Book 5: Chapter 5 - Raffles’s Dream

“In this world, who could preserve such values? Maybe, there is a place we have yet to find that has survived through the end of the world by sheer luck, and that place is where you came from.” He fixed his gaze very far away, as if he was looking at Kansas Star and searching for a place that had been forgotten by time, a place where time had stopped ticking and had survived the end of the world.

“Where is that place?” I was trying my luck.

He retracted his gaze but didn’t reply. He only put my painting back onto my easel, and wore his faint, gentle smile again.

He walked towards me and entered Xing Chuan’s room. Standing before me in the orange evening light, he smiled at me. “Raffles told me. You are against the experiment that he was conducting. It made him feel really bad."

I knew that Raffles wasn’t conducting those experiments anymore but I’d never thought that he could have been in so much pain. Raffles was really close to Cang Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told Cang Yu his concerns.

“Raffles’ dream is to become a great scientist in multiple fields. He has a favorable innate condition. He can think about two matters, conduct two experiments and complete two projects at the same time. He could accomplish outstanding results in multiple fields. Now, he has given it up for you. He really loves you.” Cang Yu’s voice carried his appreciation of a scientist, as well as a trace of pity.

Cang Yu lifted his hand and placed it on my shoulder. “The ultimate end of any field is to look for the origins. The origin of the universe, the origin of humans, the origin of life. Raffles did well. If you want to blame someone, you can blame me because I was the one who made him conduct those experiments.”

Lowering my face, I became quiet.

Cang Yu touched my head gently. I stepped back slightly and he took his hand back. “War needs a break to catch its breath too. I’ll let Harry return to keep you company next month.”

Stunned, I looked at him. What did he say? He was going to let Harry come back?!

“Thank you, Your Highness!” At once I became happy. I couldn’t suppress my happiness. It instantly flushed away my depression.

Cang Yu smiled and looked at me. His hand that was on my head slowly moved down to my face. I was dumbfounded. Just as I wanted to move backward, he’d already retracted his hand and turned to leave. His elegant back gradually disappeared under the beautiful sunset, like a dreamy prince.

Raffles walked out from the side of the door. He seemed anxious and nervous. He still didn’t have the courage to look at me. “I didn’t tell His Highness Cang Yu on purpose. He asked me why I haven’t been conducting experiments.”

“Raffles, stop.” I walked forward and held his hand, but he kept his gaze averted. He’d lost the confidence and excitement he’d had when he first came to Silver Moon City. It was me who dampened his confidence, leading him to become lost. “Raffles, I don’t hate you. I just couldn’t accept it all of a sudden. I kept thinking whether you would also use my genes to constantly combine with another man’s genes one day.”

“I won’t! I absolutely won’t use Lil Bing for experiments. I can’t accept your genes combining with other men’s genes!” He became emotional and held my hand tightly. “Lil Bing, I’ve already stopped conducting those experiments.”

“I know, but you can conduct other kinds of experiments… Like maybe upgrading my equipment?” I gave Raffles a suggestion because he still needed to conduct experiments. Just like what Cang Yu had said earlier, it was Raffles’ dream and ambition to become a scientist. Now that he’d come to Silver Moon City and gained access to better equipment, it would be a waste if he gave up.

Raffles revealed a smile. “Yes, I can upgrade the military equipment.”

“Or maybe, you can strengthen the plants’ genetics so that they could grow in a radiation zone.” There were so many things that could be done in this world, besides just creating more powerful warriors. Once we won against the Ghost Eclipsers, the people in Silver Moon City would have to return to living on the ground. “Raffles, there are many meaningful things for you to do. Such as improving the living conditions in Kansa Star to allow humans to survive. These are things that need to be done in the future."

“I understand.” He held my hand tightly. His insecurity had disappeared as he smiled at me. “There are indeed many other things that I can do. Oh yeah!” His eyes shimmered as though he’d found his goal. “I can research interplanetary traversal!”

Seeing Raffles regained his spirit again made me happy too. I held his hands and said, “His Highness Cang Yu said that he’s going to arrange a few things. So, Harry will be coming back to see us!” I got excited. I couldn’t wait to see Harry. “We haven’t gotten together for so long. We must catch up together this time!”

I looked at Raffles excitedly while Raffles smiled back at me. “Yeah, it’s been a while since the three of us have gotten together.” He smiled, his eyes shining with his old innocence and simplicity.

Night descended. I lay on the bed as I watched Raffles talk to himself while scribbling in his notebook.

“Blue crystal energy is too dangerous. It isn’t stable enough and can easily explode. The energy activity would be vigorous during space leap. It might lead to an explosion,” he said as he jotted down in his notebook.

I sat up and looked at him. “Raffles.”

He didn’t hear me, only continuing to talk to himself as he wrote.

That was strange. Usually when both Raffles’ brains were working, one of the brains would be dealing with the outside world, so he would still know when something happened around him. For instance, when someone called him, he would usually respond.

He seemed to be fully focused today.

“Raffles,” I called again. Recovering his senses, he looked at me. “Lil Bing, what’s the matter?”

I looked at him and said, “Don’t be in touch with Cang Yu so often.”

He was confused. “Why?”

I walked to his bed and sat next to him. “Cang Yu is dangerous. That’s my gut feeling. He seems to be related to the missing girls too.”

“Missing girls?” Raffles became anxious and looked at me.

I held his arm gently and soothed him. “Don’t worry. He doesn’t know that I am a girl.” I watched Raffles’ expression relax, then glanced at the grayish-blue braid that hung by the side of his ears. “Raffles, I know that you admire Cang Yu. I admired him too. But ever since I came to Silver Moon City, the more I interacted with Cang Yu, the more I feel that he is dangerous. He even assigned you to conduct those experiments. I feel that he is a cruel person.”

“His Highness Cang Yu only wanted to win the war,” Raffles said.

I studied his calm face. Not noticing that I was watching him, he continued to explain seriously, “In terms of method, it is the most efficient way. Only the strong can survive in this world.”

“So, the weak deserve to be eliminated?” Raffles had subconsciously defended Cang Yu. Cang Yu’s position in his heart was similar to Xing Chuan’s position in Gale and the other guys’ hearts.


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