Book 5: Chapter 20 - Massacre Everyone In The City

“I want to kill all of you! I want to kill all of you!" I strode past the burning empty human shell. No, they weren't human. They were demons from hell!

They weren't qualified to be referred to as humans!

Like Nora's withered phantom, they shattered upon coming into contact with me, turning into blue light spots that scattered briefly in the air before they returned to dance around me.

I continued to advance blankly. My Harry got killed just like that.

We didn't even manage to see each other for one last time.

We didn't even get to say a word to each other.

How I wish I can hear him calling me 'Lil Bing'.

How I wish I can give him another slap.

But that’s impossible now.

I didn’t even get to see his dead body.

I want to kill all of you.

Kill every one of you!

No one else came down again. The light wall in front of me melted the thick city gate in seconds and I continued to walk forward. My tears turned into blue light and I couldn't see the world clearly.

Several people outside the light wall were charging right at me. All used their respective superpower to attack me. There were balls of light, fire dragons, ice awls, lightning bolds, tornados, and various other superpowers being thrown against me. However, each and every one of them turned into ashes before the light wall around me.

They stood there blankly, appearing just like distorted worms to my eyes that were welled up in tears. They were disgusting!

I swung my right arm and at once a blue ribbon of connecting blue lights spots shot out from my fingers. Dashing out from the light wall, it swept mercilessly over everyone. The entire place was filled with shrill screams that reverberated throughout Steel Ghost City!




But I don't care!

You are all demons!

You do not deserve to live in this world!

You harm humans!

You harm the entire universe!

You are the biggest disaster in this world! You are a virus!

I want to kill all of you!

I want to take revenge for Harry!

I want to take revenge for the people who were eaten like pork and who were used as bombs!

I swung my right arm again and another light ribbon swept outwards. Another crowd of people vanished before me!

Every brick I walked past had some remnants of blue lights and every pocket of air I passed through was left shimmering with blue lights. Before me were their fearful faces, their scattering figures, and their shrill screams!

Just like the slaves in the crop field who had been used as human bombs, who had been running for their lives in panic, who had been shouting in fear hysterically!

*Humph.* You know what it feels like to fear?

*Humph. Hahaha!* You know how to be afraid?!

It's too light of a punishment for you to simply let you die! How I wish you can turn into spirits and be trapped in the center of the radiation zone. You can see food but can’t eat, you can see usable items but can’t use them, you can see women but can’t touch them, you can see the outside world but can't leave!

Do you know how much pain the spirits are experiencing?!

"Hurry up and run! He is immune to superpowers!"

Hurry up and run! Ah!"

"What monster is he? Hurry up and get on the spaceship!"

The spaceship took off in front of me. WIth a raise of my hand, a light ribbon pierced the spaceship. Blue crystal energy flowed into my body through the light ribbon. Then, the spaceship fell down towards me from the high sky!

I didn't run. I lifted my chin to look at it coldly as it fell towards me.

However, it turned into ashes once it touched the light wall. In an instant, I seemed to have burned the connection of all the molecules. It vanished completely as if it had entropied and disintegrated in a split second.

I began to run. Swinging two light ribbons out, I started running through the city. Every place that I ran past turned into ashes!

They deserve to die!

Everyone in this city deserves to die!

I ran to a huge square where many spaceships were taking off. Staring at them furiously, I felt a flame of pain in my chest was eating me up. You are the one who killed Harry. I want all of you dead!

Everyone can run from my anger! Flee from Steel Ghost City!!

"Ah!!" I roared in fury. My braids loosened and my long hair fluttered. All parts of my disguise disintegrated into ashes.

My long scream turned shrill and ear-piercing. Suddenly, the surrounding light wall exploded and expanded to all sides. It instantly swallowed every spaceship that had intended to leave.

*Hong!* Dust blew up and churned around me. The billowing dust decimated everything around me and swallowed up the sky. I could no longer see the filthy city that disgusted the hell out of me!

Blankly I stood alone within the light wall. My tears never stopped flowing. Why... Why am I still in pain...


It's impossible for Harry to come back...

He has left me forever...

Even if I killed all these demons, Harry wouldn't be able to come back to me...

I slowly crumpled to the ground. The thick smoke seemed to form Harry's huge face. I extended my hand towards him but he vanished in the thick smoke. Harry...

Why did you leave me...

You said that...

You love me...

Why did you leave me if you love me...


"Lil Bing! Lil Bing!" I heard Harry calling. It sounded so far away and so muffled.

When I opened my eyes, I saw before me the sunflower field. Under the blue sky, I could see Harry's long brown hair.

"Harry! Harry..." I ran towards him yet he went further and further away from me.

"Harry. Why did you leave me? Why?"

I shouted at him, tears pouring down my cheeks. Stumbling, I fell in the sunflower field. Stubbornly I got up and chased after him again. He couldn't die. He couldn't leave me. I wanted him back. I didn't want him to go to heaven!

"Harry... I want to keep you by my side... Harry..." I fell down again and lost his figure completely.


You lied!

You didn't keep your word!

You abandoned me!

You are the one who abandoned me!

"Luo Bing!" I heard Jun's voice. Lifting my chin, I saw him looking at me sorrowfully, "Harry would be sad if he sees you like this..."

"He left! How can he see me?!" I roared at Jun. "He didn't keep his word! He didn't keep his word..."

Jun suddenly hugged me. I hit and kicked him but he refused to let go, and instead held me tightly.

"Let go! Let go of me!"

"Cry it out. You will feel much better," he said. "Don't bottle it in! Cry everything out. The hatred, the pain, the unwillingness! Don't kill anymore. Harry definitely won’t want to see you kill so many people."

"Ah!!! Ah!!!" I wailed my lungs out in Jun's tight embrace. "I really don't want to part ways with Harry!" I gasped as I cried.

"I know. I know. I'd also rather Harry became like us than die. At least he could be like us and stay by your side."

"Ah!!! Ah!!!" I wailed like the day I’d found out I couldn't return home from this world, like the day I’d completely lost my family, like the day I’d lost hope.


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