Book 5: Chapter 1 - The Harsh War

Since the beginning of the war, the people in Silver Moon City hadn’t been able to receive any information related to the frontline, aside from the wounded who were sent back from the frontline.

The classrooms were half-empty and the girls would gather at the field during recess. They hoped that their sweethearts would not be among the wounded sent back, yet at the same time they also yearned for reunite with them even if it is just for a short while.

I felt heartbroken whenever I saw such a sight.

However, I was one of those authorised to receive information about the latest situation at war.

Silver Moon City had launched a three-pronged attack against the Ghost Eclipsers.

He Lei and Captain Chaksu led one of the attacking forces. They targeted the cities that the Ghost Eclipsers had conquered, from the north to the south. Matsuno and Sophia had been assigned to this troop.

Another troop was led by Harry. He set off in Croton’s space shuttle and started from Heartless Valley, working his way from the West to the East. Gale and Yama followed Harry for him to deploy as he wished, which made me feel less worried.

The last was led by Xing Chuan in the battleship that he’d left in. Along with Moon Dream and Sharjah, they’d brought their men and attacked from the south to the north.

The three troops would meet at a relatively important central city of the Ghost Eclipsers, Non-Returnable City. Once the three troops converged, they would launch their final attack at the city. Conquering the city would be equivalent to defeating half of the Ghost Eclipsers’ territories, and victory would be a foregone conclusion!

Given the long distances between the livable zones at the end of the world, there was no need to worry if the enemy would send backup soldiers once a place was conquered, which was advantageous to us.

We would conquer the cities one after another. At each city, we would free the people and set up the place as our supply base. Then, we would continue to advance!

Since Xing Chuan had left, the war had progressed smoothly although there were still some casualties. However, this was inevitable since it was war.

To avoid trouble from the rear, we chose to strike during the western hemisphere’s snowstorm season. With the western hemisphere being protected by the natural snowstorms, we didn’t have to worry about the Ghost Eclipsers besieging and intercepting us from behind. Although Xing Chuan believed that the Ghost Eclipsers wouldn’t have the capability to do so anyway even if there were no snowstorms, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Since that day, I’d moved back to my own room and relocated the drawing room too. However, the recent snowstorm had blown through Valley Dust Ruin too, and I’d lost contact with the artists all of a sudden.

I’d originally intended to go to Valley Dust Ruin before the snowstorm season started, but the snowstorms had come early.

Raffles had said that it was a great sign. It meant that mother nature was slowly recovering.

Although it had taken only a split second for the meteor to destroy the planet, the planet needed a long process to recover. It might even take a few centuries.

Recalling the historical disaster that had taken place on the planet that I’d come from, I’d brought it up to Raffles. I’d told him about how the disaster had devastated the living creatures with the highest IQ on earth back then, the dinosaur. After that, my planet had taken hundreds of thousands of years to recover.

Raffles had listened to me attentively. He liked to listen to me talking about the matters of my own world.

A spaceship was descending outside the window. I quickly put down the paintbrush in my hand. Every spaceship that returned had the possibility of being Harry’s return. I didn’t want to see Harry, because not seeing him would mean that he was safe and sound still. 

I ran up to the spaceship with everyone else. The medic team had already taken its position.

The spaceship opened, revealing a guy from class A. He’d lost his legs yet he still got excited once his eyes found my figure. “North Star! We’ve won again! We won!” he shouted excitedly before he passed out.

Then, casualties were carried out one after another. All of them had either lost their arms or had gaping wounds on their bodies.

However, as long as they were still breathing, Silver Moon City would work hard to heal them. Here they had the most advanced organ regeneration techniques. As long as they were still breathing…

A soldier walked out from the spaceship and placed a silver moon badge on a girl’s hand. At once the girl burst into tears, crying her lungs out, and everyone went forward to offer their sincere condolences. A badge represented a sacrificed warrior. 

I felt my heart ache. Day by day, I felt my ability to endure the impact of the war being chipped away.

Although I had been mentally prepared that war meant sacrifices and that everyone likewise recognized that, the shock and pain when you truly experienced it were indescribable. You had to anxiously watch the casualties sent back being carried out of the spaceships, or watch helplessly as the badge was placed in your hands.

I began to hope for the war to end sooner.

I followed the medic team and rushed the casualties into the medic cabin. This was the only thing I could do in Silver Moon City: taking care of the casualties and keeping them company while they recovered. My company and care gave them a boost and helped quicken their recovery, because according to Xing Chuan I was their North Star, the star that lit up their future.

In the recovery zone, I would chat with everyone and exchange our experiences at war.

“North Star, tell us about the war in Heartless Valley!” They watched me with hopeful eyes. In their eyes, I seemed to be omnipotent.

I looked at them solemnly. “In battle, you have to take action fast and be resolute in your decisions. Every metahuman would need time to perform their superpowers, so you have to utilize that lead time. However, back then I snuck in so I caught them off guard."

“Brother Bing! Are you really dating Major Harry?!”


Everyone burst out in laughter.

I blushed and nodded. “Yeah.”

Whistle,” they whistled.

“Brother Bing, will you still accept our Highness then?!”

Then, everyone became quiet. They held their breaths and resisted their urge to laugh.

I chuckled. “Seems like you all become more courageous when Your Highness is not around.”

Everyone laughed playfully.

“Brother Bing, can I give you a rose next year too?” Suddenly, someone stood up and looked at me solemnly.

I was stunned all of a sudden.

Everyone immediately cheered and whistled again.

“We admire your courage…”


I looked at him and smiled. “You can give it to me, but you have to stay alive until then.”

He smiled. He was an innocent young man. That reminded me, Xing Chuan had given me a rose on Cupid Day too. He’d already hinted at me back then, but I hadn’t realized it.

I walked out of the recovery zone and went to the kitchen as usual. I had been teaching the chefs one new recipe a day. Everyone said that they would work hard to stay alive so that they could come back for the delicious food.

When I passed by the research zone, I stopped to look in on Raffles, who was busy behind the long glass wall. He’d put on the same uniform as the other scientists in Silver Moon City, a silver long robe made of a silk material that reflected the light. It was his favorite color.

The long lab coat set off his scholarly temperament, making him even more handsome. He was becoming more and more popular in Silver Moon City. His gentle character and his bashful expression when he saw girls, made the girls want to protect and care for him.

I felt like I was going to be jealous. My men were always so popular, regardless of whether it was Harry or Raffles.

Raffles looked especially handsome when he was working seriously. Looking at his focused expression, shimmering gaze, keen-wittedness, and his superpower to use both his brains simultaneously, it was evident that Silver Moon City had made his life challenging and full of vigor! 


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