Book 5: Chapter 13 - Raffles and Haggs

It was possible that Raffles had used his notebook for conducting conversation because he used both of his brains simultaneously. While he was busy conducting experiments, he would converse by writing. I used to do that with him.

I flipped to another page and it was the other person's handwriting again.

'Lil Bing only has Harry in her heart. You are not included. You’ve lost Lil Bing. You can't lose experiments too!'

'Lil Bing only said that to comfort you. Why would she like your character like this?'

'Humph. You only succeeded in your proposal because Harry let you!'

'Shut up! Let me do it! I will show you how a man does things!'

'Don't touch Lil Bing! She will be furious!' Suddenly, Raffles's handwriting popped out.

"Huh?!" I exclaimed in surprise. I looked blankly at the notebook. In the person's long, winding trail of handwriting, Raffles's handwriting suddenly appeared.

I immediately looked at Raffles’s still figure sprawled across the bed. He was still sleeping as soundly.

I held his notebook and came to look at him by the side of the bed. Raffles, what happened to you?

I continued to flip through his notebook. As expected, there were two persons' handwriting alternatively.

'Look. Lil Bing didn't repel me away. She might actually like me more.'

'I will continue to work towards completing our dream, in the meantime you are in charge of figuring out a way to separate us.'


Cang Yu had mentioned once before that it was a medical miracle that Raffles remained with one personality, because when he operated two brains simultaneously. 

In passing, he had commented that theoretically speaking, Raffles should have two independent characters.



Raffles had always admired Professor Hagrid Jones.

Raffles became strange later.

There were instances in which he just wasn't like himself.

Could it be?!

I lifted my face and gaped, my eyes wide as I looked at Raffles in shock. I was surprised to see Raffles was looking directly at me with his eyes wide open!

His grayish-blue eyes weren’t gentle and warm as they usually were, instead a rather cold and arrogant glint emerged in his gaze. 

He squinted his eyes and slowly turned to his side, facing in my direction, supporting his head with one hand. His long grayish-blue hair hung across his chest and his collar was slightly opened. It revealed the exquisite, fragile collarbone that belonged to Raffles.

"Haggs?" I looked at him in complete astonishment.

He smiled. He smiled with his eyes squinted, giving off an atmosphere akin to Ice Dragon. "It seems like you found out. Well, I suppose it’s just in time." He suddenly cupped both sides of my face and kissed me. I immediately fell backwards.

"Bang!" He fell onto the ground along with me. He landed on me and kissed me directly. He was different from Raffles after all. It was a forceful, demanding and rough kiss. He began to pant heavily. His hands couldn't wait any longer,itching with impatience and snuck under my shirt. I immediately seized his hand and turned around to press him under me. I pressed his hands on the ground. 

"Ah!" He grunted. "We should train this body well!" He looked impatient. He wriggled his body from it’s position under mine. He suddenly thrusted and smiled, "Do you like me more?"

My body involuntarily stiffened up. I immediately let go of him and stood up, "Judging based on your characters, I think you should stay in the lab, spending your time experimenting instead."

He lifted his hand and held his forehead. He sat up and combed his long, silky hair through his fingers, "You do know us well. Training our body seems to be merely a waste of time."

"Raffles! Are you here?" I squatted next to him and asked. Maybe it was because he was someone I considered as part of my family, I wasn't afraid when I knew that he had a split personality. I extended my index finger to poke his face, "Raffles?"

Slap! He smacked my hand away. "He's here. He's just embarrassed to see you." Haggs said smilingly. "Every time I shared an intimate moment with you, he would be drowning in regrets and deep guilt. Then,I caught a glimpse of coldness in his squinted eyes. "The negative emotions that he released were too intense and it affected our brains. Our brain subsequently released a hormone inhibitor and made me soft after I had a hard-on!"  

"Poof!" I couldn’t stifle the laugh that escaped, despite my best efforts.

He took a deep breath and looked away. "Raffles, you come and explain to your Lil Bing. I am not in the mood." Silence followed as he just sat there for a few moments, his hands holding his head.

His chest began to heave up and down. His breathing became rapid due to anxiety. Immediately, I knew that the person in front of my eyes  was Raffles.

"Raffles!" I grasped his shoulder tightly upon which he lowered his head, "I'm sorry that Haggs frightened you."

"Hehe." I chuckled.

"Shut up!" Raffles suddenly said and looked at me nervously. He blushed and apologized, "Sor-sor-sor-sorry. I am telling him to shut up."

"What did he say?" I asked.

Raffles blinked a couple of times then and looked down, "He said nothing will scare you."

"Yeah, he didn't frighten me. On the contrary, I feel more at ease now," I said and he immediately lifted his head up to look at me with wide eyes. I leaned on his shoulder. "I’ve been worried about you lately. I couldn’t understand what happened to you. But now, I know."

"You...don't you hate us?" Raffles lowered his head until he was leaning his forehead on mine., "I...I am not normal anymore."

"Why not?" I hugged his shoulders, "You are my Raffles. No matter how many personalities you split into, you will still be the same Raffles I know.."

"Thank you, Lil Bing," he hugged me back and kissed me gently on my forehead. His actions reflected his usual caution and deep affection.

Unlike Haggs, Raffles's kisses always felt like he was afraid that he would break me.

"But, Raffles, why did you develop a split personality?" I lifted my head up off his shoulder and looked at him quizzically. He blinked and seemed embarrassed. He looked like he had low self-esteem as though he really became someone abnormal and he was worried I would dislike him.

"Why don’t you let me do the talking?" Haggs took over Raffles once again. He picked up the notebook and started sketching. Scribble. He drew two humans, naked humans!

I was completely certain that Haggs and Raffles were two different people! 

Raffles absolutely wouldn't ever sketch nude figures to show me!

Haggs was the polar opposite of Raffles. It was like a supplement to his own character.

"Actually, I have always been there." Haggs pointed at one of the humans. He squinted his eyes while smiled. "However, I was in deep sleep. When Harry triggered Raffles, I awoke. Although I still couldn't take control of the body, I existed in Raffles's head." He pointed at the other human, continuing his explanation. "Until recently when you were against Raffles's experiments, he was in pain and desperately struggling. Experiments to create are too tempting to us both, but Raffles gave it up for you!" Haggs shook his head angrily. "So, I had to take action because I'm not willing to give up performing experiments."

I looked at him in shock. He squinted his eyes and smiled, "So, you can hate me. I don't quite care."

I saw a grin that was similar to Ice Dragon. It was a cunning fox-like smile.

"Raffles and I are considered split personalities in medical terms. However, our split personalities are different from the other cases. Normally, among the few personalities one possessed, each one wouldn't know what the others did most of the time and there would also be a main, dominant personality. However, we coexist at all times. Watch carefully."His right hand began moving, beginning to write while the words left his mouth. It was Raffles's handwriting.

‘Lil Bing, I'm here.’


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