Book 5: Chapter 14 - Haggs was like an Ice Dragon

“He can use the body at any time he wants to," Haggs said and blinked. Then, Raffles glanced back at me bashfully again, "Haggs and I are like two souls who are trapped in the same body.” After finishing his statement, he began writing with his left hand. It was distinctly Haggs's handwriting.

'Hi, Lil Bing. Although I do love you, I love experiments more. I hope you can take care of Raffles soon so he wouldn't come out and mess with me when I want to do things to you. Impotence is hurtful!'

"Stop!" Raffles immediately snatched the pen with his right hand and frantically scratched out what Haggs had written.

Then, Haggs grabbed the pen back with his left hand and wrote.

'Lil Bing definitely likes me more. I understand you, Lil Bing! Cucumber, I understood!'

My face instantly turned red. I seemed to see a flicker of Ice Dragon's shadow in Haggs.

"What cucumber?! Stop it!" Raffles was really furious and clueless, it seemed that he didn’t know yet.

As Haggs and Raffles quarreled, I looked at them in surprise. They shared a brain but Raffles didn't know about the cucumber incident while Haggs did.. It was astonishing- Haggs and Raffles were like split personalities yet they coexisted.

Hold on. Did that also mean that Haggs could see when Raffles and I kissed?! Was he like a voyeur to all our moments, watching silently from the sidelines?

This... this was so strange!

"Oh yeah. There's a way for you to see the two of us at the same time," Raffles's eyes shimmered with excitement. Then, he pulled me by the hand and began to run. 

We ran to the lab together and Raffles seemed revived, full of energy. The lab was Raffles's true love.Raffles could never choose between the lab and me. Thus, the personality called Haggs was born.

He split because of me.

Suddenly, I felt my nose tingle. I walked forward and hugged the busy Raffles from behind. He was stunned and held one of my hands that was wrapped around him. "What's wrong, Lil Bing?"

"Nothing. Just let me lean on you for a bit." I rested my weight on his back and felt at ease.

Before everything, if someone told me that she was getting married to two men, I'd say she was crazy and would have punched her. Didn't it actually mean that she was actually fickle-minded. 

However, my heart really split because of Harry and Raffles.

I wasn't willing to let go of either of them. I was grateful that they also loved each other and they helped each other to spend time together with me so that I wouldn't suffer from having to make a choice. I could be with them, just like how we used to be.

The lab became quiet. It was so quiet that I could only hear Raffle's heartbeat echoing in my ears.

Lub-dub. Lub-dub. He held my hand and he stood still in front of me quietly.

"Raffles, I am so happy that I have you and Harry by my side," I rubbed my face against his back. "When you came to Silver Moon City, I thought it would be difficult for me to accept you."

Lub-dub. Raffles's heart skipped a beat. He lowered his head in despondence. His body suddenly lost strength in my embrace. His hands slipped down from where they rested on mineto hang on either side of his body.

I continued to lean on his back. "However, I felt that I don't ever want to separate from you." I closed my eyes once again and I instantly heard his vigorous heartbeat, racing under his chest.

"Lil Bing, you..."

"Raffles, I..." I smiled contentedly behind his back. "I am really blessed and grateful to have you and Harry love me so much."

"Lil Bing..." He held my hand that was wrapped around him again. He turned within my embrace to face me, and I rested on his chest while he hugged me back as he leaned against the lab table.

We embraced each other and the time ticked by in silence. This silent love belonged to Raffles. I liked the sweetness of such silent affection.

His heartbeat picked up in speed. His arms around me suddenly squeezed harder as though he was resisting something.

"Shut up!" Raffles suddenly exclaimed, vexed. .

I leaned on his chest and looking up at him, asked. "Did Haggs say something?"

"Ignore him." Raffles huffed irately.

Suddenly, the grip around me became lax, and he lifted me up all of a sudden. In the blink of an eye, he had my back pressed against the cool surface of the lab table. Then, I saw Haggs's smiling face before me, "I was saying, that this is a chance that is hard to come by. Being in the lab makes it even more exciting!" Then, he leaned towards me.

I raised my hand and gave him a tight slap.

Thwack! Haggs was dumbfounded.

I looked at him coldly. "You can get used to my hitting first."

He blinked and furrowed his eyebrows."I am not Harry. Humph! I’ll give him back to you." Then, he smiled ingratiatingly before reining back his grin.

Raffles winced and touched his face sadly, "Haggs is still part of me. Can you hit a bit lighter next time?"

As soon as Raffles returned, I immediately tugged him by his braid and kissed his lips.

Raffles instantly stiffened.

I let go of him with a smile. He panted, regaining his breath as he supported himself with his arm on both of my sides. He chuckled and he suddenly cupped my face. He carefully kissed me. His cheeks were rosy with a gentle,pink blush. Sometimes, he pecked gently while other times he kissed deep and affectionately. He slowly left my lips and frowned deeply "This won't work. Haggs is still watching us."

His reminder made me blush too. It was only then that I recalled that we had an audience. "What should we do? He’ll always be there, no matter the time."

As we were talking, Raffles's left hand began writing on the lab table. There were lines navy blue scrawled on the lab table and it was Haggs's handwriting. 'There is room for improvement in your kissing technique, Raffles. Such tender kisses wouldn't stimulate a woman's hormones properly. You should know that women take longer than men to become adequately aroused.'

Bang! Raffles's right hand shot down upon the surface and covered those words. He blinked in embarrassment. "Hehehehe."

I too felt embarrassed as I sat on the lab table. "Didn't you say that there was a way for me to see the both of you simultaneously?"

"Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Raffles immediately pressed a button on the lab table and there was a neural connection cable. It was like a far distant imaging device. When I headed into historical sites to look for resources, Raffles used the imaging device to follow me. Xing Chuan had also used it before as well.

He put it on and looked at me. "In the past, you had seen me through this neural connection. So, we can see both personalities using this." Then, the neural connection cable lit up. Suddenly, a figure appeared next to Raffles. Although it looked similar to him, it wasn't Raffles. No, it seemed like a different avatar of Raffles that had slight differences!

He had short, cropped hair and a piercing on the lobe of his right ear. His chin was slightly longer than Raffles’s. His uplifted corners of his eyes made him look more imposing, to the point of creating a tinge of evilness. His uplifted eyes made them look longer. When he squinted his eyes, he was just like Ice Dragon with its cunning, fox-like smile.

This is him! The male Raffles! This is the way he should look! It was everything he desired.. He looked more manly and more overbearing.

"Finally, we officially meet, Lil Bing." Haggs bowed to me with a smile.

I looked at Haggs in surprise. Haggs glanced up at me confidently and then turned towards Raffles, "It’s just like I told you. Lil Bing likes me more."

Raffles looked away glumly as though he was in disdain of his twin brother.


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