Book 5: Chapter 9 - Love Triangle

As expected, the glum look on his face was replaced by tenderness.

I knew that I couldn’t fight force with force when it came to Xing Chuan. The tougher I fought, the most it stimulated his desire to conquer.

I spotted Captain Chaksu and He Lei. He Lei had become more mature. He seemed to have cut his long hair too. His short hair made him look spirited and dignified!

He nodded at me with a smile.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!

“Harry! Harry!”

“He Lei! He Lei!”

The girls’ cheers resounded. He Lei had a big bunch of female fans in Silver Moon City too.

Gale, Sharjah and the other guys walked out too. The entire Silver Moon City was bustling because of the heroes’ return!

The ground under my feet began to rise up towards Xing Chuan, He Lei and Harry. The three routes met in the middle and the heroes walked onto the elevated platforms as they accepted the girls’ cheering.

Captain Chaksu was dumbfounded at the sight.

From He Lei’s battleship, Fat-Two walked out after him. When Fat-Two saw the girls, he stood there blankly. Matsuno and Sophia walked past him. Matsuno still retained his bored stiff look whereas Sophia smirked playfully. She suddenly pushed Fat-Two and he fell off the elevated walkway.

The girls immediately caught him and pulled his clothes playfully.

Hahahaha…” Sophia burst out in laughter and said, “Welcome to Silver Moon City!”

“Welcome to Silver Moon City!!” The girls surrounded Fat-Two, who looked as happy as if he’d landed in heaven.

Xing Chuan, Harry and He Lei walked before me.

When Xing Chuan stepped towards me, Harry took a stride before him and pounced at me. He hugged me tightly. “Lil Bing, Raffles!” Then, he pulled Raffles into his embrace too. The three of us hugged together just like before.

Xing Chuan stared at us with a glum look.

He Lei looked away and released an awkward chuckle.

A grand banquet was held on the field. High platforms hovered above the field, turning into private cabins. The entire field looked different because of the banquet. 

Harry, Raffles and I sat at one end of Silver Moon City. We could see the entire field from the opposite side. Due to the unique gravity system, everyone looked like they were standing on the wall. It was an interesting sight.

I sat in between Harry and Raffles. We sat together for very long but didn’t speak a word. Instead, we looked in front of us quietly as we enjoyed the melodious music from the opposite end.

The girls put on their most beautiful dresses that night. They looked like blooming flowers in the field.

I saw Captain Chaksu and Fat-Two being surrounded by girls. He Lei also seemed nervous and awkward among the girls.

Xing Chuan was drinking with his knight group by the side. They looked like they were discussing the next steps in the war.

Those who followed the workaholic Xing Chuan were pitiful. Gale and Yama would glance towards the dancing hall occasionally.

“Xing Chuan is capable after all.” Harry suddenly spoke, breaking the long silence between the three of us. Raffles glanced at him. “Yeah. I can tell that His Highness Xing Chuan is someone impressive.”

“His troop on that war route advanced the fastest. He knows the Ghost Eclipsers well.”

“His Highness Xing Chuan has even completed his tertiary evolution. His superpower should be above any ordinary metahuman.” 

I glanced at the two of them. I’d never thought that the first topic they talked about after one year of not meeting would actually be another man, Xing Chuan.

The two of them used to have endless topics because Raffles was very long-winded and so was Harry. Raffles knew a lot and no matter what Harry was talking about, Raffles would be able to converse about it and bring up a lot of scientific explanations.

Yet when they reunited today, they hadn’t spoken a word before they’d abruptly started talking about Xing Chuan. No, to be precise, the three of us hadn’t said a word to each other earlier.

“Cough,” Harry coughed lightly. Then, the conversation between Raffles and him died again.

Raffles became quiet. Hugging his knees, he looked blankly at the field opposite. On the other hand, Harry supported himself with both hands behind his back while he looked at the sky above.

An intense awkwardness suffused the air around us.

“It’s my lab time. I want to go and take a look.” Raffles got up and wanted to leave. I extended my hand to grab his. Stunned, he looked at me.

I felt awkward too. I fixed my eyes straight ahead of me. “I know that we are in an awkward position. But no matter how awkward it is, the three of us have to stay together.” As long as one of us left right now, our relationship would never recover.

“Raffles, you made no progress while I wasn’t around?” Harry finally joked.

“Lil Bing misses you!” Raffles sat down grumpily. I turned to glare at Harry angrily. Harry turned past me and moved next to Raffles. Then, it became Harry sitting in between me and Raffles.

“Lil Bing misses whoever is not here.” Harry held Raffles’ shoulders. “She always looks at her ring. Did you know that?”

Raffles turned and smiled. Seeing me, he immediately blushed. He lowered his head and smiled to himself.

Harry was better at comforting Raffles.

Harry lay next to Raffles and muttered something. Then, Raffles’ face suddenly turned red and he shoved him hard. “I am not a pervert like you!”

What are they talking about?

I was curious.

Just like how I hadn’t known Pink Baby had told Harry back then but Harry’s face had turned red.

“Bunny, why did your IQ drop when you came to Silver Moon City?” Harry raised his eyebrows and looked at Raffles. “You were the best at comforting Lil Bing in the past.”

“He has been busy conducting experiments.” I finally found a chance to join the conversation. The awkwardness between the three of us had melted completely.

Startled, Raffles glanced at me. I lowered my head in disappointment. “Ever since Raffles came to Silver Moon City, he has been busy with his experiments. He might not have noticed it himself. There was once that he stayed in the lab for seven days straight. He didn’t even come back to sleep at night.”

“Did I?” Raffles was stunned.

“Bunny! I told you to come here to keep Lil Bing company!” Harry began to question Raffles, putting him in a headlock. “How dare you give her the cold shoulder!?”

“I, I didn’t know.” Raffles looked puzzled.

I sighed. “Because you focused too much on your experiments. Experiments make you so happy that you couldn’t feel the time.”

“Is there anything happier than being together with Lil Bing?!” Harry narrowed his amber eyes. He seized Raffles’ neck. “You shouldn’t have! Shouldn’t have!”

Raffles looked dumbfounded when Harry seized his neck and shook him. Finally coming to a realization, he became apologetic and guilty. “I’m sorry, Lil Bing. It turns out that it was me who gave you the cold shoulder first…”

I smiled faintly. “No. Raffles looks the handsomest when he works! I went to visit you outside the lab everyday.”

“Really?!” Raffles’ grayish-blue eyes quivered, staring at me in excitement.


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