Book 5: Chapter 2 - Raffles’ Experiment

Raffles was the happiest to be able to come to Silver Moon City.

“Do you want to take a look at what he is doing?” Cang Yu’s voice suddenly came from behind me.

I immediately stepped aside. Cang Yu was also in his lab coat, which gave him the charm of a scientist.

He smiled at me with a gentle gaze, calm as usual. His long braid hung before his chest.

Recently, Raffles had started combing his hair like Cang Yu. He’d braided his long grayish-blue hair and draped it on his chest too. It was obvious that Raffles admired Cang Yu very much.

Ever since he’d come to Silver Moon City, he had been following Cang Yu. Sometimes, he would talk about Cang Yu when he came back too. He had completely turned into Cang Yu’s admirer.

Cang Yu’s knowledge, Cang Yu’s scientific research and Cang Yu’s wisdom had charmed Raffles. Cang Yu had even surpassed Raffles’s original idol, the mad scientist Professor Hagrid Jones.

“Raffles works very hard. We have the top scientists here, so we hadn’t noticed Raffles before.” Smiling, Cang Yu continued, “Although he has the superpower of working two brains simultaneously, we have countless scientists here. But guess what we found out recently?”

“What?” I asked in reply.

Cang Yu gently gazed at the serious Raffles in the lab. “We realized that the people around him could increase their brain activity by one percent when he is using his superpower."

I was astonished.

Cang Yu smiled and looked at me. “Hence, Raffles’ superpower might possibly go through an evolution. This might be his secondary evolution, to increase the brain activity of the people around him. Even though it is only by one percent, a human brain’s one percent is amazing. He might be able to boost other metahumans’ development and evolution.”

“Does Raffles know this?” I immediately asked. He would definitely be excited if he knew.

Cang Yu smiled and shook his head. He appeared elegant and calm. “We are still observing because the phenomena doesn’t happen all the time.” He glanced at Raffles again. “We can’t rush the process of superpower evolution. On top of that, Raffles’s brain is unusually active. If he were to find out about this, he would focus too much on developing his superpower and his brain would…” Cang Yu tapped on his brain. “The human brain is an amazing existence. Raffles can maintain the same character even when he is using two brains. Scientifically, this is already a miracle. Theoretically, he should have developed two characters by now. Hence, his current balance shouldn’t be disrupted. Otherwise, he might easily split into multiple characters.” Cang Yu turned solemn by the end of his explanation.

I immediately looked at Raffles, who was doing an experiment seriously. He had always been using two brains simultaneously, but we had never thought that it might cause him to split into multiple characters.

“Go in and take a look.” Cang Yu smiled at me, and extended his hand towards me.

I stepped back.

Seeming to notice something, he smiled elegantly. “Did Xing Chuan tell you anything?”

I didn’t reply.

Cang Yu was like an ingenious military adviser. He smiled casually. “He definitely told you to stay away from me. Am I right?”

I blinked and changed the topic. “I am going in to see Raffles.” I quickly went into the cleanroom, which was an isolation area before entering the lab.

Mist disinfected me all over. Then, I entered Raffles’ lab. I was curious as to what he had been up to lately too.

Silver Moon City had given him a huge space, so as to give full rein to his talent. He hardly went back to the room at night, instead spending all day and all night in the lab. I had no idea what he was up to.

Slowly I moved closer to him. Before him was a glass container filled with starchy, transparent liquid. Within the glass container were two small robotic arms, one on each side.

“Raffles,” I called him softly.

Startled back to reality from his experiment, he looked at me happily. “You came, Lil Bing!”

“What are you doing?” I peered curiously at the microscope in front of him.

He smiled mysteriously. Extending his hand, he pressed a button on the white console in front of him. Part of the console opened up, revealing a test tube filled with a milky white, starch liquid.

Next, he picked up the test tube. Now I realized that it wasn’t a test tube but instead seemed more like a syringe. Carefully, he came before the glass container that was filled with liquid. The glass container was like an experiment container. It had many buttons on it as well as a data display. 

He pressed a button on the glass container, and a small box extended from one of its sides. He carefully injected the liquid into the small box, extreme caution in every movement he made.

The small box closed. I saw the weird milky white liquid flow through the thin tube, into the robotic arm that was in the liquid.

Raffles glanced at me and smiled. His grayish-blue eyes were shimmering with excitement. “You are going to witness the birth of a life form.”

I looked at him confusedly.

With a smile, he began to work on the glass container. Lights shot out and formed a holographic image in front of me, which was obviously a magnified image. It showed a huge, round cell!

This cell looked very familiar.

Then, I saw the robot arm begin to move closer to it.

Simultaneously, I saw Raffles carefully operating the robot arms in the air. Lines of lights that looked like static connected to his hands. It was a neural connection.

There were two thorns on the tips of the robot arm that weren’t visible to the naked eye. The thorns moved closer to the huge cell, slower piercing a small opening in it. Then, I clearly saw an even smaller cell with a tail enter the huge round cell!


An explosion went off in my head. Could what I saw be…?! 

“Isn’t it magical?” Raffles stopped and gave me an excited smile. “A life is born just like that! Just a collision of two cells!”

I stared at Raffles blankly. “So, you mean this is in-vitro…”

“Fertilization, yes. I am creating life every day. Isn’t this magical?” He looked at the holographic image happily, as though he was admiring an exquisite art piece!

So, that murky white liquid is…

“Look at it again.” Raffles began to work on the glass container again. “The technology in Silver Moon City is very advanced. This liquid can catalyze the process of fertilization and accelerate the process of forming an embryo.”

As he spoke, the cell in the holographic image quickly combined. In the blink of an eye, it had already merged and become an embryo. However, it was only a group of cells. There weren’t any visible organs and the brain had yet to form.

“Then, we can immediately retrieve its genes.” Raffles started to operate the device again. Using the other robot arm, he collected the embryo’s genes. Then, the arm placed the genes on another piece of equipment.

“We can immediately determine the superpower that this embryo carries,” Raffles explained as he worked. A row of data immediately spun out like a DNA chain. He came to a conclusion very soon.


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