Book 1: Chapter 43 - Qian Li

Raffles hid by the side of the gate like a frightened bunny. He popped half his face out, and his grayish-blue hair looked like a long bunny ear hanging down on the side of his face.

Harry stopped too, and his expression became solemn with caution and care. He looked at me seriously and said, “Luo Bing, calm down, and also get Second Sis to calm down.”

I immediately went to comfort Second Sis, while she was roaring at the gate, Psst! Psst!

“What is going on?!” I asked full of confusion.

Raffles too looked at the gate in confusion. Harry turned around and shouted, “Stand there! What are you doing? Is it war?”

There were two people dressed like astronauts, who ran out from the gate. They were each wearing a set of white sealed suits, just like a baggy lab coat, along with a helmet.

Harry looked confused when he saw them, “Reed and Bruce, what are you doing? Why are you wearing the anti-radiation suits?”

One of the two people was holding a piece of equipment like a thermometer gun, “Harry, Qian Li said that Luo Bing walked beyond the safe zone. So Bruce and I have to check if there is any radiation on her. It is just a routine inspection, tell Luo Bing not to misunderstand us or worry about this.”

Harry’s body stiffened. He suddenly turned around and looked surprised, “You walked outside of the safe zone! No wonder you took so long.”

I was stunned, “I didn’t know.” ‘How did Qian Li know that I had walked beyond the safe zone? How had Qian Li seen me?!’


Suddenly, the eye that Second Sis had drawn popped up in my head. Was Second Sis referring to this? Would Qian Li be an UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) code name? Otherwise, how could he see something that was so far away?

Raffles looked at me in surprise. He then blinked and walked out from the gate. He started explaining, “Luo Bing, if you return from the radiation zone, you have to go through inspection because there might be leftover radiation on your body. It is harmful to ordinary people. If the leftover radiation is too high, we will need to cleanse you. You don’t have to worry. Everyone who returns from the radiation zone has to go through the same inspection.” Raffles said, while he looked at Harry. He beckoned him to explain further, but Harry looked at me in shock, “You went so far away… You are quite suitable for our troops…”

“Harry!” Raffles called Harry and Harry looked at him, “Explain to Luo Bing!”

Harry smiled and turned to look at me, “Luo Bing, our scouting troops go through inspection and cleansing each time. It’s okay.” Harry flashed a relaxed smile. It was obviously something very common and natural at the end of the world.

Raffles and Harry continued standing in their spots, as though they were maintaining a safe distance from us. However, I wasn’t sure if they were avoiding the radiation that was on my body, or Second Sis.

I still wasn’t sure if Raffles was a metahuman, while Harry definitely was one. Because only the metahumans got to do the fieldwork and look for resources for the people in Noah City. As Raffles did not do any fieldwork, he was obviously a radiationer.

“Oh, it’s okay. Go on,” I said. I understood the situation; I had seen something similar in the sci-fi movies, so it wasn’t unacceptable. I looked at them with confusion, “Don’t you need to check Second Sis too?” Were they afraid of inspecting Second Sis?

“Flying corpses generally don’t go to a radiation zone,” Raffles said. I was shocked after hearing this. Raffles looked at Second Sis carefully, before he continued, “They are sensitive to radiation. We call them the radiation detectors, especially the female flying corpses, because the radiation would affect their ability to reproduce."

I then understood that the radiation would affect the baby, therefore, Second Sis had wanted to protect the baby that was in her tummy.

I patted Second Sis’s arm gently, “Second Sis, did you hear that? They are only doing an inspection on me, not you. Relax.” She slowly relaxed as I patted her arm. She stopped howling and her body relaxed. Then, she sat down quietly next to me.

I looked at Reed and Bruce, “Come and check then.” I extended my arm to the front, in case Reed and Bruce were afraid of Second Sis.

The two of them immediately walked forward.

“Don’t be too close to my wife!” Harry stared as though he was giving a warning.

Reed and Bruce became tense, as they got cautious all of a sudden. Harry looked at me and introduced them to me, “Waifu, that’s Reed and that’s Bruce.” The one holding the thermometer gun on the left was Reed and the other one holding a thick, square board was Bruce.

They nodded at me awkwardly. I could see their stiff and awkward smiles from behind their anti-radiation suits’ helmets. They walked carefully as they approached me. Bruce looked at Reed, and Reed put the gun about half a meter away from my body. Infrared rays shot out and swept across my body.

The equipment in Bruce’s hand had a female robotic voice, “No radiation detected. Radiation level is zero.”

“What is going on?” Bruce looked at Reed with a surprised and bewildered expression.

Reed looked at the scan gun suspiciously, “Is the gun broken?”

“Your head!” Harry walked over and slapped Reed’s anti-radiation suit’s helmet. “Can’t you see that the flying corpse is walking next to my wife? Why would my wife have radiation on her?”

“But Qian Li did see Luo Bing walking out of the safe zone. And even if she was at the border of the radiation zone, she should have brought back some radiation. Although it would be harmless… this doesn’t make sense at all,” Reed shook the scan gun in his hand, “How is it possible that there isn’t any radiation at all?”

“But what Harry said, makes sense too,” Raffles finally walked out from behind the gate. “Flying corpses are sensitive to radiation. If Luo Bing were to bring back radiation, the flying corpse wouldn’t have walked next to her.”

Reed and Bruce took off their helmets and looked at me with confused expressions, “Did Qian Li make a mistake?”

“He might have,” Harry lifted the corner of his lips, and rolled his eyes to the East side. “The guy is always watching out. It is possible that he might have misjudged the distance.” Harry said in a bitter tone, as though he was jealous of someone stronger than him. It gave me a strange feeling.

“Waifu, let’s go! Don’t bother with them!” Harry and Raffles walked towards me and then led Second Sis and me through the gate.

Bruce and Reed were still confused. They were looking at the equipment, while shaking their heads. They were probably wondering if they had made any mistakes.

“What is Qian Li?” I asked Raffles and Harry while we were in the tunnel.

Harry put his hands behind his head; he seemed to be dissatisfied, “No one, just an eye.”

“Qian Li is Noah City’s eyes!” Raffles became excited, as he obviously adored Qian Li, “He can see a thousand miles away. The moment he sees an enemy, Noah City would go in a hidden mode. Thus, the enemy wouldn’t be able to find us…”

“What’s so great about seeing far away?!” Harry smirked in disdain, “Without scouting troops, you don’t even have food to eat!”

Hold on. So Qian Li is not a UAV, but a real person?!

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