caused you trouble,” I said. Then, I returned to the beach. Several dead fishes and prawns were strewn on the shore. They looked like they had been poisoned to death by my radiation. Fortunately, they weren’t considered poisonous to me. At least, I didn’t have to worry about food in the future.

The robot birds paused for a while. Then, they began to fly back and left me on the uninhabited island alone.

Jun and Zong Ben had helped me to pull myself together. However, it was easier said than done.

If I could be cool and composed about my lover’s death, I wouldn’t be so weak to the point of being affected by Nora and Moon Dream. I had been at the edge of breakdown and had even been tempted to suicide.

My heart still hurts but I have to live on!

I need to return to take revenge. I need to take revenge on Xing Chuan!

I looked at the empty island. Let me begin with conquering this island!

I began to pick tree leaves and disassemble the ejection capsule. I scavenged for everything I could use to build myself a small nest.

I could eat first if I got hungry. There were many dead seafood on the beach. In order to keep them fresh, I released an appropriate amount of blue crystal energy. This way, just like the food in the historical site, they could be kept fresh for very long.

Then, I began to gather and store them in the ejection capsule. The ejection capsule became my food storage.

Plus, I found a hot spring and fresh water on the island!

With food and water, I wouldn’t die.

With my busy life, I was able to damp down my agony over Harry’s death.


When night came…

I lay on the beach alone, with seawater gently lapping at my ankle. The dome shifted to show the night sky. A green cloud floated over the opening. The opening seemed to be beyond repair because I didn’t see any robot that went to repair the opening. 

But there were robot seagulls that always circled in the air above the island to monitor me, or stopped nearby to keep watch over me. However, they usually kept their distance with me.

A robot bird stopped by my side.

“Little girl, are you a metahuman?” This time, an old grandma’s voice came from its mouth.

“Yes. The opening cannot be patched up?” I pointed at the opening.

“You are the first person who has landed on Hagrid Island in the past sixty years.”

“Hagrid Island.” I sat up. “That’s strange. I have seen the world map but I have never seen your island.”

“That’s why, we won’t let you leave.” The robot bird flew right up to my face. “If you dare to hurt us, we will immediately eliminate you!” The grandma’s voice was fueled with the domineering strength of a guardian!

I lowered my face and looked at my hands. “That’d be great. I would kill at random if I were to head out now."

“As long as you follow our rules, we will provide you with everything you need for a living.” With that said, the robot turned to leave.

In a short while, a small boat really came. There was no one on it but it delivered to me me many living necessities, including a change of clothes and underwear.

“Thank you,” I said, and began to move the things out of the boat.

Suddenly, more robot birds flew over. They grabbed the biggest tent and threw it into the pit.

I pulled off the ribbon around my neck and tied my hair. As I began to set up the tent, the robot birds’ eyes shot out light to light up space for me.

Now I had a better nest.

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave anymore because I still had to master my own superpower. I needed peace to reflect upon myself.

It didn’t mean that I’d lost to Nora and Moon Dream. Nor did I lose to fate. I had merely lost to myself.

“What  is the outside world like?” It was the guy’s voice again. Only after God knew how long since I came to this island did he speak to me again.

I was grilling an oyster. “Don’t you know about metahumans? Doesn’t that mean you already know what the outside world is like?”

“Grandma doesn’t allow us to head out.” Suddenly, there was a girl’s voice. Another robot bird landed opposite my grill and stood next to the male robot bird. They came much closer to me now. They’d lowered their guards against me.

I glanced at them and continued to grill the oyster. “Your grandma made a wise decision. In the outside world, humans eat humans. Life here is happy.” I looked around. “You have such clean water, clean place, clean beach and clean seafood.” I picked up a raw scallop and gave them a smile.

The two birds looked at each other.

“What’s your name?” The guy asked.

“I am Luo Bing. How about you?” I glanced at them.

“I am Xing Ya,” the girl answered happily. “We look about the same age!

“Sister, don’t get too close to her.” They turned out to be brother and sister.

“This is my elder brother.” Xing Ya pointed at the bird next to her, “His name is Xing Chuan.”

I was stunned. What’s his name?!

His name is Xing Chuan!

I stared at them blankly. Xing Chuan!

“What’s wrong?”

I blinked and lowered my head in disbelief. Why would he be called Xing Chuan?!

The name that I hate the most!

I clenched my fists and spat, “Go! Both of you!”

“What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly become angry?”

“Get lost!” I waved my arms and blue light spots appeared on my hand. “I will dissect the two of you if you don’t leave!”

“Sis, let’s go!”

The two robot birds left quickly. I sat behind the fire in a daze. Looking at the oyster that was almost burning and sizzling with smoke, my tears flowed out. I hugged myself and started crying. I finally cried and released the pain and hatred that had been knotted in me, the helplessness and hopelessness inside me. Please let me cry this one more time. Please let me be weak for this one last time.

In the blink of an eye, I had already spent more than a month on the island. Every day I was catching fish and crabs, practicing my superpower, doing yoga, and controlling my emotions.

Ever since I had chased the pair of brother and sister away, they had never come back to me. I regretted not controlling my emotions back then. I still needed to rely on them to leave this place.

So what if his name was Xing Chuan?

Can’t there be people with the same name in this world?

I hope that it’d be the sister who comes to visit the next time. Xing Ya seems easy to get along with.

I climbed onto the tallest palm tree to look at the huge Hagrid Island far away. Judging from the way Xing Ya had spoken, the people on the island, or at least Xing Ya’s generation didn’t seem to understand the situation outside. Living without worries, they were simple and innocent.

“What are you looking at?” Xing Ya suddenly landed in front of me. I felt very happy. The other people on the island were very careful.

That was normal. Their willingness to take me in was already the biggest kindness this world could offer.


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