Book 4: Chapter 139 - Raffles Became Devious

“I see!” Raffles excitedly measured Xing Chuan up and down with his eyes. 

Xing Chuan’s eyebrows knitted as Raffles scrutinized and examined him. Then, Raffles glanced at the hole behind Xing Chuan. “So changing your own shape is Your Highness’s initial superpower. Changing another object’s shape is Your Highness’s secondary superpower… No, that’s not right. Changing another object’s shape is Your Highness’s initial superpower, and changing the object’s form should be His Highness’s secondary superpower!” 

I noticed Xing Chuan’s expression tense up. He stared closely at Raffles and narrowed his eyes. Coldness flashed in his eyes! Did Raffles get it right?!

Raffles entered his double brain working mode, gesturing in the air as he spoke, “Hence, His Highness isn’t changing his shape but he has actually already entered tertiary evolution! He superpowerfied! His Highness completed tertiary evolution!” Raffles stared at Xing Chuan in surprise and in admiration.

Xing Chuan glared at Raffles coldly. “You are really smart indeed.”

“You’ve really completed tertiary evolution!” I stared at Xing Chuan in disbelief. “So, you are superpowerfied! You can change your form as you wish?”

“Yes.” Xing Chuan looked at me expressionlessly. I pointed at him at once. “You, lengthen yourself and show me again.”

Xing Chuan’s face darkened at once. For the first time, he revealed an expression that said he didn’t want to talk to me anymore as he turned and left. Xing Chuan actually left!

Wisely I stopped while the going was still good. However, Raffles obviously had no such scruples. He quickly stopped Xing Chuan. “Your Highness, can you let me do some experiments? I believe your data is definitely useful for a breakthrough in tertiary evolution.”

“Are you done!?” Xing Chuan roared.

Whenever Raffles entered his research mode, he was fearless against all threats and he would stop at nothing. He continued to bother Xing Chuan as though he was a new fan of Xing Chuan.

“Your Highness Xing Chuan, this is very important! Lil Bing is already in secondary evolution. If I could glean some insights from you, I might be able to help her enter tertiary evolution!”

“Luo Bing is already in secondary evolution?” Xing Chuan stared at me in shock. His eyes dilated, and he seemed to be in deep thought.

Raffles continued to look over Xing Chuan, experimentally pinching his arm. “Tertiary evolution would lead to changes in metahuman’s individual genes…”

“The robot in Kro that suddenly had electricity…” Xing Chuan instantly turned to me.

I immediately looked away. Why did Raffles sell me out? The people in Silver Moon City only knew that I could enter the center of the radiation zone and cleanse radiation, but they didn’t know that I could release energy too.

“You didn’t know?” Surprised, Raffles became nervous and backtracked. “No, no, no. Lil Bing has yet to go through secondary evolution. She can only enter the center of the radiation zone…”

“Raffles, stop pretending.” Xing Chuan suddenly gave Raffles a glum look.

Raffles seemed confused. “Pretend what?”

Xing Chuan looked at Raffles for a while before he finally flashed a gentle smile. “Did you see through my feelings for Luo Bing? You know that I wouldn’t hurt Luo Bing so you purposely told me that she has already achieved secondary evolution.”

Raffles blinked and his grayish-blue eyes twinkled. He smiled at Xing Chuan. “Are you willing to help Luo Bing reach tertiary evolution? Only if she becomes stronger, would other men not dare to approach her.”

Raffles turned back and smiled at me. I was dumbfounded. I’d never expected that Raffles’ slip of the tongue had carried such meaning. 

“Raffles,” Xing Chuan said smilingly. In front of me, Xing Chuan moved a step closer to Raffles. He suddenly jerked Raffles by his arm.

Raffles had always been fragile. He knocked onto Xing Chuan's chest, yet he maintained a smile. His loosely tied hair scattered and fell down his shoulders because of Xing Chuan’s sudden jerk.

Xing Chuan watched him, still smiling. There was coldness in his smile. “You’ve become devious.”

Raffles smiled at Xing Chuan too. “I am ashamed that I am not as capable as Harry in terms of superpower. I can’t protect Luo Bing, nor can I face off against someone as powerful as Your Highness. Hence, I can only work hard to make Lil Bing stronger. This way, there will be no one who can force Lil Bing.”

Had Raffles understood everything after he’d seen Xing Chuan lick me?

Xing Chuan narrowed his eyes, his smile cold as frost.

“Now that Your Highness is leaving Silver Moon City too, what should I do if a man stronger than Your Highness turns up?” Raffles continued to smile innocently at Xing Chuan.

Stunned, Xing Chuan let go of Raffles. The coldness in his expression vanished and he smiled faintly. “I feel at ease seeing you becoming devious. What do you want me to do?”

Raffle became excited. “Hold on, Your Highness. Let me go and get my equipment.”

Xing Chuan’s face grew gloomy. He obviously hadn’t expected Raffles to come well prepared.

Raffles ran before me. “Lil Bing, I will help you to complete your tertiary evolution!” Raffles’ eyes were shimmering with excitement. He quickly ran back to the bedroom at once.

I watched his fast-moving figure. The Raffles I was familiar with had come back again.

“Raffles loves you a lot,” Xing Chuan said.

I smiled. “Yes, Raffles loves me a lot.”

“It turns out that this can be a way of love too.” Xing Chuan became expressionless, sinking deep into his thoughts. “He knows that his superpower can’t protect you so he works hard for your disguise…” Xing Chuan’s gaze settled on my face, before sweeping down my body. “...for you to become stronger.”

Raffles was like the merchant in games. He constantly leveled up my equipment and my superpower. Raffles was safeguarding me and loving me in the way only he could.

“Can you show me your secondary superpower?” Xing Chuan said.

I smiled. “Tell your robot to come.”

Xing Chuan raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

The robot that had served me and Xing Chuan crossed over from Xing Chuan’s room to mine, coming to stand in between us. Xing Chuan then leaned down to press the robot’s head. He took out the battery from the robot’s circuit board.

Then he straightened, waiting to see me perform.

I let out a long sigh. By now I was experienced in charging. Slowly I felt the energy in me churning, an indescribably magical feeling.

My finger began to let out a blue glow before becoming translucent, just like when I was absorbing energy. Energy rushed into the robot, which suddenly woke up and looked at us. “I felt blue crystal energy! I am full of energy now! I want to do some cleaning! Snowball shat again!” The robot immediately scurried back to Xing Chuan’s room.

I lifted my right hand and looked at Xing Chuan. “Raffles said that this is probably the secondary evolution of my superpower. It transforms from absorbing to releasing.”

Xing Chuan stared at me in surprise. “How much can you absorb? How much can you release?!”

“I’ve never tried.”

“If my calculation is right, Lil Bing should be able to provide enough energy for a starship!” Raffles walked past me hastily with a piece of handmade equipment in his hand. He looked at Xing Chuan proudly. “Hence, Lil Bing is the most precious portable blue crystal energy in this world!”

Xing Chuan was instantly stunned.


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