Book 1: Chapter 41 - Second Sis Needed To Pee

“You… What are you talking about?” Harry moved closer curiously and Sis Lim slapped his head, “Move aside! Men should not be involved!”

Sis Meizi immediately used her hand to block Harry off. He extended his neck and watched curiously. No one else was around as everyone had finished taking their bread and water.

Sis Lim took out a paper box from below the window and put it into my metal box. When Harry saw the paper box, he blushed and turned around to look up as though he was counting stars.

I looked at the box that Sis Lim had passed to me. The packaging was exquisite. Everything here was made crudely, except this box; it was well-made. The packaging wasn’t damaged and it had beautiful prints that were attractive for girls. It was obviously a box of quality sanitary pads.

That’s strange. How can this thing be so well made, that too in a world lacking in resources?

“There are not many girls here and there are many such sanitary pads at the historical sites… ” Sis Lim explained. Hence, it wasn’t made here, but left behind from the past. Because the population of women had diminished significantly, so had the demand for sanitary pads, making the sanitary pads found at the historical sites enough. Then, would there be more female necessities in this world?

Sis Lim smiled and looked at me, “If you don’t have enough, you can come and take more. This is a special benefit for women here!” Sis Lim patted my hand and covered the sanitary pad with a towel for me. She was caring and loving.

With that taken care of, I was finally at ease. It was then that I felt that it was troublesome being a girl. If the end of the world didn’t have these things, how could girls live?

Why is this thing found at a historical site? The historical site was referred to as buildings that were left behind from ancient times. This is the end of the world… Does it mean that they are referring to the original city!?


“Luo Bing! Luo Bing! Can you hear me!?” Suddenly, Raffles’ hasty voice resounded in the square. It was coming from the speakers, “Please return to my maintenance warehouse when you get this message. Something’s not quite right with Second Sis. Hurry, hurry up and return!” Raffles’ voice was shivering at the other end of the mic. He sounded scared.

“Oh no! Second Sis wouldn’t be thinking of eating Raffles, right?” Harry became anxious, “She has not had breakfast yet!”

Since the time I had saved Second Sis, Harry and Raffles had kept reminding me of the extremely strong offensive instincts of a flying corpse. It was needless to say as I had witnessed a flying corpse’s power with my own eyes. Her claw had punctured a hole in the escape pod, and plainly showed that she was highly offensive.

I shouldn’t leave Second Sis with Raffles alone. It is my careless mistake. I am too stubborn. Second Sis trusts in me, but it doesn’t mean she would be friendly with everyone. I should have listened to their suggestions. I was too confused back then.

I picked up my box and immediately ran back.

“Waifu! Wrong way! Here!” Harry pulled me by my arm and we started running together.

“Second Sis wouldn’t hurt Raffles, right?” I asked as I ran. I was worried, and felt sorry at the same time.

Harry ran as he replied, “Waifu, in this world there are limited things to eat, even for humans. Tell me, what can a flying corpse eat!?”

My heart skipped a beat. No, no way! Second Sis definitely wouldn’t eat Raffles!

I got more worried the more I thought, and my pace became even faster. Our hasty footsteps reverberated in the tunnel, just like our ferocious heartbeats against our chests.

I finally saw the door to enter Raffles’ cabin, and I immediately slapped the button!

Woosh! The door opened. I didn’t see Raffles at first glance. I could only see Second Sis. She sat restlessly on the pile of wire rods, scratching herself impatiently. When she saw me, she immediately stood up and ran towards me. Her arms were long and they touched the ground as she ran, making her look like a running ape.

Harry and I were panting from the run.

“What, what is wrong with her?” Then, we saw Raffles as he popped out his head timidly from the escape pod. He looked pale as he answered, “She was scratching the ground earlier and it scared me!”

“Raffles, are you okay?” Harry hurried inside and pulled Raffles out from the escape pod. Raffles hid behind Harry and peeped at Second Sis.

Second Sis ran in front of me and stood there restlessly. She looked anxious and impatient as she paced back and forth. I suddenly understood because a similar situation had happened the day before. It was because… Second Sis wanted to use the restroom!

“I’m taking her out for a bit. She needs some fresh air,” I put the metal box on the ground and pulled Second Sis by her arm. Then, we rushed outside. Raffles and Harry finally let out a sigh of relief. They stood at the door as they watched us leave. Harry would stay away from me whenever I was with Second Sis.

Second Sis didn’t use the toilet much, but if she did, she would take a long time. And she didn’t like Noah City’s toilets because when I had brought her to one of the toilets the night before, it had frightened her.

Noah City’s toilets were flushed using water, and they employed the vacuum cleaning method similar to the toilets on the train or the airplane, where the toilet made a loud noise when flushed. It seemed that the flying corpse was sensitive to loud noises, frightening Second Sis with the flushing sound. It had taken me a long time to comfort her before she had calmed down.

I brought her out of the city through the tunnel. I was already familiar with this route.

When I walked out, I looked up towards the sky subconsciously. As expected, I couldn’t see the moon, as it had left. Arsenal had mentioned earlier that we would only see it again in September next year.

That’s great!

Second Sis ran to the side of the gate the moment we were out. I was contemplating if I should forget about the concepts of civilization from my original world, as I also wanted to relieve myself urgently.

However, Second Sis seemed to notice something. She extended her neck to look towards the East. I didn’t exactly know what she had seen, but she turned around and started walking in the opposite direction towards the West.

I followed behind her. Her wings had yet to recover but she could move them slightly. Raffles had mentioned that the flying corpses recovered a hundred times faster than a common person.

We kept walking until we reached a flat ground, and the earth mounds made up of gun muzzles were nowhere to be seen. However, Second Sis didn’t stop and continued walking. This confused me as I thought She can really hold it in because we have already walked for a few hundred meters.

I was getting worried as she was not showing any signs of stopping, and I wasn’t able to see the entrance to Noah City anymore. I started wondering, Is Second Sis leaving? Otherwise, why is she not stopping?

However, it is only normal if she wants to go home. But I can’t follow her because Noah City is my home now.

Plus, I haven’t had my breakfast yet. I’m hungry.

Just as I was wondering if she was trying to go home, she stopped. And I could see bumpy earth mounds in front of us. The ground here was very uneven and hollow, and it wasn’t as flat and neat as Noah City as if it was dug by someone or something.

I could see that the soil was gradually turning maroon as my gaze moved in the distance, towards the horizon. This only meant that the soil was polluted!

Second Sis extended her neck to look to the East, once again. I was still confused, “What are you looking at?”

She lowered her head and looked at me for a while. Then, she drew something on the ground with her sharp claws. After she had finished drawing, she went behind an earth mound, which hid her body from my view, except her bandaged wing.

I squatted down to look at what she had drawn—it was an eye!

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