Book 5: Chapter 10 - The Naughty Harry

Harry chuckled, then leaned on Raffles’ shoulders to whisper into his ear again. Raffles’ face immediately blushed hard. He blinked and looked down. “Tonight, you should keep Lil Bing company. You haven’t seen Lil Bing for very long.”

I instantly blushed. What did Harry tell Raffles? Had they been discussing who was to keep me company tonight?

Harry smiled as he draped his arm around Raffles’ shoulders. “When would you dare to get close to Lil Bing without me around? Let me give you a helping hand tonight.”

“No!” Raffles’ face turned even redder. He rolled his eyes at Harry. “I don’t need your help!”

“That’s right. That hurts a man’s ego.” Suddenly, He Lei appeared before us in his handsome black coat. He was like an elf prince appearing out of the dark night, dignified, cold and lifeless.

He Lei’s sudden appearance shocked us. He was just surrounded by girls earlier. How had he come to where we were?

We glanced in the direction where He Leo had been standing earlier. As expected, the girls looked confused and they were searching for He Lei all around.

“I am still not good at this.” He Lei sat down and pointed at the girls. “Not too good at dealing with the girls, I mean. Fat-Two is better at that.”

Fat-Two was hugging one of each hand and clearly enjoying the attention.

He Lei came and the four of us sat in a circle instead. He Lei sat across from me.

“How long have you been eavesdropping?” Harry chuckled as he looked at He Lei. They had had a great relationship since the beginning.

He Lei glanced at the blushing Raffles. “Not too long. Harry, I know that you want to help Raffles but sometimes too much help could hurt Raffles’ ego. So, you’d better not get involved about the matters between him and Lil Bing.”

Harry nodded in agreement.

Raffles let out a breath of relief and looked at He Lei with grateful eyes.

“I’m glad that you don’t mind talking with us.” Raffles looked at He Lei bashfully. “There are many people who would feel awkward in Silver Moon City.”

At first, He Lei seemed rather natural. But now that Raffles had mentioned it, a flash of awkwardness crossed his face. “Hehe. I’m working hard to adapt.” He looked at the three of us stiffly. “The three of you...”

“What are you trying to do?” Harry gave He Lei a playful smirk but there was chilliness in his eyes. His expression looked like he was guarding against other people who might try to barge into our world of three.

Raffles lowered his head slightly. His eyelashes quivered as his face grew glum.

“I don’t want to grow distant from you because of this awkwardness. Because the three of you are my good friends, so I’m trying to adapt.” He Lei chuckled. He shook his head as though he was laughing at himself. “Is it more obvious that I’m awkward now?”

Stunned, Harry laughed straightforwardly. “Hahaha! Although you look straight and boring, you are quite funny.”

Raffles laughed too. “Sorry. We made you awkward.”

“No, no, no. Actually, you are very impressive. To be friends with you, it’s my pleasure.” Under the dim lighting, He Lei’s gaze flickered as he sighed, “Raffles is an amazing scientist and mechanic. There's nothing Raffles can't build. The thoughts of his two brains are much smarter than people like us." Sincere praise shone in He Lei's mature gaze.

"I, I am not as amazing as you described me to be." It was Raffles' first time receiving compliments from people outside of Noah City, so he was shy.

"And Harry..." He Lei extended his hand to pat Harry's shoulder. "Needless to say, you are definitely a strong one!"

"You are too humble yourself. You too!" Harry put his hand on He Lei's shoulder too. Their heroic empathic gazes made me jealous.

Both of them had become mature. Harry was steadier than when he’d left Silver Moon City. He had a reliable man's bearing now. Harry and He Lei were no longer young chaps but true men.

It was a transformation that belonged to a man, a formless yet refreshing transformation.

"As for Luo Bing.” He Lei looked at me, yet his gaze seemed to become lost. "His superpower is even more magical and astonishing. He is a unique and irreplaceable existence in this world." He stared at me for very long, lost in his thoughts.

Raffles and Harry seemed to notice something. Raffles glanced at Harry and Harry immediately waved a hand before He Lei's eyes that had fixated on me. He smirked maliciously at him. "Hey! Be frank with us. If Lil Bing were to be a girl, would you be attracted?"

"Harry!" I immediately reached out and pinched him at the back of his waist quietly.

Harry's smile nearly collapsed. He turned to glare at me as he gritted through his clenched teeth, "I am your husband!"

I glanced at He Lei, who had become awkward. "He Lei, ignore them. They like to make jokes like that."

He Lei relaxed and smiled. "Thank you for helping, Luo Bing.”

"Can we not make jokes like this? We finally got the chance to reunite." I looked at Harry meaningfully.

Harry smirked playfully.

His hand that he’d propped on the ground behind me slowly crept up my back, sneaking under my shirt. His unusually hot hands stroked the skin on the back of my waist, making my heart race. I stared at Harry, yet he continued to look at He Lei as though nothing had happened. "We are getting closer to the capital city of the Ghost Eclipsers. I heard that the metahumans there are very powerful and their levels are higher."

Harry and He Lei were talking about war.

The four of us sat together in a circle, our knees touching one another's.

Hearing Harry and He Lei talk about war, Raffles became energetic and excited. "How were the metahumans you came across in the war? Are there any special ones?!" 

He Lei and Harry took a trip down their memory lanes.

Suddenly, I felt the hand on my back begin to sneak higher. I immediately stared at Harry while Harry looked like he was still recalling. "Oh, there's one who is really good at shitting!"

"What?!" He Lei and Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

Harry looked disgusted. "You don't know. They used shit as their defense line and you couldn't go close at all because the ammonia in his shit is especially intense. So, it was practically a poison attack.”


"This superpower is not too shabby!" Raffles' eyes were shimmering. I looked at Raffles, who looked down and supported his chin with his right hand. "At the end of the world, we need this superpower because it can fertilize the soil, allowing the soil to recover on its own and restore the ecological environment."

"Raffles, you are so brave!" He Lei patted Raffles' shoulder but Raffles looked confused, "Why? I really think that it is a great superpower. Where is this person? Did you keep him alive?" Raffles asked Harry anxiously as though he was worried that the person had been killed by Harry.

I looked at Harry too. Suddenly, the finger on my back glided past my spine, tickling downwards like a caterpillar wriggling down my spine. My body tensed and I immediately pressed Harry's disobedient hand as I glared at Harry.


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