Book 1: Chapter 42 - Found A Reservoir

The drawing of the eye further confused me. However, the most surprising thing among all of this was that the flying corpse could communicate with humans. As long as we treated them with care and patience, they were willing to communicate with us.

*Bang!* There was an explosion behind the earth mound, and the entire world was instantly filled with a strange smell and awkwardness. I rubbed my face awkwardly and looked at the earth mound on the other side. I contemplated for a very long time before deciding to walk over.

Even though we were at the end of the world, living things still needed to eat and poop, and all glorious appearances had to be stripped off when it came to basic instincts. Even a gentleman couldn’t help but put aside his principles and codes of conduct to yield to his instincts.

In short, I was admiring the convenience of a man once again.

I looked to the west from the earth mound. The universe seemed like it was bleeding from a cut. I stood up, but Second Sis wasn’t done yet. As I looked at the end of the world that was dyed in crimson, I couldn’t help but walk over.

I walked step by step, and observed that there were no weeds growing on the ground under my feet. The ground became faint red and the color grew more intense as I started walking towards the border of the livable zone. It was as though I was walking to the end of the world.

But I wasn’t afraid because Xing Chuan had said that I was a radiationer. I didn’t know how long I kept walking, but the crimson within my eyesight was like fresh blood covering the entire earth.

I finally stopped because there was a fault zone in front of me. This was a warning, reminding me that I couldn’t proceed any further.

A fault zone was like billowing mountains connecting from south to north. From the bottom, it was about twenty floors high, and it formed a tall precipice. It was as though the whole world had sunk in front of me, but it was also as though I had risen up from there.

There weren’t any living things on the infertile ground—nothing at all. Even though I could see the end of the universe, it was as though I was looking at a boundless crimson ocean with no other land, which was disappointing. 

Suddenly, I saw a crescent moon in the sky, moving towards the eastern horizon. It seemed as though the crescent moon was tainted pink due to the influence of the crimson land. I coldly glared at the pink moon, and then flashed my middle finger at it as the breeze blew.

*Howl.* Second Sis was calling for me.

I pulled back my perfect middle finger as the breeze blew against my short hair, and turned around to run back. I had walked too far away, and I was not even able to see Second Sis any more.

I ran for a very long time before I saw Second Sis. I ran to her and she patted my head with her sharp claws. There was gentleness in her white eyes.

“Sorry, I made you worry,” I hugged her and started walking back with her. But I could feel that we weren’t walking in the direction where we had come from. Until now we had been walking to the west, but now Second Sis was leading us in the northeast direction.

In terms of directions, I had always trusted her sense of direction, as she was a human mutant; needless to say, it was much stronger than an ordinary human.

She extended her neck and sniffed the air to confirm the direction. Then, she continued to walk forward. I couldn’t walk anymore. How did I walk this far out earlier? My legs were sore, but I continued to follow her.

I gradually saw the flatland where Noah City was located. I also saw grass, and some strange sparkling. This sparkling resembled that of a diamond’s, and it looked rather inviting in the glaring sunlight.

Second Sis started walking towards the sparkling light. I followed behind her curiously. I soon realized that this sparkling was not coming from a diamond, but from a body of ‘water’!


I ran towards it and saw that it was a small square shaped pond full of water. However, a pond’s shape shouldn’t be this irregular, but rather round. Not to mention, the border around this pond was obviously made of steel. It’s… a reservoir!?

Second Sis walked to the side of the pond. She lowered her head to smell the water very carefully. The clear water reflected her face, and her white hair scattered as she lowered her body above it.

To my eyes, the water in the pond looked clear, so I wasn’t sure what Second Sis was trying to smell in it.

Oh yeah, I haven’t washed my face yet.

I squatted down, but Second Sis suddenly sat up straight and stopped smelling the water. She looked like she was unhappy with the water in the pond.

I started washing my hands. I felt alive as I put my hands in the clear water. Clean water. My hands were moving around in the clear water as the sunlight poured on my hands. Suddenly, I saw something strange floating above the water. These things looked like extremely fine blue spots of light. But because more and more of these things were now floating in the water, they had become clearly visible in the sunlight. They looked like blue fireflies dancing in the water.

Curious about these spots, I decided to take a closer look. Taking a deep breath, I buried my face into the water to look at these floating blue spots of light. They looked like they were alive as they gathered around me. They stuck onto my face like little elves as soon as they landed on my face. I couldn’t help but touch them. It was like catching fireflies in the water, and it was fun. When my hand touched them, they shattered and disappeared like spots of light.

I tried to grab them again and again. But in the end, the light spots decreased in number, just like bubbles. I felt sorry, since I had made all of them disappear. The reservoir is above Noah City. So does it belong to Noah City? 

Were those blue spots of light some sort of high technology gadgets? Maybe like cleansing the water in this pond? Did I break it?

I reined back my hand guiltily. I felt as though I was in trouble. I thought carefully. If it is high technology, it wouldn’t break this easily. Those blue spots of light started twinkling only after we arrived here.Therefore, I do not need to be scared of breaking anything.

Wow. Second Sis lowered her face and started drinking the water from the pond. As I saw her drinking this refreshing water, I also felt thirsty. I contemplated for three seconds before lowering my face to take a sip. Since Second Sis is drinking this water, it surely must be safe for drinking! I believe in Second Sis.

*Gru, gru.* Ah. I felt awesome after drinking some water, and washing my face. Err. If this was Noah City’s reservoir, would it be inappropriate for me to wash my face and hands in here? Well, who cares? In my world, our water used to come from a reservoir as well, and not to mention, people used to swim in that water, and some would even die in it every year.

We can’t be too particular. Otherwise, it’d be too tiring…

When I returned with Second Sis, Raffles and Harry were looking around anxiously at the gate. They looked relieved as soon as they saw us.

“Where did you go!?” Harry was running towards us. But suddenly, hasty footsteps came from inside the gate, and Second Sis stood up anxiously. She held her claws in front of her, while one side of her wings was spread out as she let out a ferocious roar, Ha!

What is making Second Sis so vigilant!?

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