Book 5: Chapter 25 - Left

“Your Highness!" Moon Dream leaped over, only to see that Harry was gripping onto the edge of the cabin door with one hand while holding Xing Chuan's hand in the other.

Moon Dream let out a breath of relief.

Harry threw Xing Chuan up and into the spaceship. Then, Xing Chuan turned around to pull Harry. "Harry, I'll help you up." He reached out for Harry's hand.

Harry glanced up at him and took his hand, and let go of his hold on the cabin door. Suddenly, I saw Xing Chuan lengthen his arm. He dropped Harry down vertically! 

"Xing Chuan!" Harry shouted angrily.

Moon Dream stared at Xing Chuan in shock. Xing Chuan's gaze was cold. "Why do you have to live in this world?! And you are against me all the time! No matter if it is Luo Bing or my decisions in war! You are always against me!"


I glared at Xing Chuan angrily. Moon Dream looked out at Harry who was hung low.

Suddenly, the enemy's metahuman appeared. One black ball after another attached onto Harry's body like leeches!

“Your Highness! Hurry up and let go! Those are acid pouches!”

Xing Chuan immediately furrowed his eyebrows, a flash of hesitation in his eyes. Without warning, he pressed Harry into the lake. Then, *bang!* There was an explosion and water splashed everywhere. Xing Chuan immediately retracted his hand. His entire hand was mutilated and bubbling with white smoke, even his white bones were visible!

"Your Highness!" Moon Dream held Xing Chuan's hand with a heavy heart. "Healer! Come!"

Xing Chuan’s fist was clenched. He slowly spread it open. In his palm was Harry's ring!

My head buzzed and went blank.

It was Xing Chuan!

Xing Chuan killed Harry!

Xing Chuan killed Harry!

Anger began to boil in my body. My mind was taken over by anger and hatred!

"You said that Xing Chuan killed Harry. Humph, it is Xing Chuan who killed Harry!" Nora appeared in between me and Moon Dream once again as she roared at me. She woke me up from losing my mind. The surrounding scenery had vanished completely.

Moon Dream cast her eyes aside, her eyebrows tightly knitted.

"But, do you hold no responsibility?" Nora glanced at me with a smile. "How many times did Harry tell you to leave Silver Moon City but you were reluctant to leave!? You are not willing to leave!" Nora shouted at me, "If you had listened to Harry! Harry wouldn't have died today! It's your pride and ambition that killed Harry! You triggered the conflict between Harry and His Highness Xing Chuan! The one who really killed Harry is you!"

Is you!

Is you!!

Is you!!!

I stared at Nora dumbfounded as her scream reverberated in my mind.

It's me...

It's me...

"That's right! You blame His Highness Xing Chuan for Harry's death. You blame it on the Ghost Eclipsers. But that’s just because you don't want to admit that it is your fault!" Moon Dream pointed at me furiously. "It’s because His Highness Xing Chuan spoils you and loves you. His Highness Cang Yu thinks highly of you and made you the North Star! You got carried away!!! You didn't want to leave Silver Moon City at all! Because you’ll have nothing if you leave Silver Moon City!"

"No, no..." I retreated in sorrow. "No... I don't care about being the North Star! Harry was right... We should have left Silver Moon City... It's all my fault... It's all my fault... It was me who wanted to stay back in Silver Moon City to contribute... I should have left when Harry talked to me about leaving the first time..." 

Harry's voice constantly replayed in my ears. It was really my fault. I killed Harry...

"Just because you didn't want to leave, that led to everything that has happened today!" Moon Dream shouted hysterically at me. "Harry's death is all because of you! Yet he even said that you are the only kind person in this world. Oh please, don't be so disgusting! Do you know how many innocent people you’ve killed?! You massacred a city! That is called a massacre! There weren’t only the Ghost Eclipsers there, there were also a lot of innocent people!"

Suddenly, my mind shattered into pieces... All my thoughts, feelings, rationality, anger, hatred exploded into pieces at that very moment. I could neither think nor feel...

I stood dumbfounded on the spot like a wooden puppet.Tears flowed out my eyes as I lifted my trembling hands. I killed innocent people... I killed innocent people...

Blood began to cover my hands. There was blood flowing out from my hand. Human heads appeared in the pool of blood in my palm. They roared at me, "You killed us... You demon!"

"No... No!" I clutched my head in agony!

"I didn't do it intentionally... I really didn't do it intentionally!" I roared back at them. Blue light spots began to surface on my body. I panicked. "No! Don't come out! Don't come out!" I wiped them off with all my strength but more and more of them appeared! More and more!

"No! Don't... don't hurt the others! Don't hurt the others anymore! I deserve to die! I am the one who deserves to die!" I stumbled backward and felt my heart wrenching. "I killed Harry... I am the one who killed the innocent people... I am the one who should die... I am the one..."

"Luo Bing! Don't listen to them!" Suddenly, the surrounding world began to collapse. From a collapsed opening, His Highness Cang Yu ran towards me. I retreated backward. "Don't come near me, don't come near me... I don't want to hurt anyone... I am a monster! I should be the one to die!"

"Luo Bing!" Cang Yu stopped and extended his hands towards me. "You didn't do anything wrong! You didn't hurt anyone! The slaves in Steel Ghost City were used as human bombs! The rest of them were reared as poultry. They’d already learned to treat themselves as pigs. They had no human conscience! You were setting them free. Do you understand that?! You have to keep calm. You have to learn to control. Don't self-destruct! Superpowers are controlled by a human's consciousness!"

I shook my head continuously. "I’ve killed too many people... What is the difference between me and the Ghost Eclipsers... Heh... I am a large-scale destructive weapon... I couldn't control my strength... What if I were to blow up this place?! There are hundreds of thousands of people in Silver Moon City!"

I took another step back. My foot knocked against something. I turned back and looked. It was an ejection capsule. I smiled blankly. Maybe, there's where I really belong.

"Luo Bing! Calm down!" Cang Yu shouted at me.

I looked at the churning energy on my body. "I can't control them. I can't control them!" I retreated into the ejection capsule, tears flowing down my cheeks. "Tell Raffles that I'm sorry..." I leaned back into the ejection capsule and the door immediately closed.

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