Book 5: Chapter 15 - Nora's Phantom

“Don't look at me with such disdain. We are sharing our brains after all, we can't separate entirely." Haggs smiled smugly at Raffles.

Raffles thought seriously. "We can try using the superconnection."


I immediately voiced my objections to the idea, "No way! That's far too dangerous! You must have seen the results of the experiments using superconnection before. If the controlled subject were to get  hurt, the controller would be inflicted with the same injury."

"However, we have two brains..." Haggs bored the fearlessness of a scientist, "We’re unique, unlike the others who only had one spiritual body. Instead,t Raffles and I would have two spiritual bodies. Once the controlled individual got into an accident, only one of the controllers would be in deep sleep." 

"What Lil Bing meant was that we would be hurt physically." Raffles immediately pointed out, "The superconnection system uses Nora's hypnotization as a reference. The stronger the neural connection, the harder it is to differentiate reality and imagination. Our brains could be misled by the imaginary and then we would forget that we were actually using a  neural connection."

"Hence, the body would foolishly make us believe that we were hurt." Haggs supported his chin as he continued to muse over the matter. "Maybe, we could make some changes and improve the system. We could slowly do experiments and first build a bionic robot for my use."

"This is a great idea. The bionic robot will enable us to temporarily separate and go about our own matters and be independent of each other. It is a much more flexible and better system than what we’re doing right now."

"That's right! Originally, we were thinking with two brains but since we shared a body, our efficiency level was limited and compromised. Now, we can have two bodies!"

"Alright! I shall!" Raffles turned on the lab table as he spoke. I could immediately feel the faint vibrations that it caused, on my butt. I quickly jumped off and the entire lab table turned. Rows of equipment and ingredients suddenly appeared before my eyes.

Raffles and Haggs seemed to have forgotten my existence, lost in their excitement as they began to build the robot.

Building a complex bionic robot seemed to be a piece of cake for them, as simple as building a simple lego toy.

"Set up the skeleton first," Raffles said.

Haggs had already begun to operate the equipment. He used the neural connection once again and activated one equipment after another using its ability to broadcast his brainwaves.

"Whirl!" There was a capsule cabin that suddenly descended next to me and it was filled with a murky, translucent liquid. Then, there were countless robotic arms that extended from both sides and moved swiftly within. Soon enough, the shape of a skeleton became apparent.A skeleton that was almost identical to a human's!

"That’s too much calcium!" Raffles shouted hastily.

"I know. I am making the necessary adjustments. I also want to add in some titanium."

"Not too much titanium. Otherwise, you will look unnaturally stiff when you move."

"I can design the joints to move more flexibly."

"I am preparing to put on muscles."

"Don't make the muscles too tight and hard. Then it would be too uncomfortable for Lil Bing to hug."

I stood by the side stiffly. What do I have to do with the bionic robot! In the blink of an eye, the formation and placement of the muscles were complete! Of course, they were different from real muscles. They were made of some bionic white substances.

The bionic robot was ready like a 4D printer.

There were many bionic robots in Silver Moon City. They were just like humans. However, it was easy to differentiate between them and humans since they had neither emotions nor expressions. They blindly obeyed human commands completely.

After all, they didn’t have brains within their skulls,rather  their anatomy consisted of a bunch of data cables and chips.

"I want blue nails," Haggs suddenly exclaimed. He looked at the manly body inside with satisfaction, "Fairer skin. Alright. Wait, why didn't you put in cavernous nerves?" He suddenly fixed Raffles with a quizzical stare.

Raffles continued to operate the equipment solemnly as he replied, "You don't need to defecate. What else would you need the cavernous nerves for?"

Haggs squinted his eyes, "Put in cavernous nerves for me. I need to try to get an erection."

"Cough, cough, cough!" I supported myself against the wall of the capsule cabin.

The two of them looked at me simultaneously as they suddenly noticed my existence.

"Lil Bing? You are still here?" Raffles was surprised.

I furrowed my brow, not knowing how to respond.

"She's been here the whole time. That's why you are so not likeable," Haggs said smilingly to Raffles. "You should be like me. Pay attention to Lil Bing's needs at all times. Lil Bing, don't be shy. This is just an experiment using the human body when it comes down to it." He said while smiling at me. His squinted eyes shimmered with a cunning light. I had a feeling that he was already plotting something.

Raffles looked at Haggs in annoyance and disdain, "Be more serious in front of Lil Bing! Lil Bing, we need to run an experiment of a simulated male body. You'd better..." Raffles blushed furiously. "Stay away for a bit."

"Alright, alright, alright!" I didn’t need to be warned twice and immediately rushed out of the lab. I didn't want to stay in the lab with the two of them. They were too scary! They did all kinds of weird experiments.

However, it also felt normal at the same time, wasn’t it a natural concern? If a man were to make a body for himself, he’d definitely be most worried whether he could get an erection or not.

Men placed such high importance on that function. If they couldn't get a hard on, they'd rather die.

Suddenly, there was a figure at the end of the corridor. Since the tunnel was usually very quiet, it was obvious whenever someone travelled using it.I saw a person standing silently at the end of the corridor. It was a girl. She had her blonde hair bunned up, just like Nora's hairstyle.

"Nora?" I slowly walked over to her, full of suspicion.

Suddenly, she turned around and I was greeted by a gruesomely charred face. I was scared stiff on the spot. She ran to me and seized me by my neck, "He found it! He found out!"

I instantly felt suffocated. I immediately brought my hands up, trying to resist. I seized her neck in return. Instantly, there was a loud crack that resounded in the tunnel.I had broken her neck using my bare hands as easily as snapping a fallen, withered branch.. Her head became crooked, falling to an odd angle and she collapsed.

I was so terrified that I felt like my heartbeat would almost stop. I felt a chill crawling down my spine, all over.

Suddenly, everything disappeared. Nora, her broken neck, shattered head on the ground, and her hand that had seized my neck vanished.

However, the feeling of my seized neck and the dried texture of her skin in my hands felt so real. No matter how much I thought over it, the only plausible explanation was that it was Nora's superpower!

I immediately looked around. Nora is still alive! She must be still alive!

But where did she go?

The only ones who knew the truth were Xing Chuan and Cang Yu. However, Xing Chuan kept it a secret and he wouldn't tell me. Cang Yu wouldn't either.

What was Nora trying to tell me?

He found out.

Who found out?

What did he find out?

I clenched my hands suspiciously. If Nora was still in Silver Moon City, there was no way she hadn’t left a trace. I might be able to find Nora in other ways.

When Raffles came back, the sky had turned dark and night had descended long ago. He was still doing calculations on his notebook.

"Raffles, what are you talking about with Haggs?" I asked.

Raffles finished writing his note and smiled, "Nothing. Haggs is in the lab."

I gaped,absolutely astonished., "In the lab? You are not wearing any neural connector though?!" I didn't see any halo that I was familiar with.

Raffles smiled bashfully. He looked to the side and tucked his long hair behind each of his ears. Then, I noticed that there was an exquisite and fashionable blue disc attached to his temples.


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