Book 5: Chapter 6 - Raffles Is Changing

Raffles admired and looked highly upon Cang Yu.

Stunned, Raffles immediately looked at me. “I’m sorry, Lil Bing. That’s not what I mean. As long as it is alive, it has the right to live in this world.” He held my hand tightly. He seemed to be afraid that I would get angry at him again.

I smiled and shook my head. I glanced at Xing Chuan’s room. “Snowball.”

A huge white figure slowly jumped in from Xing Chuan’s room. It was already the size of a cat now.

Seeing Snowball, Raffles’ gaze turned gentle.

“I understand how Snowball came about now.” I picked up the fluffy Snowball. “Because it was also created like that.”

I’d found it strange back then. How could Snowball suddenly appear in this Silver Moon City that never had any animals?

Now I understood. It only took a month to create a human, let alone a bunny.

“When life comes about so casually, what kind of feelings would we have towards lives?” I said gently with Snowball in my arms. “It’s because life comes about with difficulty, that we love and care for living things. If life comes about so easily, we wouldn’t be sad when it passes too.”

I stood up again.

Suddenly, Raffles hugged me tightly.

“Lil Bing, can I sleep next to you tonight?” He leaned on my back gently as he spoke, as though he was afraid that I would disappear.

I blushed and recalled the night before I’d left Noah City.

Mm.” I nodded. I couldn’t reject Raffles’s request.

We lay down on the bed. He lay next to me happily and kept looking at me.

I turned to face him too. “Raffles, are you willing to return to Noah City after this war?”

Raffles’ expression froze for a moment, and a light flashed in his eyes. He looked down, his long eyelashes shielding his gaze. “Wherever you are… that’s where I will be?”

Raffles definitely didn’t want to return to Noah City.

It was just like a person who had left his village to finally arrive at the top science school. Who would be willing to return to the village?

Silver Moon City was an irresistible temptation to Raffles. It was like a drug that Raffles was addicted to and loathed to part with.

I turned my back to Raffles. “I hope the war ends soon.”

He gently hugged my body and leaned against my back. “Mm.”

Scribble.” I heard scribbling noises again.

I opened my eyes and saw Raffles paced back and forth in the room while he wrote. He was mumbling to himself softly.

“No, no. Using medication to stimulate superpower evolution won’t work. It must be a personal breakthrough,” he mumbled as he wrote. He looked at his notebook. “Yes, everything you said is feasible but the usage of medication is too dangerous.”

I closed my eyes wearily. Who is Raffles talking to?

When I woke up the next morning, Raffles was sitting on the day bed while folding the clean laundry. He looked equally focused and serious when doing house chores as when he was doing an experiment.

I remembered how he’d used to look feminine back then, with his long hair hanging low while he was doing house chores, like a gentle elder sister.

“Raffles, who were you talking to last night?” I asked curiously because I’d heard him saying, ‘Everything you said is feasible.’

Raffles’ hand trembled and he blinked. “Nobody.” He smiled and looked at me. “Did I wake you up last night?”

I shook my head, confused. Did I hear wrongly?

I looked at Kansa Star outside the window. “When do you think Harry will return?”

His hand that was folding the clean laundry paused. “Very soon, I guess. They have been fighting the war for very long. Maybe he will be back on the next spaceship.”

Mm!” The moment I thought about Harry’s return, I immediately became happy.

Raffles slowly put down the clothes in his hand and stood up. He walked before me with his head hung low.

“Lil Bing,” he called me softly.

I looked up at him, “What’s the matter? Raff…”

Suddenly, he leaned down towards me, cutting off the sunlight between us. He kissed me on my lips.

I looked at him in surprise. Just as I raised my hand to shove him off, he suddenly locked my hands and pushed me down.

*Bang!* He pushed me down onto the bed. “Mm!” My lips parted due to the shock and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was so shocked that I didn’t move an inch. Raffles kissed me so forcefully. 

Mm!” I began to struggle.

However, he only gripped my hand even tighter. He pressed me down on the bed with his full strength. Kissing me deeply, his tongue swept inside my mouth.

His breathing became heavier, his chest heaving up and down against my body. His legs began to squeeze in between my legs. I was frightened by Raffles being like this.

Mm!” I lifted my leg and locked him in place. Then, I twisted my waist and instantly flipped him under me instead. As a result, I pressed his hands that were locked around mine onto the bed too.

“Raffles!” My lips were burning numb as though chili powder had been rubbed all over it. I really couldn’t believe that Raffles would treat me like that.

His eyelashes quivered and he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were trembling with burning desire before me.

He blinked, his grayish-blue eyes dilated. At once his eyes flickered, like the usual Raffles with low self-esteem. He avoided my surprised gaze. “Sor-, sorry. I, I…” His face instantly turned red like brilliant roses blooming under his skin, tinting his body with crimson.

He didn’t dare to look at me, and yet just now he!

Raffles loved me. His actions just now… seemed normal.

Just like the day when I’d left Noah City, he’d kissed me in front of everyone. But it hadn’t been as vigorous and forceful as just now.

In a split second, I found the Raffles who’d kept me company day and night suddenly unfamiliar. It was as though the Raffles earlier wasn’t actually Raffles. 

I felt that something wasn’t right. It didn’t feel like that was something Raffles would have done. If he had found it difficult to hold himself back, he could have shown it the night before.

But he hadn’t. He had never gotten close to me.

Since he‘d found out that I’d gotten together with Harry, I could feel that he’d kept his distance with me. Besides his request to sleep next to me the night before, he’d never shown any more intimate behaviors beyond holding my hand.

He’d said that he was happy that Harry and I had gotten together and that our relationship wouldn’t change. However, what had happened between me and Harry had caused a great commotion in the depths of his heart. He’d become the sensitive and fearful Raffles with low self-esteem.


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