Book 5: Chapter 11 - Night Meeting of Five

Harry shook his head calmly and shrugged, "Yama and Gale found him too disgusting. We happened to have a suitable metahuman at hand who had the superpower to seal the air within a certain range. So, we sealed off the air and let them suffocate in the foul stench. Then, Yama set a fire and burned them all."

Raffles was stunned then his eyes began to shine with excitement, "That's awesome! That's dried fertilizer then! Where is it? I am going to pick them up!"

The three of us instantly turned ghostly pale.

That was a scientist's logic: Anything is usable.

Harry whispered into the shell of my ear, "Why do I feel that Raffles has become even more merciless than he used to be in Noah City? He gives me the creeps."

I glanced at him sideways. "You wouldn't understand. Raffles isn't like himself lately."

Harry blinked and I immediately stared at him. "Can you go out now?"

Harry smirked mischievously and leaned closer to my ear, "I have not gone in. How could I go out?"

I instantly blushed and then elbowed his stomach straight away. He retracted his hand in pain and finally settled into a measure of obedience.

"We met one who could make you dance non stop." He Lei exclaimed. "His superpower covered a large radius in which he could make everyone dance."

"Line dancing!" I blurted out.

"What is line dancing?" Harry and the other guys looked at me with a confused look.

I smiled. "It means everyone dances together. Anyway, continue your story. What happened next?"

He Lei didn't know whether to feel funny or sad. "In short, the battle was exhausting. I could get close. However, as soon as I got close to him, I came within his superpower coverage area. I couldn't help but feel like dancing. In the end, thanks to Fat-Two and his good endurance, we defeated him.. He danced until the end when the person needed to rest and he killed the person. That’s how we finally won the skirmish."

"So, sometimes, those with strange superpowers are harder to deal with," Harry and He Lei looked at each other and nodded in agreement and empathy. They high-fived and held each other's hand.

Raffles was envious, "I envy the two of you." It was obvious that Raffles was a true man. One who wanted to join the war effort and fight as a soldier was definitely a man!

However, did Raffles really want to join the army for war? I felt like his true motivation was to find  various pitiful war prisoners to dissect. 

"What are you talking about?" Xing Chuan suddenly came to join us. There was a hovering platter next to him that held a wine bottle and five wine glasses. 

While everyone was looking at him, his gaze was focused on me. "Our North Star is even more attractive than the girls down there."

"Cough, cough, cough." He Lei coughed awkwardly.

Xing Chuan sat in between He Lei and Raffles. Then, it became five of us.

Xing Chuan picked up the wine bottle and poured each of us a glass. "Let's have a drink to celebrate that we are still alive right now." Xing Chuan said expressionlessly and made our situation sound pathetic.

A gloomy atmosphere overcast the group.. Everyone picked up a glass and clinked together. Everyone became quiet after taking a sip.

We were chatting happily but the good atmosphere was ruined by Xing Chuan's flippant remark.

"Half of the Ghost Eclipsers are dead. They are merely struggling whilst at death's door." Xing Chuan spoke again and brought up the topic of death once more.

"From what I’ve heard, the metahumans at the latter stages are mostly evolved metahumans. It wouldn't be as easy to defeat them." He Lei analyzed the war situation seriously.

Xing Chuan slowly took another sip, "That's would be more difficult and challenging!" Xing Chuan's eyes were shimmering like he tried to conquer me previously. He looked at Harry and He Lei, "Don't you want to take up the challenge? This is the excitement that war brings about. This is a different excitement than what women bring to us!"

"Hey! There's two virgin boys here," Harry chuckled as he patted He Lei's shoulder and looked over at Raffles.

Xing Chuan was confused for a brief moment before realization dawned on him. He chuckled lightly and looked at Raffles, "I worried too much. Humph."

Raffles' face turned red and his expression became stiff. It was obvious that he didn't like people making fun of him like that.

"Raffles! Can you see that..." Harry's face grew glum while he threw a glance at Xing Chuan. "You have to work harder!"

"That's enough!" I was pissed off. I grabbed Raffles hand and he was stunned as he looked up at me.

Harry’s head instantly snapped in my direction. I thought he was generous but he was still jealous.

Xing Chuan drank expressionlessly while He Lei looked awkward.

"Xing Chuan, tell us,  have you ever come across any strange metahumans?" He Lei quickly switched the topic. His thought process and speed of action were equally fast.

Xing Chuan didn't speak but chose to fill up everyone's glasses again. He raised his glass in Raffles’s direction. I let go of Raffles and he too raised his glass at Xing Chuan too. He smiled and took a big gulp.

"Of course I have." Xing Chuan answered. "I’ve met quite a large number of them. Humph. What other amazing metahumans can the Ghost Eclipsers send? But I believe the winner is a metahuman who could control the growth of plants." He lifted the corners of his lips into a smug, "This person could be very useful in the future." 

"Where's this person now? Did he come back to Silver Moon City?" Raffles was interested in the metahuman who controlled the growth of plants.

"I still have to observe him for a while," Xing Chuan took another sip. "I wouldn't bring anyone to Silver Moon City unless it is someone I trust," Xing Chuan patted He Lei's shoulder.

He Lei nodded and smiled. Then, the two men were no longer the hot tempered and deceptively scared youths from back then.

"Of course, I don’t trust Captain Chaksu." Xing Chuan looked across the field at Captain Chaksu who was surrounded by girls. His sexy chest muscles attracted many female admirers.

He Lei also shifted his gaze in that direction. "Even so, Captain Chaksu took me in. At least respect him even if you don’t want to trust him." He Lei turned to look at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan smiled faintly and raised his glass to clink with He Lei’s.

"Heh, we interrupted your reunion time with Lil Bing tonight," He Lei looked at Harry.

Harry chuckled, "I’m with Lil Bing now, and with Raffles too!" Harry raised his glass at Raffles and Raffles immediately raised his own up happily to take another sip.

Raffles's face was turning red. It seemed that Raffles wasn't losing his consciousness to alcohol. He chuckled as he looked at everyone. "I am really envious of all of you who could go to the war zone. I actually want to go to fight in the war too. I want to kill the Ghost Eclipsers with my own hands!" Raffles was really drunk and he looked excited, "As long as I kill the Ghost Eclipsers, there wouldn't be anyone who would question my masculinity! I am a man! Aren't I?" He looked at the other three men emotionally.

Just then, I saw the almost identical generous expressions across their faces. They nodded simultaneously, "Not bad!"

"Hehe. That's right! I am a man!" Raffles poured himself another glass of wine excitedly. Then, he raised his glass high. "I am a man! I love Lil Bing!"

"Cheers to loving Lil Bing!" Xing Chuan and Harry suddenly raised their glasses with Raffles cooperatively.

Raffles took another huge gulp, beginning to fall in my direction before Xing Chuan suddenly scooped him with his long arms, taking the brunt of Raffles’ weight on himself instead. 

"We can't underestimate our enemy in the upcoming war." Xing Chuan became serious and he looked at me. gravely "Luo Bing, talk to us about some war strategies and war tactics that you know."

He Lei and Harry looked at me simultaneously. Harry nodded at me and became serious too. "Lil Bing, tell us. Share everything you know!"

"Hmmm!" Hence, I began to  impart all the knowledge regarding war strategies that I possessed. Even  if I couldn’t fight on the front lines, I had to make my contribution to the war effort somehow.

The field gradually became quiet as the white spheres began to hover in the distance. There were chains that anchored them to Silver Moon City.

Those were actually couple balloons. In those white spheres, there were couples who were spending their time privately.

"So, this is called the empty city stratagem. Depending on the situation, it can be used either for defensive or offensive purposes." I stated seriously and everyone nodded while Raffles peacefully slept by my side.

The East was growing bright. I loathed to part fromt the three men before me. They were my lover, my friend and my enemy.

I looked at the sunlight peeking out at the edges of Silver Moon City. They were going to leave soon. They were only stopping by Silver Moon City for a night, departing once they had replenished their supplies

Because Silver Moon City had recently been on a victory streak. The soldier’s morale shouldn't be ruined by a reminder of the comfortable life citizens lived and the entanglement between couples. They should continue to stay on the victory path!

"My good brothers! We must survive until the very end!" I finally raised my glass at last and they too lifted their glasses. In the dim sunlight, we finished our wine.

Xing Chuan stood up and looked at me. "I know that Raffles admires Cang Yu but you have to tell him to stay away from Cang Yu."

"Thank you," I was grateful for Xing Chuan.

He looked at me and then at Harry and He Lei. "I am going to report in. Please get ready."


Xing Chuan would be reporting to Cang Yu.

He Lei held Raffles up and smiled at Harry, "I'll save the rest of the time for you. I wonder if it is enough."

Harry draped his arm over my shoulders and smirked playfully, "How could it be enough? I'm not so easily satisfied"

"Heh." He Lei smiled and he instantly vanished before my eyes.

I immediately turned around and hit Harry. "What are you talking about?!"

Harry instantly grabbed my hand and looked deeply into my eyes while the sunlight glowed behind him."Now, no one is going to interrupt us." Then, he immediately kissed me.

"Bang!" Our balloon cabin shot out and swayed in the universe. Harry kissed me passionately. From the moment we took off from Silver Moon City, we were released from the grip of gravity and began to float in the balloon cabin.

He hovered over me and I floated under him. He cupped my face gently as he kissed me. As we kissed, our saliva turned into water droplets and left the corners of our lips.

The wide expanse of the universe was outside and the sun had yet to descend on this side of the planet.

He began to tug at my shirt and I began to unbutton it. This was the climax of our precious feelings which grew stronger each and everyday since we had met. The lack of gravity in the balloon cabin made us lose our support point and we hit a wall on the side. Only thenI realized that there were rings on the white cabin wall.

Every couple seemed elegant as even their simple movements looked like aerobics. They were welcoming the perfect happiness in the romantic starry night.


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