Book 5: Chapter 21 - Get Married

When I woke up, my eyes were dried and swollen. I could barely open them.

Dust and smoke filled my sight, yet to subside.

I could faintly see the sunlight through the dust. It seemed to be morning right now.

Standing up, I heard something drop. I lowered my head and took in the sight before me blankly. I saw the heart-shaped box that carried Jun and Zong Ben, and my bare legs, and my naked body. My clothes were all gone.

Blue light spots in the air and on the ground gradually gathered onto my body, circling around me and lightly covering up my nakedness.

The heart-shaped box had opened when it dropped onto the ground, revealing a shimmer of the blue light. Jun and Zong Ben jumped out, long tails of light trailing behind them. The tails of light connected them to the simulated blue crystal in the box.

With a glance at me, they turned to leap into the cloud of smoke. Their long tails of light extended in a continuous line through the smoke.

I didn't know what they were trying to do.

I stared after them blankly for a while. My eyes hurt and my head was heavy.

Bending down, I picked up the heart-shaped box and carried it in my hand. Step by step I walked through the thick dust, leaving footprints on the soft soil.

Blue light spots continued to surface in the air and on the ground. They gathered on my body and encircled me. The swaying light ribbons formed a long blue dress that fluttered in the air, like Zong Ben's.

The heart-shaped box swayed against my side with my footsteps. The ring was fixed in the heart-shaped box. Hence, I didn't have to worry about it dropping out when the box was open, which was a useful security feature.

The blue light in front of me shimmered. Jun and Zong Ben had returned. They stood in front of me for a moment before leaping to the front again. However, they didn't walk far and instead stopped nearby. They seemed to be waiting for me. Both of them seemed to have turned into the light that would lead me forward in this dim world.

I followed behind them mindlessly. My body felt exhausted. Without any thoughts from me it automatically absorbed the surrounding blue crystal energy. The entire world around me resembled the day the end of the world had descended. I couldn't see anything around me nor could I see the sky. All I could see was the hovering dust in the air but the dust couldn't get close to me.

I didn't know how many people's ashes were suspended in the air nor did I want to think about it because I was too weary. I was so weary that I felt like I’d been emptied out when I’d found out that Harry had died.

I didn't quite remember what had happened earlier, as if I’d been in a daze. I only remembered that I had been completely taken over by my anger and grudge, and had come out here to take revenge for Harry. No matter what had appeared before me, all had been wiped out.

I hit a door. There were buildings around this area. I hadn’t run into any buildings all along the way I’d walked up to here. It seemed like my damaging power was limited to a certain range.

Opening the door, I saw Jun and Zong Ben standing inside. They were lighting up the place with the light from their bodies. Standing by the side, they reached their hands into a wall. The entire store was lit up at once. It turned out to be a fashion boutique.

I walked towards a shelf. The clothes were perfectly intact.

I glanced at Jun and Zong Ben and smiled bitterly. "The two of you saw my everything. You have to take responsibility."

The two of them exchanged a glance. They seemed to be smiling yet not at the same time.

Zong Ben leaped before a row of dresses. He pointed at a dress that had a simple design but was in a bright red color.

I walked up before him and he continued to point at the dress.

"You are an artist and a designer. I will listen to you," I said blankly. Then, I picked up the dress and put it on. It fitted me just right.

Harry would definitely like this.

Let me be his bride and put on a red dress for him today.

I took a deep breath. Under the red dress, my body began to glow. The surrounding blue crystal energy was instantly absorbed into my body. Looking at the mirror, I saw my body that now resembled Jun and Zong Ben's bodies.

My body had become completely translucent. I could see my bones glowing blue under my flesh, as though an X-ray light had turned me into an invisible man. Pulling up the collar of my dress, I saw a blue heart.

Like theirs, my face was translucent but my facial features were clearer. I blinked, and the blue light spots began to fade away. My skin, my facial features and everything else returned again. I became a human again.

I stared at myself blankly for a while, before I saw Zong Ben in the mirror pointing at a black lace ribbon.

Turning around, I took it down from the shelf. I tied it around my neck as if I was a present. However, the ribbon tying this present was black because the present had lost her master.

Harry, in my world, one has to wear black when she loses a family member. I lost you so I’m tying a black ribbon around my neck.

Looking to the side, I saw a white flower. I picked it up and put it on my hair.

Harry, I put on this white flower for you because in my world, when a woman loses her husband, she has to wear a white flower on her head. I am your wife, Harry.

Zong Ben and Jun leaped out of the shop and I continued to follow behind them. The dust in front of me was gradually turning lighter. Once again I saw the crop field, the crops swaying gently in the thin dust.

Finally Zong Ben and Jun stopped and returned to the heart-shaped box together. I closed the lid and released some blue crystal energy into the box.

I walked towards the crop field. The further I walked, the clearer the world became. However, it was still quiet. It was so quiet that there seemed to only be me left in this world. In this world, even spirits didn't exist.

My feet felt wet. I lowered my face and looked. It was wet soil. Lifting my foot, I saw that my foot had been stained red. Blood had soaked the soil.

I glanced at it blankly then continued to walk forward. Once I seemed to have stepped on an arm that felt round under my feet. As I continued forward, I saw the blue sky. When I walked out from the smoke and dust, I could still smell an intense bloody scent in the breeze.

Before me, I saw the ripping surface of the lake. I remembered. I remembered how on the first day they’d attacked Steel Ghost City, Harry had protected everyone as they’d left. The lake water by the shore had already been dyed red.

Now, the lake water by the shore was still red and the blood soaked in the soil continuously flowed into water.

I walked to the shore and stood there mindlessly. The silent breeze blew at my long hair. Looking at the lake water, I stepped into the bloody lake. I wanted to wash away the blood stains on my feet but they seemed to have turned redder instead.

I glanced at my reflection in the bloody water. I looked like a young lady walking out from the bloody lake with my red dress and my red face. My eyes were spiritless as though a demon had sucked away my soul.


The lake rippled, making my faintly smiling face ripple with it too. "In my world, a bride wears red. I came to marry you. You must remember..."

My tears dripped onto the surface of the lake and shattered the reflection of my face. Then, it reflected another face.

Someone was watching me nearby. The bloody water stained its green face with red. Its bulging eyes widened sharply as it quietly looked at me from underwater.

It was a water ghost.

I stared back at him. He wants to eat me?

Everyday, I could see the water ghosts dragging dead bodies into the water to consume them as their food.

*Vroom.* There was a spaceship reflected on the surface of the lake. Its air current sent ripples across the still lake. The water ghost immediately turned to leave. Its long paddle-like legs emerged above the water, kicking up a splash before it disappeared into the depths.

The spaceship slowly stopped on the surface of the lake and the cabin door opened. A hovering platform extended from it, as though it had spread a silver carpet above the lake.

Someone walked towards me and stood in front of me. His long black hair fluttered in the wind. One of his arms was bandaged and held in a sling hanging from his shoulders.

"I'm sorry. I didn't protect Harry well," he said to me. Then, he extended his hand to me and spread his palm. It held Harry's ring.

At once my tears flowed down my cheeks uncontrollably. I took the ring with my trembling hands. "Where did he die?" I tried hard not to let my voice quiver.

"Right here. When he was about to board the spaceship, I held his hand. But an enemy metahuman appeared and he..."

I clenched the ring in my hand, my tears continuously flowing.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't save him. There was only his hand that was holding mine and this ring..."

I spread my palm and looked at the ring stained with blood. Walking past Xing Chuan, I came before the spaceship. I walked to the middle of the lake. Gale and Yama stood behind the door.

I stood by the door and bent down. I slipped the ring into the clear lake water. "Harry, put on this ring. We are getting married here today." I extended my hand into the lake. The cool lake water felt like Harry holding my hand gently.

"Gale, can you be our witness?"

"Ah! Yes!" Gale quickly rushed to my side, his reflection next to mine on the surface of the lake.

Xing Chuan walked to my side in silence.

"Harry, do you marry Miss Luo Bing as your wife?"

It was quiet, with not a single sound around us.

Wind blew across the surface of the lake and stirred ripples.

Gale wait for a while before he said, "Alright, Luo Bing, do you marry Mr Harry as your husband?"

"I do." I choked with sobs as my tears dripped into the lake.

"Now, you can kiss each other," Gale choked with tears too. He quickly looked away to wipe his tears.

Leaning down, I kissed the lake. I left my kiss on the surface of the lake. Sunlight shone into the clear lake water and lit up its depths.

I saw that water ghost again. He stood in the clear lake, staring angrily at Xing Chuan who stood next to me. There were many water ghosts behind him. He was like their leader as he lifted his arm, signaling the water ghosts to stay put.

They were heavily guarded against us too.

I left the water and stood up.

Xing Chuan glanced at the lake and said, "Harry, don't worry. I will take good care of Luo Bing."

"I don't need you to take care of me," I said calmly. "Do I need you to take care of me?" I glanced at Steel Ghost City behind me that had turned into ashes.

Gale and Yama's bodies tensed and they looked at me stiffly.


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