Book 4: Chapter 140 - The War Begins

Eyeing the dumbfounded Xing Chuan, Raffles quickly put one side of his equipment in Xing Chuan’s hand. “Now that I’ve told you the secret, I hope you can help to protect Lil Bing. Otherwise, this world would be in a mess fighting over Lil Bing.” Raffles flashed his innocent smile again. “An even worse mess than now. Hehe.” Raffles spoke so lightly and his smile looked so honest. No one would treat the bunny Raffles as a threat.

However, Xing Chuan’s expression instantly turned solemn after hearing what Raffles had said.

“Lil Bing, go and sleep.” Raffles ran to me again. He turned his back on Xing Chuan as he touched my face gently. “His Highness found out that you are a girl, right?” His hand moved down along my neck and stopped on the wound that Xing Chuan had bit. His eyes seemed full of heartache. He was blaming himself and feeling his own inferiority.

He knew everything. His eyes and his brain saw through everything. He didn’t fight head-on against Xing Chuan like Harry, but instead greeted Xing Chuan with a smile and pretended to not see anything.

However, he had successfully tied down Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan’s thoughts had been led on by him unknowingly, to the point where he stopped thinking about getting closer to me.

Behind Raffles, Xing Chuan was looking at him in a new light.

Raffles gave me a gentle smile. “Don’t worry. Go to bed. I am here.” It sounded so comforting. Even Harry had no confidence to say that before Xing Chuan.

Just looking at Raffles, you would know that wisdom was sometimes a more powerful weapon than force.

“How did you know that I’ve already found out Luo Bing is a girl?” Xing Chuan asked the question that I was curious about too. Although I was guessing Raffles had probably found out about it through some deductions.

Raffles turned to smile at Xing Chuan. “Your Highness, men have different expressions when facing other men compared to women. Human facial muscles are most complicated. Every movement of the muscles would lead to a minor difference in expression.” Raffled put his hand behind his back and signaled at me to leave.

I immediately left. For the first time, Xing Chuan didn’t come after me.

Now I truly felt the power of Raffles’ ability of using softness to conquer steel. I’d never expected that Xing Chuan who always cornered me would now be restrained by Raffles.

Raffles had revealed another kind of strength to me. I had even been able to deal with Xing Chuan calmly instead of being reduced to roaring anger like before. It turned out that dealing with Xing Chuan could be this simple. Raffles had been able to do it just like that, similar to how Snowball could make Xing Chuan become quiet.

I slept really well that night. When I woke up the next day, I could still hear Raffles.

“My superpower is to use both brains simultaneously. Hence, one brain can work while the other rests. Hence, it’s fine for me to not sleep.”

I pitied Xing Chuan. He didn’t sleep well to begin with and Raffles kept him up all night.

“I admired you, Your Highness. It is impossible for my superpower to go through evolution.”

“The superpower of a metahuman could be differentiated as evolutionable and non-evolutionable. I don’t think your superpower is non-evolutionable.” I’d never expected that he would really have spent the entire night talking to Raffles, and he even sounded like he was in a good mood.

“How could my superpower evolutionize? With an additional brain? Hahaha…” Raffles laughed, but his laugh sounded disappointed and full of inferiority.

But, Raffles, you are strong, very strong. Every metahuman’s superpower is different and can’t be directly compared. In my heart, you are a strong person, a uniquely strong person.

You can stop Xing Chuan outside my door and let me sleep in peace. Who else is stronger than you?

The most crucial part is that Xing Chuan didn’t even notice your ‘scheme’, and he actually continued to talk about upgrading superpowers with you.

“We cannot rashly try to evolutionize Luo Bing’s superpower. In terms of superpower breakthrough, Silver Moon City has many failed cases, including death caused by tearing cells. Superpower evolution and improvement happens according to one’s situation.”

*Whoo!* Suddenly, the entire Silver Moon City was filled with a clarion call.

I immediately got up and went to the living room. As expected, Xing Chuan was standing at the balcony as he looked out over the spacious field.

“Are you departing?” I looked at Xing Chuan, my feelings turning complicated.

He was going to war. He was going to participate in the war against the Ghost Eclipsers alongside Harry and He Lei.

Raffles walked up next to me and held my shoulder. I held his hand and glanced at the ring on his finger. When can Harry and Raffles be next to me again, like how we had been in Noah City?

Xing Chuan put on his long robe that signified his status as the Highness in Silver Moon City. Sunlight showered over him as he stood on the balcony. Once again he was the Highness of Silver Moon City. Just like a prince going on an expedition in ancient times, a handsome young man standing on the threshold to the world.

“You and Harry, and also He Lei, must all be careful!” I exhorted again.

Xing Chuan looked at me expressionlessly. “Silver Moon City will receive our war report. You can look at it at any time. In order to not affect army morale, we will cut off our communication with Silver Moon City temporarily.” He was referring to the couples in Silver Moon City who wouldn’t be able to contact each other for the time being. He was right. It would definitely affect their morale.

Even back in my own world, soldiers who participated in war wouldn’t be able to contact their family members at all times. That was the strict discipline of the army!

When we arrived at the square, the warriors of Silver Moon City had all gathered there.

Across the field, the knight group members lead their respective troops. Sharjah, Gale, Yama, Sophia, Moon Dream and Matsuno stood straight with their chests out. 

Xing Chuan turned to me solemnly. “North Star, say a few words to the warriors who are going to war.”

Raffles looked at me with pride.

I took a step forward and everyone focused on me, except for Moon Dream.

Everyone’s eyes were shimmering with excitement. They seemed to be anticipating receiving encouragement from me!

I said with a loud and bright voice, “Return to Silver Moon City! Although sacrificing at war can make you a hero, those who return in triumph are the unrivaled heroes! To stand alongside with me here and become the North Star in everyone’s heart!”

“Yes!” Their emotional reply reverberated throughout Silver Moon City.

“To the spaceship!” Xing Chuan commanded. The spaceship rose to hover in the air as the soldiers on the square got on the spaceship, just like ants moving house.

I felt heavy-hearted.

“Protect Luo Bing.” Xing Chuan looked at Raffles solemnly. “And, don’t let Cang Yu get close to Luo Bing.”

Raffles was confused. His impression of Cang Yu was definitely still from that time when he had first met Cang Yu. He admired Cang Yu.

Xing Chuan got on the battleship that was departing to the Aurora Legion’s base. Spaceships filled with soldiers took off one after another, heading into the battleship. Finally, the battleship left the protective wall of Silver Moon City. Girls waved in pride on the field, sending off their loved ones.

The war was about to begin. The lovers couldn’t meet but the atmosphere was unable to cut off the lovers’ love. We would be praying for our loved one at home, as well as for every warrior, for them to return safely!


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