Book 4: Chapter 138 - Raffles and Xing Chuan

To say we were the same as before, I knew in the bottom of my heart that it was not so. However, I had to let Raffles feel that we were still the same as before. Only then would he be at ease and not let his imagination run wild.

Harry and I had always been soft-hearted when it came to Raffles. He was kind and warm. Harry chose him to be my husband because he was caring and careful. With him next to me, Harry felt at ease. 

I was placing Raffles’ clothes into the washing machine when I heard noise from the training room. At once I popped my head out to check. As expected, I saw a hole slowly opening in the wall of the training room - Xing Chuan was coming over!

“Xing Chuan, what are you doing?!” I quickly stood before the hole that was opening up. Xing Chuan’s figure was already appearing behind the hole.

He had yet to change. He was still wearing the clothes that he had been given in Lavre.

He looked behind me. “Where’s Raffles?”

“He’s taking a shower.”

He looked down for a while before he looked up to meet my eyes. “I came to tell you that you can’t have sex with Raffles tonight because I am still sleeping here. Otherwise,” he squinted his eyes, “I will kill him!”

I couldn’t be bothered with him, and rolled my eyes. “Do you think that I am like you? Having sex whenever I see a man?!”

“He is your fiance,” he said expressionlessly.

“That requires certain feelings!” I would lose my temper whenever I saw Xing Chuan. “The feelings between Raffles and I have yet to reach that level!” I couldn’t explain it fully. “You won’t understand anyway."

“Just like me? Our feelings have yet to make you accept me.” Xing Chuan looked solemn.

It felt like we were discussing an academic question when we talked about love.

“He’s closer than you are.” Turning slightly, I saw Snowball on his bed. Why did small animals like Xing Chuan more? Like Snowball, and Little Prince who was as cute as a small animal.

“How close?” He took a step forward. “This close?”

“Go back!” I turned away in annoyance.

“I want to sleep here tonight.” Xing Chuan suddenly came behind me. I swiftly spun back when I noticed, but he’d already seized my waist and encircled me in his hold. His arm had even encircled my waist twice!

“I am going on an expedition tomorrow. I won’t appear before you anymore,” he said extremely solemnly.

It was just that I was distracted by his arm right now; if it was at any other time I would have been beating him up already. However, my attention was caught by his arm and the things that Gale had mentioned about Xing Chuan with Moon Dream and Blue Charm replayed in my head.

“Luo Bing?” he called softly next to my ear. “Are you not going to stop me? Like I said before, if you don’t stop me, I…” His warm breath brushed against my neck.

“How did you do it with Moon Dream and Blue Charm?” When his lips pressed on my nape, I blurted it out naturally.

His lips immediately left my neck and he removed his arm from around my waist at once. When I turned to him, I saw his extremely glum face. “What did Gale and the others say to you?!”

“Don’t be angry. We are all men. It’s inevitable that we would talk about things like this,” I said calmly.

His face immediately darkened. “You are a girl!”

“I am?” I asked in reply using my male voice. Xing Chuan’s face grew even gloomier. I chuckled and looked at my hand. “I am used to it. As soon as I change into a man’s appearance, I wouldn’t be able to be a girl. I saw your arm earlier…” I lifted his arm and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Can you roll it up and show me again?”

He rolled his eyes. Now I finally saw a new expression on his face, besides smiling and expressionlessness - he looked speechless. He held his forehead, closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He seemed extremely annoyed.

“Let’s agree on this first. Do not punish Gale, Sharjah and the rest!” I punched him on his chest. “They admire you! Hahahaha… And Gale tried hard to explain to me for your sake. He wanted to let me know that you don’t touch Moon Dream and Blue Charm.”

“That’s enough!” He suddenly roared and held my shoulders. He stared at me with a burning gaze. “You want to see!? I’ve wanted to show you since long ago!” He opened his mouth as his gaze burned hotter. “I really want to eat you up!” His voice became hoarse. His tongue extended from his mouth, growing longer and longer.

I knew Xing Chuan’s superpower but I was still astonished to see it under such circumstances. I found it fun too!

I extended my hand to grab his tongue but he suddenly glanced behind me and his gaze dimmed. Turning, I saw Raffles looking at Xing Chuan blankly, dressed in his white sleeping robe.

Suddenly, a moist tongue licked my face like a dog. I grabbed it and looked at Raffles with a smile. “Raffles, look! Every body part of Xing Chuan can be lengthened!” I shared it with Raffles as though I was sharing something fun with him.

Raffles came back to reality and walked forward.

“Let go!” For the first time, it was Xing Chuan who requested me to let go of him instead of the other way around.

I let go of him and he retracted his tongue as fast as a lizard. I wiped my hand on him.

“Your Highness Xing Chuan, is this your superpower? Form-changing?” As expected, Raffles started studying Xing Chuan like how he’d studied flying corpses in the past. Xing Chuan’s face grew grave under his scrutinizing gaze. “That’s right.”

“But, you can change the form of other things too. Oh! I understand now! That’s secondary evolution, right?!” Raffles was excited. “I heard that the metahumans in Silver Moon City reached secondary evolution. I never expected it to be true!”

“That’s right!” I shared the information with Raffles excitedly. “Raffles, you got it right. The metahumans can go through secondary evolution and even ultimate evolution!”

“Ultimate evolution!?” Raffles got even more excited. He immediately looked at Xing Chuan. “Is there anyone who has reached tertiary evolution?”

Xing Chuan furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Raffles.

Raffles continued to stare at him in excitement. “How does tertiary evolution work?! Secondary evolution is the further development of the initial superpower. So, tertiary evolution should be a kind of transformation from superpower genetics. Would it be the metahuman entering the form that his or her superpower is?”

“That’s right!” I was really impressed by Raffles. Even without receiving any data, he was able to arrive at the deduction of metahumans entering their respective superpower form based on Xing Chuan’s changes. “Raffles, that’s right! Xing Chuan told me that it is tertiary evolution. For example, people who control the water element can liquidify. Raffles! There’s also the ultimate evolution!”

“What?!” Raffles’s eyes sparkled. “I thought tertiary evolution is the ultimate evolution.”

“No, no, no. Ultimate evolution means a state breakthrough in tertiary evolution. Isn’t that right, Xing Chuan?!” I looked at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan was stunned. He glanced at Raffles and then at me. Finally, he nodded.


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