Book 5: Chapter 26 - Uninhabited Island


*Bang!* I was instantly ejected. I was ejected together with the sinful blue light spots all over me. Cang Yu’s figure vanished before me. The universe and the starry night appeared before me in silence.

I moved forward in the universe. The boundless dark universe seemed to slow down in time. I smiled in the starry night. Harry, I am coming for you…

Blue light covered me all over. I slowly closed my eyes as I fell…

“Hey! Wake up! You have to take responsibility for us!” I could hear Zong Ben’s voice faintly in the background.

“Zong Ben, don’t force her. Lil Bing is in pain…”

Pfft. She should be an artist herself. She has a self-pitying character! Humph!

“Zong Ben!”

“Don’t stop me! If you don’t wake up, don’t blame me for having sex with you!”

I woke up with a start. My blurry sight cleared slightly to reveal Zong Ben and Jun’s figures.

“You finally woke up.” Jun watched me with a smile and let out a breath of relief. “If you were to fall into deep sleep in this subconscious state, you will not wake up!”

I watched them blankly. “I… haven’t died yet…”

Humph. Give me your body if you want to die so much!” Zong Ben pounced at me but Jun immediately stopped him. “Zong Ben! No!”

Zong Ben leveled a deadly glare at Jun. “She wants to die anyway! Why not give me the body? I want to stay alive!”

“Give you… my body?” I gave Zong Ben a puzzled look.

Zong Ben smiled. “That’s right! Just like when you were asleep back then and we used your body to paint. Your body is like an energy source since you can store blue crystal energy. That’s why we can connect to you via superconnection. Just like Haggs using his robotic body, we can use yours! I haven’t had sex for very long. I’d really like to find someone for some pleasure!”

“Zong Ben!” Jun quickly pulled Zong Ben away. “If you were to use Luo Bing’s body, the one you sleep with will be a man!”

A glint of distress crossed Zong Ben’s eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked away. “D*mn it. That wouldn’t feel good.”

Jun let out a heavy sigh. He turned and returned before me. “Luo Bing, I know that you are in a mess right now. But you have to pull yourself together because Zong Ben and I are still relying on you. If you do not recharge with blue crystal energy, we will die."

I looked at them blankly, then lowered my head to look down at my hands. “I became a killing machine…”

“Luo Bing…” He didn’t speak for very long.

“What’s the matter.” Zong Ben stooped down and looked at me coldly. “This is war. Humph. The highest number of deaths occur in wars or natural disasters. If you don't kill them, others will still kill them. In such a world, the weak will die anyway. They might as well die earlier to cut their suffering short.”

“Zong Ben…”

Zong Ben glanced at Jun. “How old are you? You should be turning eighty. Don’t be so childish. Cang Yu said that the remaining people thought of themselves as pigs! How could such people survive at the end of the world?! They would be a burden. Hence, Silver Moon City would have taken care of them with guns after they’d conquered Steel Ghost City. Quoting Cang Yu, you are setting them free!”

Jun lowered his head in silence. “I suddenly feel glad. I’m glad that we’ve already died… If we had to live in such a world, I would become a butcher too… Lil Bing, you really shouldn’t blame yourself. Because in such a world, the people who died aren’t pitiful, it’s the ones still living who are pitiful. They have to deal with the people who massacre.”

I don’t want to listen to them… I feel like I am going to break down…

“Hey, so you do still want to die? We don’t want to die.” Zong Ben lifted his leg intending to kick me.

“Zong Ben!” Jun grabbed his leg and threw him aside. Then, he turned and held my shoulders. “Lil Bing! Look at me! Look at me!”

I slowly looked into Jun’s clear eyes. He gazed at me gently. “Listen, Lil Bing, you didn’t force Harry to his death. Those two women were trying to trigger you. Both their superpowers fall under controlling brainwaves. Hence, they can affect your emotions. Right now your mentality is at its weakest point. That’s why you can be easily invaded. Lil Bing, don’t be affected by them. You have to pull yourself together! You can run away for a while but you can’t run away forever because your life has yet to come to an end! If you feel that you killed Harry because you didn’t leave Silver Moon City, you should blame Noah City. Noah City betrayed you and caused you to go to Silver Moon City. Hence, Noah City killed Harry!”

My body stiffened and I stared at Jun blankly.

“That’s right! Thinking back, it was Harry who brought you back to Noah City! So, Harry killed himself!” Jun shouted at me.

“Or if you go back further, it’s Xing Chuan who threw you off the spaceship and Harry met you then. Hence, it is still Xing Chuan who killed Harry!” Jun emphasized.

I watched his face and listened to his words blankly.

“Lil Bing, the reality is as such. Zong Ben and I will keep you company as you pull yourself together! But first, you have to gather the courage to face it. The courage that you used to face reality when you first arrived in this world!” Jun gripped my shoulder tightly. 

Tears immediately flowed out of my eyes. Those were tears of gratitude. I was lucky to have friends like Jun and Zong Ben by my side. When I was at the edge of breakdown, they safeguarded me like angels and pulled me out from the dark.

“Move away, let me have sex with her,” Zong Ben suddenly said. There was a strange look in his squinted, smoky eyes. “I want her to understand that it is no better to live here than to die!”

“Zong Ben!” Jun shouted.

Zong Ben suddenly kicked Jun away and seized my throat. Excitement shimmered in his eyes/ “I really feel like sucking you dry when I have sex with you! That must be exciting! Luo Bing, let me feel it! That kind of feeling where you die during orgasm!” Zong Ben immediately kissed me.

Alright. Zong Ben is not an angel but a demon. However, he is still a demon who safeguarded me.

“I can’t stand you!” Jun grabbed Zong Ben by his waist and threw him out. Jun looked at me anxiously. “I’m sorry, Lil Bing!” Without warning, he punched me!

*Bang!* I woke up with a start, my right cheek burning. There was blood at the corner of my lips…

When I was eighteen, I had a lover. His name was Harry but I lost him very soon…

I didn’t know how long I sat there for until I looked around. It was a deep pit…

In the middle of the pit, was the ejection capsule and me. So… I created the pit…

Oh yeah, the ejection capsule had a tracker on it!

Coming back to my senses, I turned to look at the ejection capsule. But then I realized that the tracker had been removed…

I was dumbfounded…

In the ejection capsule… even the supply capsule had been removed…

It’s Nora…

She wants me dead…

She had definitely noticed Cang Yu’s intentions towards me. What does Cang Yu intend to do to me?

So, she joined forces with Moon Dream and interrupted me emotionally when I was at my weakest.

They’d succeeded. I was shot out of Silver Moon City and… fell here…


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