Book 5: Chapter 12 - Farewell After A Short Reunion

When the battleship had once again departed, Raffles had yet to wake up.

The couples bid farewell at the field.

I held one of Harry's hands as he tucked the hair hanging by the side of my face behind my ears, "Take good care of yourself."

"Mm, you too. Be careful yourself."

Harry smiled brightly. His smile always carried the refreshing warmth of sunlight that made me feel secure and happy.

"Despite how much Raffles argues that he’s a man, he’s always as sensitive as a woman." Harry had a habit of making fun of Raffles when he was not around.

My face grew grave, "You’ve treated him like a girl since he was young."

Harry simply shrugged, "Alright. We are responsible for his character, I guess. So, we shall rely on you to make him more manly!" Harry leaned to my ear, "If he doesn't take on an active role, you can teach him.

"Go away! You'd better go now!" I kicked him but in fact, deep down in my heart, I was actually longing to hold his hand and for him to not go. 

However, I couldn't.

Harry was hushed onto the battleship. He stood by the door and watched me in silence. It was clear to see from the glisten in his amber eyes,he was loathed to part from me. He finally reined in his playful self and he looked at me longingly from afar.

We knew that the more we looked at each other, the harder it would be to tear ourselves from each other’s side.

Suddenly,Sophia’s ample chest was displayed before me. She spread her arms wide, "You were taken away by the men when we returned this time. You didn't even hug me.This is no way to treat me! I want a hug!"

She hugged me forcefully and the action caused her boobs to be squeezed in between our chests. Her hands could barely reach for my arms.

She retreated unhappily, "My boobs are too huge. I can't hug you." She pouted.

I smiled and looked at her solemnly, "Sophia, you have to be careful too."

"I know, North Star," she looked behind my back and winked at me playfully. "His Highness is coming. You are the one who should be careful!" Then, she hopped onto the battleship with the rest of the troops.

Xing Chuan walked together with He Lei and Captain Chaksu.

Captain Chaksu had put on a handsome white, unblemished army coat. His chest muscles were still bulging. He chuckled as he looked at me, "North Star, we didn't manage to have a drink together yesterday."

"There are still many chances in the future." I extended my hand, when he shook my extended hand, his huge hand dwarfed mine to the point where it looked like he was holding a child’s hand.

"I know that you have to go on a date with your lover," Captain Chaksu chuckled. He Lei didn't know how to respond.

Xing Chuan continued to smile, "You mean, with us."

"Alright! He Lei, let's go!" Captain Chaksu waved in my direction briefly and left.

He Lei and I nodded as our gazes met.

"Be careful."

"I know."

It was a short and simple exchange but it was born of the deepest brotherhood. He perfectly understood me and I understood him.

He Lei and Captain Chaksu boarded the battleship as well.

Finally, only Xing Chuan remained in front of me. He reined back his charming smile and resumed his typical expressionless, "Cang Yu didn't look for you, right?"

"No," besides the time Cang Yu came to Xing Chuan's room to talk to me regarding Raffles. But I hadn’t considered it as looking for me on purpose.

Xing Chuan nodded in relief, "I will return as soon as possible. I will end the war at the fastest possible speed. Don't get close to Cang Yu. Don't be alone with him," Xing Chuan sounded like he was exhorting me.

He looked behind me. From where he stood on the battleship, Harry was watching him closely.

He turned to look at me, "You went to the balloon cabin, didn’t you?"

I instantly blushed and he looked to my neck. I quickly covered my neck. From what I remembered, Harry didn't leave any mark anywhere obvious.

"He's so rough all the time," Xing Chuan lifted his hand and reached for my neck. I chuckled lightly while he looked at me, "You weren't any more gentle than he is."

Xing Chuan grew awkward as we both flashed back to that time.

It was the first time I had ever seen him look so self-conscious and awkward..

He glanced to the side and retracted his hand while muttering, "If you were to give me a chance, I would definitely treat you with love and the utmost care."

I could calmly talk to him then, "Can you talk about something else? Perhaps a topic that we only could talk about when you and I are alone?"

He became expressionless. He seemed to be thinking hard for topic that didn’t involve having sex with me or to requesting for me to have sex with him. In the end, he finally spoke again after a lengthy silence., "Tell Raffles to stay away from Cang Yu as well."

Suddenly, I found Xing Chuan cute.

Xing Chuan gave up. Between the both of us, we had no other topics to discuss. Although he had finally said something, he used Raffles but for my own good.

"Mm," I replied. Then, he turned to directly meet Harry’s gaze. He seemed to be silently telling Harry that he didn't lay a finger on me.

Xing Chuan boarded the battleship as well. Sharjah and Moon Dream were among the returned warriors who had congregated at the cabin door.. Moon Dream fixed her scathing glare upon me. She had never made it a secret and tried to hide the hatred and jealousy she felt towards me. The girls in Silver Moon City were great. They weren't as complicated and complex as the girls who resided in my own world. 

They came in a variety of colorful personalities: White lotus (innocent Mary Sue characters who are soft and weak), Saint Mary (girls who come across as holier-than-thou and tend to criticize others), Green-tea bitches (girls who seem innocent and charming but actually calculative and manipulative), and scheming bitches who would plot to put you in danger’s grasp at all times.

The girls in Silver Moon City wore their hearts on their sleeve,their love and hate painted evidently across their faces. They didn't have to resort schemes and use underhanded methods against one another for the attention of the men that they liked. Instead, they would fight fair and square with their capabilities.

They left in the battleship, which grew to merely a speck in the distance as the crowd cheered. The snowstorm clouds in the atmosphere of the crimson planet began to disperse slowly. A year had passed without us even noticing.

For the following war, it would be tougher and more difficult than anything that they had faced before. They would meet in the Ghost Eclipsers' Steel Ghost Town. It was said that the Ghost Eclipsers who resided there were particularly strong and powerful. It was also an important city, an essential trading hub where the Ghost Eclipsers exchanged resources.

Steel Ghost Town was like a huge warehouse- functioning a storage so that it could provide the other cities various resources and supplements. It was similar to Blue Shield City in terms of the role it played, however it surpassed Blue Shield City in terms of both scale and area.


It was the city of demons! That city was a den of sin.

It housed the biggest human farm in the city. It was the root of all evil!

They meant to take down the entire city in order to save the humans who were raised like pigs headed to slaughter.

I believed that they would definitely succeed.

My confidence sprouted from the fact that there would be the presence of Xing Chuan, Harry, He Lei and the North Star knight group. No doubt, they would emerge victorious.

When I returned to the room, Raffles was still sleeping. Wafts of the strong stench of alcohol emanated from his body. I shouldn't let him drink so much next time.

I stood next to him and looked at him with a smile. It was the first time Raffles was so quiet. It dawned upon me that this was also the first time I had witnessed Raffles sleep with his eyes closed. It was a rare opportunity that was hard to come by. I should draw something on his face.

I went to his messenger bag and took out his notebook to get his pen. When I took his pen, I saw an unfamiliar handwriting scrawled on one of the pages of the notebook.

I looked at it suspiciously. It appeared as if it was a conversation.

'Let me do it.'

'It's your problem if you decide to give up. I won't admit defeat.'

Whose handwriting is this? Why did this mysterious person converse with Raffles via his notebook?

I recognized Raffles's notebook but some of the scribbles were obviously not by his hand.

I flipped to another page and saw Raffles's handwriting. The contents of that page also  looked like a conversation.

'I should head back. Lil Bing will be worried.'

Haggs, Lil Bing will find it suspicious if you don't go back!"

Haggs? Isn't Haggs the measurement unit for blue crystal energy? The name originated  from Professor Hagrid Jones, who was responsible for its discovery.


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