Book 5: Chapter 16

“We spent the entire afternoon improving it to be less obvious when worn." Although Raffles smiled bashfully, his voice sounded confident and proud.

That was impressive! Raffles had actually upgraded Silver Moon City's neural connector in just one afternoon!

"What are you writing then?" I pointed at his notebook. If he’d separated from Haggs, how could he still use two brains simultaneously?

Smiling, Raffles explained, "We realized that another reason why we’ve separated is possibly because we are running with three brains now instead of two. I couldn't bear the load so Haggs took over one of the brains."

I stared at him in shock. Raffles' two brains had already been powerful enough! Yet now he had three brains!

"You evolved?" I looked at him, delighted.

Raffles looked up happily. "Yeah. I am possibly developing towards four-brains operation. Hence, I can’t bear the load alone anymore. If I didn't have Haggs, I might possibly go mad." He blinked and thought of something. "It must be because I’ve been spending a lot of time with other scientists and it stimulated my potential. I have too many things that I want to do and two brains are not enough. I’ve been dying to evolve but I never expected it to happen so suddenly," he said excitedly.

"Congratulations! Raffles!" I got excited too.

He smiled contentedly. "Thank you, Lil Bing. You are a very important factor too. Your strength made me eager to evolve. The relationship between you and Harry made me anxious too. Now, I understand that evolution is a complicated chemical reaction in psychology. Without you and Harry to stimulate me, I might not have been able to evolve for the rest of my life."

I was so happy for Raffles! He was truly unique and irreplaceable. Just one of him could now easily be a match for four of Silver Moon City’s scientists!

"Oh yeah, Raffles. I want to look for a person in Silver Moon City. Do you have any way to do that?" Raffles was now basically a godly existence to me! He was omnipotent!

Raffles chuckled and started writing in his notebook again. It seemed that searching for a person was too simple for him, so he didn't need two brains to answer me. "It's easy. Silver Moon City has surveillance control. You can watch the surveillance video."

"No, Raffles. You don't understand. This person went missing from His Highness Cang Yu's place. So, there's definitely no footage of it."

Once I said that it was related to Cang Yu, Raffles stopped writing and looked at me. "Went missing from His Highness Cang Yu's place?"

"Yes. That's why His Highness Cang Yu is really dangerous. I heard that there are many girls who have gone missing from there. Hence, Xing Chuan told me to not turn up as a girl. Otherwise, I would have long gone back to dressing as a girl again."

Raffles' eyes shimmered and his eyelashes quivered. He blinked and a figure suddenly appeared next to him. It was Haggs!

"Haggs!" I gaped at him in shock.

Haggs glanced at Raffles. "You summoned me back. There's definitely something important."

Raffles nodded. "Yes, it is related to His Highness Cang Yu. So I had to call you back to listen to this."

"His Highness Cang Yu! What happened to him?!" Haggs became nervous.

Raffles looked at me and Haggs immediately turned to me as well.

I furrowed my eyebrows and picked up the tablet next to my bed. "I’ve mentioned it to you before. Previously I was painting for the artists in Valley Dust Ruin. At that time, I was staying at His Highness Cang Yu's place. One night I heard His Highness brought Nora back, and the next morning I discovered that Zong Ben painted such a painting with my hands.”

I brought out the painting that Zong Ben had done before Raffles and Haggs. Raffles looked at me confusedly while Hagrid squinted his eyes thoughtfully.

"Since then, Nora has never appeared ever again. She disappeared." I looked at them evenly as I spoke.

"She's Nora?!" Raffles was shocked.

Hagrid glanced at him. "Isn't she the one who possesses powerful brainwaves and makes people walk into illusions unknowingly? I never thought it would be her. Superconnection was developed from her superpower."

"Zong Ben's painting is simply about human sexual desire." Raffles studied the painting with the same solemn look he reserved for his scientific research.

Hagrid narrowed his eyes and smiled cunningly. "To be more precise, this painting is about sexual desire and agony. You can also describe this painting as an orgasm to death."

Raffles' eyebrows tightly knitted. "Be serious!"

"Orgasm to death. I am serious." Hagrid smirked with narrowed eyes, emphasizing that particular word. He moved next to me and pointed at Zong Ben's painting. "Look, the dark tentacles are the most wicked desire at the bottom of a human's heart. But look at them carefully, they are touching all the sensitive spots on a woman's body."

I was stunned. Suddenly I felt as if I was transparent before Raffles' eyes!

He was knowledgeable in all fields, which of course included human anatomy. Every single nerve, every hormone secreted by each gland, every function of dopamine, he would be especially clear on all of it!

Haggs was also Raffles' other side. Hence he too knew all the sensitive spots of a woman.

"They are extremely accurately painted," Raffles exclaimed in surprise. However, Raffles was looking at the painting with a solemn expression that didn’t make me feel awkward at all.

"That’s why the expression of the woman would be so complicated. Her sexual pleasure is overcast with sorrow. Isn't this orgasm to death then?" Haggs studied Nora's expression closely with measured eyes. "Who is the demon behind her? No matter who he is, he is definitely great in bed."

"And very knowledgeable!" Raffles' eyes shimmered. "Some men would never find a woman's sensitive spots in their entire lives."

"But he knows them all." Haggs rubbed his chin. "He must have read a lot of books. But at that time there was only His Highness Cang Yu around. So that means-?!" Haggs’ face turned pale.

Raffles was stunned too. His grayish-blue eyes flashed with disbelief and disappointment.

"I can't accept this! I can't accept this!" Haggs suddenly clutched his head. "His Highness Cang Yu wouldn't be that cruel. He hurt such a cute girl!"

"The reality is as such. It’s right before our eyes." Raffles lowered his head in disappointment. "If our speculations are true, His Highness Cang Yu is truly dangerous. We need to protect Lil Bing."

"What is his superpower?!" Haggs looked at the painting again. "Look, he is consuming her."

"His superpower is definitely related to consuming. It can’t be something as straightforward as consuming blood though. If it was, Zong Ben would have painted it." Raffles and Haggs were making deductions based on Zong Ben's painting like two detectives. 

"Regardless of what he consumes, this Nora’s fate is surely grim."

"That's why I hope you can find her.” I gazed at them solemnly. "Because today I saw illusions created by Nora. I am sure that she's still alive! And she is somewhere in Silver Moon City!"

"Nora is still alive..." Raffles sank into deep thought.


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