Book 5: Chapter 23 - He Lei Bid Farewell

At first, we could have conquered Steel Ghost City as our new base and supply point. Yet in the end... I’d ruined it.

The war would definitely be extended, and the speed of supply replenishment would be severely affected too.

Hence, His Highness Cang Yu wanted to build a new base across the lake as a strong support for future military advances past the frontlines.

"It's good to take a break too..." Raffles sighed. "We need to replenish military power too..." His voice faltered at the end. He’d mentioned replenishing military power, which probably meant creating another bunch of metahumans.

I couldn't be bothered by that now. They could create however many they wanted to if it could wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers! Wipe them out like killing cockroaches!

"Lil Bing, we will keep you company..." Raffles hugged me tightly again. "We will take revenge for Harry!" Anger showed in his tone. Raffles had never hated anyone before.

Before Harry had left me, I hadn’t known what hatred felt like. I had never hated nor had I known that hatred could make someone pick themselves up again even when overwhelmed by extreme sorrow.

The strength of hatred was so intense that it could make you fearless. I had even planned to end in mutual destruction if I couldn’t succeed. I’d barged into Steel Ghost City and dealt with countless demons!

Similarly, hatred could make you lose rationality. I couldn't be bothered to think about Cang Yu's intentions in conquering Steel Ghost City. I had only wanted to take revenge for Harry and to destroy everything.

However, I had been able to hold on solely because of the hatred I felt. I had relied on the hatred to take revenge for Harry. My hatred had held me up to stand strong and not remain beaten up by the reality of losing Harry.

Humans needed love, but sometimes they needed hatred too.

"Haggs came back to see you." Raffles lifted his face and I glanced outside the door. I suddenly felt strange. Raffles had sounded as though Haggs had become a separate person. Wasn't Haggs in Raffles' body before?

Just as I was confused, Haggs really walked through the door!

I stared at him in surprise. He was no longer an image but an actual person now. Wearing Silver Moon City's lab coat, he rushed in hastily and closed the door behind him.

Haggs came to my side and sat next to me. He extended his hand to touch my face. "Lil Bing, are you okay now?"

"She's feeling better now," Raffles answered from my other side.

Suddenly, I recalled that Raffles had talked about building a robot body for Haggs.

I looked at Haggs suspiciously. He seemed older than Raffles, as though he was Raffles' elder brother. I reached out my hand to touch his face.

He smiled. "How do I feel?" He flashed his fox-like smile.

"Don't joke around!" Raffles got angry. "No one is in the mood to joke with you."

"Life and death in the eyes of a scientist are merely the regeneration and dying of a cell." Haggs was extremely rational. "We can clone Harry. It isn't difficult."

Clone Harry...

"I don't agree!" Raffles choked with tears emotionally. "That wouldn’t be Harry anymore! That's just a substitute. It'd be worse than you as a robot!" Raffles looked away as his tears flowed again. "Family is irreplaceable!"

"Sigh... Alright. Pretend that I didn't say that." Haggs became quiet.

Raffles held my hand. "Lil Bing, I now understand why you were so upset about us making human experiments. We have feelings. We do..." He lowered his head and felt guilty.

I’ve never thought of cloning Harry. When Haggs brought it up, I almost lost my mind and wanted to clone another Harry. I only wanted my Harry back!

But what Raffles said reminded me. Would that really be my Harry? No, that would just be Harry but not my Harry. Harry could be cloned but my one and only Harry was never coming back.

"Think about it rationally. Don't you think Harry's death is strange?" Haggs glanced at us. Raffles and I gave him a confused look. He narrowed his eyes. "It seems that I am the most rational one here. I think we need to look into Harry's death. However, the two of you are not suitable to join in the investigation. We will talk about it again when you cool down completely."

I was dumbfounded. Harry's death... How did Harry die?

I felt confused. I couldn't accept the fact that Harry was dead so I hadn’t dared to touch any topic related to his death. Haggs was right. I wasn't in a condition to investigate Harry's death because I didn't even have the courage to deal with it.

My head was buzzing. I couldn't remember anything, only that He Lei had passed me Harry's badge. Later, it was Xing Chuan who had passed me Harry's ring.

The last person who had been with Harry... was Xing Chuan...

"Let's make something delicious for Lil Bing first." Haggs pulled me up. "You can't just lie down the entire time. From a scientific standpoint, it is bad for psychological recovery, while delicious food boosts a person efficiently."

Raffles helped me up and pulled me out of the room too.

I was still in a daze. Harry died in the war... How did he die in the war? What kind of metahuman defeated him...

I didn't dare to think any further. Every time I thought about Harry's death, I felt a blade cutting my heart. I could barely breathe. I didn't even have strength to stand. My tears would flow down uncontrollably.

Harry and I had been accompanying each other for more than two years. From when we’d first met, gotten to know each other, he’d liked me while I’d hated him, he’d loved to cling on me while I’d only liked to beat him up... In the end, we’d realized that the seed of love had been planted in our hearts without us noticing... 

We went through so much together but he suddenly left me...


That's right. Suddenly. Haggs was right. Harry's death was fishy...

"Lil Bing, you have completely become Silver Moon City's idol now." Haggs walked on my left. It felt like he was the left brain that controlled rationality, while Raffles on my right would be the right brain that controlled feelings and emotions.

"I don't like the way the guys look at Lil Bing..." Raffles looked away. "They should be upset for Harry..." Raffles choked with sobs again. He averted his eyes and took a deep breath. "They should be concerned about the people who’ve sacrificed their lives."

"Harry's sacrifice, of course they will feel sad about it. But Lil Bing is a girl and that shocked them more. You should be proud of Lil Bing."

Raffles continued to look away. He seemed to be unwilling to talk to the rational Haggs.

Haggs walked as he touched his chin. "I felt that His Highness Cang Yu's attitude is suspicious too. Did he imprison Xing Chuan to gain Lil Bing’s favor?"

"What do you mean?" Raffles turned back and his long hair shifted with his movement. The neural connector on his ear was vaguely visible. 

It turned out that the two of them had been studying the separation method through neural connection and bionic robots, and replicating superconnection in the robot system.

Hence, Haggs’ bionic robot had a superconnection system installed too. That was why he looked just like a real person. 

"I am saying Cang Yu has intentions towards Lil Bing." Haggs squinted his fox-like eyes, "Can't you tell? But someone is always stopping him."

"His Highness Xing Chuan..." Raffles furrowed his eyebrows and stopped in the tunnel. "Harry just-! Can you not talk about these things?!"

"I just think that we should be guarded. After all, this is Silver Moon City and it is Cang Yu's territory." Haggs glanced around with his eyes squinted. Suddenly, I felt that the usual busy Silver Moon City had become eerie.

"Let's go and eat first." Haggs abruptly switched the topic again.

Pain pierced through my heart again. Harry sacrificed himself for Silver Moon City! Why are they only paying attention to me?! I feel very upset and it hurts! I don't want to think about these complicated matters! I want to be left alone!

Haggs was right. After I’d become a girl, I became the focus in Silver Moon City. However, His Highness Cang Yu had given out orders that no one was allowed to disturb me, or more like not allowed to get close to me.

Head Chef Kempinski and the other chefs were making steak for me in silence. Ever since I’d come back from Steel Ghost City, I had yet to eat anything.

I sat quietly at the one and only dining table in the kitchen while Raffles and Haggs sat to either side of me. 

The entire meal was unusually quiet.

"I can participate in the war without actually fighting.” I didn't give up.

Raffles instantly grabbed my hand, looking at me with concern. "I’d still be worried!"

"Raffles, what Luo Bing said is doable. The main reason why His Highness Cang Yu doesn't allow her to participate in the war is because she is like a large-scale destructive weapon..."

"What are you talking about?" I gave Haggs a confused look.

Haggs faced me solemnly. "You, in the metahuman database of Silver Moon City, are labeled as large-scale destructive weapon and you fall under the ‘unstable’ category. Once you lose control of your emotions, you might blow up the entire Silver Moon City."

*Clang.* Head Chef Kempinski's ladle fell.

I lowered my head, letting my long hair shield the side of my face. I’d become a weapon. I was categorized as a weapon!

"I want to take a walk alone." I’d lost my appetite.

"Lil Bing..." Raffles wanted to pull me but Haggs held him back. "Let her cool down on her own..."

Raffles didn't catch up with me.

I walked along the quiet corridor alone, wandering around without a destination in mind. After I’d wiped out Steel Ghost City, I’d still been angry. I had wanted to continue to destroy all the cities under the Ghost Eclipsers!

However, as Jun, Cang Yu, Haggs and Raffles advised me, I had begun to calm down. I had gradually realized that I had done something irreversible. I’d started to notice that Harry's death seemed fishy. His Highness Cang Yu had also suddenly put Xing Chuan into prison all of a sudden, to isolate him away from me. 

There seemed to be something more behind all of these. Like a secret buried deep in a box, which I could neither see nor discover because the box had been covered by layers of fog.

"Luo Bing..." He Lei's voice interrupted my thoughts.

I stopped in a daze, looking before me blankly. I had somehow got to the field in Silver Moon City. But it was extremely quiet today and there was no one around.

"Luo Bing." A human breeze blew up my long hair. I turned my head in its direction blankly and saw He Lei stop before me.


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