Book 5: Chapter 24 - The Truth

He gazed at me with pain and deep affection. "I'm sorry that I didn't look after Harry. I never expected you to be a..." He fixed his eyes on my face and seemed to daze off like me.

I didn't know how long we stared at each other before he came back to reality. "Captain Chaksu and I are going down to build the base camp. I heard you want to participate in the war. I understand you want to take revenge for Harry but Harry definitely wouldn’t want you to be in danger nor would he want you to continue to kill more people. Plus, if you continue like this, you will lose your mind like Xing Chuan..."

"Xing Chuan... lost his mind?" I looked at He Lei suspiciously.

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows solemnly. "Yes but it is understandable. We fought in the war for so long yet we didn't win. There were so many deaths and injuries everyday. Xing Chuan was under a lot of pressure. In the end, he panicked too. Since he had been on a winning streak... He became grumpy and lost his mind. I remembered that he frequently fought with Harry and Harry seemed to oppose his plan..." He Lei's eyebrows were tightly knitted. He lowered his head gloomily. "Losing Harry is equal to losing a hundred metahumans. Harry was really strong. It's a pity that I wasn't there. If I was there! I-!” He Lei clenched his fists remorsefully. "It was a mess that day! There were too many people that we needed to save. I was only thinking about saving Captain Chaksu but I didn't know that Harry..."

Tears flowed out from his eyes. He took a deep breath and wiped his tears. "Harry and I have been great comrades and great friends. Now that I’ve lost Harry, I don't know who to fight alongside with. I trusted Silver Moon City mainly because I trusted Harry. During the days in Silver Moon City, he was the one who reorganized the Aurora Legion for me so they can be what they are today..."

He took another deep breath and became quiet for very long.

More people appeared in the surroundings. They were surprised to see me.

"Look. It's the North Star!"

"North Star is a girl..."

"I’ve never noticed even after we’ve lived together for so long..."

Someone walked towards me. He Lei turned to stand next to me, as though he was protecting me.

"North Star, our condolences about Harry. We are sad to lose him too." Everyone stood around me and gazed at me with sorrow. 

"Harry always took care of us... We're sorry..." Many of them wanted to say something but in the end remained quiet. They seemed not to know what to say to me.

"North Star... Feel better soon... You... Rest well..."

"Let’s not disturb the North Star..."

Everyone began to disperse.

"Don't disturb the North Star, everyone!" Sophia pushed them away. "Go back! Go back!" She chased everyone away and stood before me. Her expression became complicated and awkward. She lowered her face. "Luo Bing... Please feel better... His Highness Xing Chuan... didn't want it to happen too..."

I looked away in pain. I didn't want to hear Xing Chuan's name again. Although I knew that Harry's death had nothing to do with him... But!

"Luo Bing..." He Lei found it difficult to organize his sentences too. "I know that you blame Xing Chuan for Harry's death but this is war. Xing Chuan didn't wish for Harry's death either. So..." He Lei stopped, unsure how to continue.

My heart felt weighed down with pain, and my head was throbbing too. "I know but just like when he threw me off the spaceship back then, I can understand it but I cannot forgive him for throwing me off. I know that Harry's..." Choking with sobs, I fought back my tears.

"I'm sorry!" He Lei hugged me and let me lean on his shoulder. "I'm sorry... You don't have to forgive Xing Chuan..."

"That's right!" Sophia said hastily. "Continue to be mad at His Highness Xing Chuan. Let him stay in the prison and think about what he has done!"

"Harry's death has nothing to do with His Highness!" Moon Dream suddenly roared. Sophia looked to the side. "Moon Dream!"

Everyone who was originally leaving stopped in their tracks, their attention on Moon Dream.

He Lei let go of me and glared at Moon Dream angrily. "Moon Dream, His Highness Cang Yu already commanded for everyone to not disturb the North Star."

",Humph" Moon Dream chuckled lightly in disdain. "Do you have to spoil her like that?! This is war!" Moon Dream bellowed furiously and looked around her. "Since this war began, there's been someone sacrificing their lives every day! How many girls in Silver Moon City have lost their loved ones! I don't see them wailing in tears and becoming spiritless like you!" Moon Dream pointed at me in disdain.

I clenched my fists and held back my tears.

"Didn’t you tell everyone to be strong? Did you do it yourself?" Moon Dream shook her head and chuckled. "I finally understood why I found you sissy back then, seducing all those men. It turns out that you are a woman!"

"Moon Dream!" Sophia yelled at her.

"Moon Dream!" Sharjah and Gale ran over in a hurry too. Gale had swiftly brought Sharjah over and Sharjah held Moon Dream back.

"Don't pull me!" Moon Dream shook off Sharjah. "Did I say anything wrong?! This is war! Harry's death is not something His Highness wanted too! It has nothing to do with His Highness!"

"Does he really have nothing to do with it?!" He Lei walked before me angrily. "We all knew that Harry opposed Xing Chuan's plan! Xing Chuan had been upset about him all this while!"

"That is because Harry was interrupting His Highness' plan!" Moon Dream fought back, "His Highness is the general. We have to listen to him! This is war! That's not negotiable. Harry is violating military discipline!"

"You tell us what happened that day then?!" He Lei questioned her in return!

Moon Dream looked stunned.

He Lei took another step closer to her. "From what I heard, you were there too! With Harry's superpower, how could he die so easily?!"

Moon Dream took a step back.

Yama rushed over. "Stop fighting. His Highness Cang Yu has sent people here. If His Highness Cang Yu was to see this, you know what will happen!"

Moon Dream panicked.

"Pfft. Don't be guilty after you’ve said it out loud." Matsuno came too and rolled his eyes at Moon Dream.

In an instant, the North Star knight group had gathered there.

"Moon Dream, what happened that day?!" I pushed He Lei away and stalked towards her. She began to step back. "Don't come near me! You monster!" She suddenly roared at me.

I stopped.

Everyone stared at Moon Dream in shock.

"Moon Dream, what are you talking about?! You better be straight with me!" Sophia was immediately furious. "Who are you calling a monster?! What monster?! If it wasn't for Luo Bing, we might not have conquered Steel Ghost City now! You might also be dead by now!"

"Aren't there a lot of people scared of her now?" Moon Dream pointed at me and chuckled lightly. "His Highness Cang Yu ordered everyone to not disturb her probably because he is worried that she’ll lose control and destroy the entire Silver Moon City!"

My head buzzed. I stumbled backward.

His Highness Cang Yu told everyone not to disturb me because he was worried that I’d lose control...

I’ve been determined to be a large scale destructive weapon...

I am a weapon...

I am highly destructive...

"I know what happened that day..." I suddenly heard Nora’s voice. "My superpower is to connect to you mentally so you can't differentiate illusion from reality. So, I can let you connect to Moon Dream directly and see what she saw..."

"Nora..." My surroundings turned quiet. Everyone had disappeared, leaving only a spacious field.

"Do you trust me? If you do, don't resist me. I can show you Moon Dream's memory..."

I glanced around me at once. "Show me! I trust you!"


Suddenly, Moon Dream appeared before me. She looked confused. Then, she suddenly seemed to understand and glanced around happily/ "Nora? You aren't dead?! That's great!"

"I want to show Luo Bing your memory..." Nora's face slowly appeared in mid-air. Moon Dream instantly became terrified. "No! Nora, you can't do that!"

Nora smiled. "Why not? We have a mutual enemy and that's Luo Bing. As soon as she sees it, she won't give His Highness Xing Chuan a chance..."

Moon Dream was stunned, then her eyes started shimmering with hope.

"If she sees it, she will leave my Highness Cang Yu too..." Nora’s figure could be vaguely seen in the air. "My Highness Cang Yu only belongs to me..."

I didn't care what their purpose was! I only wanted to see the truth! I wanted to see how Harry had died!

"Hurry up and show me!" I looked at Moon Dream with determination. "I want the truth! I don't want your men!" I roared at the two women!

Moon Dream bit her lips and glanced at Nora who was vaguely visible. "Alright! But we definitely can't let His Highness find out!"

Floating in mid-air, Nora smiled. "Don't worry. He won't know..."

Nora instantly flew in between me and Moon Dream. Suddenly, my surroundings changed again. I saw Captain Chaksu's battleship gradually falling from the sky.

"Your Highness! We did it!" I heard Moon Dream's voice. In front of me was Xing Chuan who stood by the cabin door. Moon Dream was standing next to him.

Xing Chuan lifted the corners of his lips and smirked coldly. "Prepare to attack Steel Ghost City!"


"Xing Chuan! How could you use the Aurora Legion as bait?!" I heard Harry's voice. Harry!

Harry instantly rushed into my sight. I understood then. I was watching from Moon Dream's viewpoint.

He grabbed Xing Chuan's collar angrily. "How could you send the entire Aurora Legion to their deaths?!"

"Harry, let go!" Xing Chuan pulled Harry's arm coldly as he glared at Harry. "This is war! We are fighting a war! Put your love and care aside!"

Harry stared at him angrily. "You used the Aurora Legion as bait! What's the difference between you and the Ghost Eclipsers who used human bombs?!"

Xing Chuan tidied his collar that had gotten messed up by Harry. "The only difference between me and the Ghost Eclipsers is merely victory and defeat! As long as we win, everyone in the Aurora Legion battleship will be heroes!"

Harry spat on Xing Chuan and stalked to the cabin door. "I am going to save them. You go and attack Steel Ghost City on your own!"

*Hong!* Suddenly, the spaceship was hit and it shook vigorously. In an instant, Xing Chuan and Harry who had been standing at the cabin door fell off the spaceship!


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