Book 5: Chapter 8 - A Short Reunion

Raffles blinked his grayish-blue eyes, then chuckled happily. “Mm!” His cheeks turned pink and he continued to draw his draft in excitement.

I sat in front of the drawing board and drew him.

I drew his tender grayish-blue eyes. I drew his slightly pursed thin lips. I drew his face that was at once feminine yet masculine. I drew his attentive expression when he worked.

I drew his long grayish-blue hair. I drew his eyelashes that fluttered as he calculated his formulas. I drew his glistening lips. I drew his fair skin under his collar.

My Raffles was so beautiful.

Snowball jumped out. Thus there was an extra furry white bunny next to Raffles.

Everything seemed to return to the day I’d nearly collapsed. Raffles had become the first person that had talked to me. His long hair had hung by his ears, making him look just like a grayish-blue bunny.

He’d looked innocent. No one would have heavily guarded against him because he’d been so shy and timid. He’d looked like a frightened bunny himself.

He hadn’t even dared to talk to me, only scribbled on his notebook.

Now, I realized that Raffles had become more mature. Not in terms of his thinking but his appearance. Because we were family, I hadn’t noticed. Only now when I was painting him, did I realize that he looked entirely different from when I had bid farewell to him at Noah City.

His outline was more masculine, his femininity now nowhere to be seen. His figure had grown, becoming more mature. His eyes had lengthened, which made him look even more good looking. His lips had become plump, creating a unique temptation when he pursed his lips during his calculations.

I observed him in silence. I studied the perfect, quiet Raffles. Unknowingly, I fell asleep to that  familiar mumbling.

As the glaring sunlight woke me up. I felt someone kissing my hand gently. I opened my eyes and Raffles’ face came into the sunlight. He kissed my lips once again.

Gripping my chin, he pressed my shoulders as he kissed my lips hard. His grayish-blue hand hung by the side of my face, brushing against my neck. It felt ticklish against my skin. A lock of hair slipped under the collar of my pajamas, tickling my body. That ticklishness instantly made my body heat up.

He pressed on my lips heavily. I couldn’t help but be suspicious of his vigorous kiss. I began to push against his chest, but he sat on my legs and cupped my face to kiss me even more passionately.

MmMm!” I pushed him but his hand moved down along my neck. He suddenly extended his hand under my collar and my body tensed.

“I’ll take care of this,” he left my lips slightly and said in a raspy voice.

“Raffles! Mm!” He locked my lips again as his other hand unbuttoned me quickly.

“Raffles.” I pushed him away harshly and his body resisted. “No, Raffles. I, I am not ready yet.”

He panted heavily and rested his forehead against me. “Are you not willing to do it with me once before Harry returns?”

I pressed his shoulders tightly. “You are not Raffles."

His breathing suddenly paused. The next moment, he began to button my shirt up again. “Sor-, sorry, Lil Bing.”

“Raffles!” I couldn’t help but hug him. “Raffles, what’s wrong with you? Was that you? Tell me, was that you?!”

Raffles didn’t reply, only removed my hand that was hugging him. He moved away from my legs and half knelt before me as he buttoned my shirt. “I frightened you.” He smiled faintly, his voice still as raspy as before but he didn’t look at me. “Maybe, I held myself back for too long.”

I stared at him blankly. I seemed to have forgotten that Raffles was a normal man, just like Harry. He was no longer the Raffles whom people always viewed as a girl.

“Lil Bing, do you know how long we have not seen each other?” He hung his head low and half squatted in the sunlight. “You have been missing Harry, like how I missed you every night in Noah City. Harry went for war and only left you for two months but you left me for almost a year.”

I looked at Raffles blankly, feeling sorry.

Silver Moon City had strict military discipline so I hadn’t been able to contact Raffles. Although we had the ring, I’d neglected his feelings towards me. 

“Raffles, I missed you.” I hugged him. “But I am just not ready now.”

He hugged me back. “Lil Bing, I have two brains, heh... so I can feel it, thank you for not pushing me away just now. I am content just with that. If you are not willing to, you can totally push me away. I can’t win against you in a fight anyway.”


“But you didn’t push me away. You… will you stop me?” Raffles became nervous.


“No, no, no. It was my fault earlier. I saw that you were asleep so I…”

“Raffles, I was frightened by the you earlier because you didn’t feel like you.” Lying on his shoulder, I could feel his body heat that had yet to subside.

“I was frightened by myself too,” he said. “I think it’s best if you sleep in His Highness Xing Chuan’s room in the future.”

Raffles kicked me out of my room.

*Buzz.* Suddenly, the sound of engines whirling came from outside. I leapt up and ran to the balcony. Huge battleships were approaching Silver Moon City. I became excited. “Raffles! Raffles!”

Raffles ran to my side and I held his arm. I pointed at the battleship. “Look! It’s Harry!” I looked at him in excitement.

He watched the battleships calmly and smiled. “Harry’s back.” He stared at the battleships for very long, his gaze quivering.

Three huge battleships were hovering in the sky above the field. The girls and all of the people of Silver Moon City were already waiting on the field. Looking at those middle-aged people, I believed that there were some people in Silver Moon City who had been born normally. 

The doors of the battleships opened. Xing Chuan, Harry, He Lei and Captain Chaksu appeared at the same time. The crowd burst out with applause and cheering!

Harry saw Raffles and me immediately and waved at us. He looked manlier after the war. He had begun to bear some of the wildness that Uncle Mason had!

Especially around his slightly spread collar, it revealed his sexy and muscular chest.

Then, I felt a glum gaze. Without looking, I already knew who it belonged to. I’d learned to conquer steel with softness from Raffles. Hence, I looked at Xing Chuan and waved at him with a smile.


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