Book 4: Chapter 137 - Living Together With My Fiance

However, my feelings were complicated.

Excited. Yes, I was excited too.

But besides being excited, I was also annoyed.

Raffles knew about me and Harry. He knew about me and Harry.

But Harry had told me that there was nothing bad about Raffles and him loving me at the same time. We could still continue to live together.

However, as a person who’d come from another world, I couldn’t adapt to this kind of lifestyle.

I felt that I would need a long time to remove the barrier in my heart regarding Raffles and me.

However, fate wasn’t kind enough to give me enough time to prepare myself. I had yet to think about how to face Raffles but the spaceship had already landed. As the cabin door opened, we could hear the loud applause of the people in Silver Moon City who were welcoming Xing Chuan’s return.

Xing Chuan walked out with Sharjah and Gale behind him, and the applause became as loud as thunder.

Suddenly, a figure barged in through the cabin door. His greyish-blue hair fluttered in the air.

Everything seemed to be a blur. 

He pounced on me and hugged me tightly.

I stood in a trance in his arms, only catching the unhappy light in Xing Chuan’s eyes as he turned around.

“Silver Moon City is so great! Their technology is far ahead of Noah City!”

By the time I’d come back to reality, Raffles was already in my room. He paced back and forth in excitement. His simple luggage was on the sofa in the living room. 

He was dressed in a dark grey long robe, with a greyish-blue hooded and sleeveless robe as an outer layer. He liked that outfit style and it suited him very well too.

I sat on the sofa and watched him. He was visibly excited and thrilled with happiness. I was happy and excited for him too. Now I realized that I’d worried too much earlier. Raffles was the same old Raffles, evidently attracted to Silver Moon City.

He paced back and forth excitedly in front of me as he gestured with his hands in the air. The ring on his left hand swept past before me multiple times as I became lost in thought again.

“His Highness Cang Yu allowed me into the Silver Moon City research center!” Raffles was so excited that his voice was shaking. “I am going to see the top scientists in the world and the top technology in the world!” Raffles hugged his head in excitement, barely able to contain himself.

“Raffles, I got together with Harry.” I blurted it out as I watched him. I didn’t like to do things sloppily or furtively.  

Stunned, Raffles slowly dropped his hands from his head. He lifted the corners of his lips. “I know. I am happy for the two of you,” he said but he didn’t look at me.

I stood up, apologetic. “Are you angry? I’m sorry.”

“I, I, I, I am not.” He looked at me with a smile as he waved in denial. However, he was avoiding meeting my eyes. “I want to take a shower. I heard it is comfortable to shower here,” he said with his gaze averted.

“Alright, I will prepare for you.” I stood up and took a glance at the training room. Everything had returned to normal. Xing Chuan should be leaving Silver Moon City the next day. Now he was most likely with His Highness Cang Yu. I wondered how it would go.

His Highness Cang Yu seemed really dangerous.

I entered the bedroom and activated the bathroom. “The bathroom is fully automatic. There’s an independent gravity inside. You can say whatever you want out loud. It uses voice control.” Raffles was taking off his clothes when I turned around.

He was removing his long robe, which immediately revealed his fair skin. His skin was extremely bright and fair, highlighting his peach nipples. That extremely seductive color was enough to make one’s heart race.

He stripped off his long robe but didn’t look at me. His grayish-blue hair scattered over his fair body. Holding his long robe, he lowered his head as he stood before me. “I, I know. I’ll do it on my own.” Then, he folded the long robe. It was his OCD, everything had to be neat.

I extended my hand to take the long robe in his hand. “I’ll bring it to wash. Go ahead and take a shower.”

I wanted to take the robes off his hands but he wouldn’t let go. Suddenly, he took a huge stride forward and hugged me tightly in his arms. 

“Lil Bing… I missed you…” His hoarse voice was soft as a breath, gently blowing against my ear. He gripped my shoulder tightly. I could hear his vigorous heartbeat as I leaned on his chest.

“Did I come here too suddenly and troubled you with my arrival?” he suddenly said. He’d turned back into the insecured, constrained and inferior Raffles in the past.

“No, Raffles. What’s wrong with you?” I stepped away to look at him.

He averted his eyes, blushing. “Is it because you got together with Harry, so you don’t want to see me again? I shouldn’t have come.”

“Raffles, how could you think like that?” I grabbed his hand but he lowered his face. “Because… You don’t look too happy.”

Stunned, I reflected on my reaction. “I am not unhappy. I am happy. It’s just that too many things happened recently and I was just a little…” I chuckled and hugged him. His body instantly tensed as I laid on his chest. “Harry says that… there’s nothing bad about having you and him to love me together. So… I am trying hard to adapt to it. Please give me some time. You know… I didn’t grow up in this world…” 

Raffles’s chest heaved up and down vigorously. He embraced me tightly in his arms again. “Mm! I can wait, Lil Bing. Don’t mind me. As long as we can be like how we were back then… I will be content…” He held me tightly, but his voice sounded softer and softer towards the end of his sentence. Harry’s matter seemed to be affecting him greatly. He was slowly turning into that not-so-confident bunny again.

I pushed him away and he hung his head low. His greyish-blue hair had already grown out to the same length as before. Now it was reaching his waist. His long, fine hair was as soft as a bunny.

I glanced at his slightly disappointed face. I tiptoed and kissed his cheeks gently. His eyes under his fringe quivered, and shimmered with tears.

“Now, do you feel better?” I asked.

He smiled. It was an innocent, happy smile.

I couldn’t help but smile back. I’d reunited with my family, and all at once the insecurities, impatience and complicated feelings from before had been blown away. Leaving only the happiness of reunion in our hearts.

I took the clothes in his hand and glanced at his pants. “And your pants, pass it to me. I’ll bring it to wash altogether.”

“Oh!” He removed his pants happily. He just took off his pants in front of me!

Quickly I spun around, blushing. Although I had shamelessly investigated the magical physiological changes in man with a researcher’s spirit, and Harry and I had already… done… that…

Raffles and I… had yet to cross that barrier.

He placed his pants on the bed. When I went to pick it up, I found another underwear that he’d left underneath. My face instantly reddened.

“Thank you, Lil Bing,” Raffles said politely and happily. Then, he walked past behind me. When the sound of water running came from behind me, I quickly picked up the clothes and walked out of the bedroom. Closing the door behind me, I let out a breath of relief.


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