Book 4: Chapter 136 - Return to Silver Moon City

“There’s also a nanny robot that can teach Little Prince.” Xing Chuan pressed again. The wall next to the bed slid open, and a robot in a nanny uniform came out. It bowed with a smile, then said, “Please let me take care of the child. Rest well.”

Xing Chuan went forward and tapped in between the nanny robot’s eyebrows. The entire face split open, revealing the circuit board inside. There were more buttons on the circuit board.

Xing Chuan appeared to be setting up the nanny robot. “This nanny robot is an older version. I will upgrade its system. Sharjah, pass me your badge.”

“Yes!” Sharjah immediately went forward and took off his badge. The silver moon badge was like the gold moon badge that Cang Yu had given me. It turned into a data disc and Xing Chuan began to upgrade the robot.

Standing next to him, Sharjah began to measure me up and down with his eyes.

I glared at him coldly and he immediately retracted his gaze. He awkwardly coughed into his fist. “Cough. North Star, you look nice in a dress.” 

“Thank you,” I said, then continued to watch Xing Chuan upgrade the robot.

The robot completed its upgrade very soon. Waking up, it bowed at Xing Chuan. “Thank you for upgrading me. I will teach Little Prince knowledge about humans, and periodically increase the difficulty according to his learning progress.”

“Very good.”

Second Sis and Flying Corpse King became excited.

The nanny robot came before Little Prince. “Hi, Little Prince Lucifer. I am your nanny and your teacher.”

Little Prince blinked his eyes, then suddenly cried loudly at Xing Chuan and me. “Brother… Sister… Brother… Sister… No… No…”

Second Sis lowered her face in silence while Flying Corpse King let out a dignified roar, “Roar!

The loud roar shook the air. Little Prince instantly stopped crying, and instead looked at Flying Corpse King anxiously.

Xing Chuan handed me my disguise. “Put it on.”

I accepted it as I glanced at him. “I am not going back to Silver Moon City.”

“No,” he replied. “You have to stay in Silver Moon City. You are the North Star now. You will shake the army’s morale if you leave.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. I knew what the outcome of shaken army morale would be. The warriors in Silver Moon City were confident because of my existence.

“Put it on,” Xing Chuan repeated.

I looked at him. “I don’t want to be a boy anymore. I always have to be so sneaky whenever I go to shower."

“No!” Xing Chuan said sternly. “There’s someone in Silver Moon City who absolutely cannot find out that you are a girl.”

“Who?” I looked at him confusedly, but behind him I saw Sharjah knit his eyebrows.

“Luo Bing, listen to His Highness,” Gale quickly explained. He looked worried too. “Actually, it is not rare for girls to disappear like Nora…”

“Gale!” Xing Chuan immediately stopped Gale.

Gale bit his lip and looked away.

I knew who he meant.

“You should know who. So, go back and stay away from him. Stay in our room. It’s the safest,” Xing Chuan said, worried.

He knew everything but he hadn’t told me why Cang Yu was dangerous. It was a hidden secret. Now that Gale had let slip that Nora wasn’t the only girl to have disappeared, it made me even more insecure.

“Oh yeah, Luo Bing. Your fiance, Raffles came,” Gale suddenly said.

Shocked, Xing Chuan looked at Gale. “Raffles came to Silver Moon City? When?”

“Yesterday,” Sharjah replied. “His Highness Cang Yu sent someone down to bring Raffles up to Silver Moon City before the snowstorm.” Sharjah’s gaze turned glum. “Your Highness, you have to head back to Silver Moon City soon. His Highness Cang Yu…”

“I know.” Xing Chuan turned back to me. “Cang Yu brought Raffles up for you.”

Cang Yu had brought Raffles up, to allow me to stay in Silver Moon City with ease.

“Let’s go,” Xing Chuan said.

He held Little Prince’s hand and kissed him gently.

I walked forward and kissed Little Prince’s forehead. “Don’t cry. Stay strong.”

Little Prince stared at us with his welled up eyes.

I put on my disguise again, as well as the Silver Moon City uniform that Gale brought down from the flying vehicle. Tying up my long hair, I became the male Luo Bing again.

Sharjah was astonished as he stared at me. “I really never expected you to be a girl. No wonder His Highness is so attracted to you.”

“Stop staring. His Highness is jealous!” Gale nudged Sharjah as he shook his head and chuckled lightly. “No wonder Moon Dream and Blue Charm fell out of favor.” 

Shh!” Gale became nervous.

As the flying vehicle returned to the spaceship, I waved at Flying Corpse King, Second Sis and Little Prince. I didn’t know when we would be able to meet again. If it was the following year, Little Prince would be seven years old by then.

The spaceship slowly took off while Xing Chuan stood next to me. The strong air current blew his long hair, sending it fluttering by the side of his face.

“I will never forget the past three days,” he said tonelessly next to me. I looked at him and he gazed deeply into my eyes. “Because you only belonged to me for the past three days.” The sincerity in his black eyes and the intensity of his feelings were as bright as the explosion of a newborn star.

“You should appreciate the people who love you,” I said calmly and walked away.

“If so,” he said as he turned to hold my arm, the cabin door slowly closing behind us, “shouldn’t you appreciate me?”

Stunned, I turned to look at him.

“Appreciate the people who love you. I am a person who loves you.” He gazed directly at me. I couldn’t refute his words because there was nothing wrong with what he’d said.

A saying that was commonly used to advise people to cherish their close ones had been nullified by Xing Chuan. On the contrary, I had been counter-advised and was left in an awkward position.

Appreciate the people who loved you. I was the one who’d advised Xing Chuan to appreciate the girls who already loved him.

However, he’d returned the saying to me instead. Appreciate the people who loved you, appreciate the men who loved me…

Raffles, Harry, him, and even Pink Baby…

Every love was precious. Yet when I had said it to him, the saying became the most irresponsible thing that I could have said to push him away, just for the sake of making myself feel better. 

“Luo Bing, I won’t give up. My feelings for you, you can’t push it away,” he continued. Then, he grabbed me by my wrist just like how he always did, and advanced forward.

Watching his back, I felt like I’d lost my right to roar at him, to reprimand him, to say that he was a pervert. Because he’d given me all his love.

You couldn’t hurt someone who loved you deeply, who was loyal to you, who was so strongly attached to you.

For the past three days, I had failed to make him give up on me. Instead, the three days of peace and alone time together had made his love for me grow even more determined. 

As the spaceship traveled closer to Silver Moon City, I became nervous because I was about to see Raffles.

I glanced at the ring on my finger. The color of the ring had turned red. It was the color of excitement. Raffles was excited to see me.


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