Book 4: Chapter 135 - Irrecoverable Childhood

A shadow appeared outside the water curtain. It was Second Sis.

Walking in through the water curtain, she came before me. Her expression seemed like she was unwilling to part with me, but she nevertheless took Little Prince from my arms without a word.

“Sister! Sister! Sister Luo Bing!” Little Prince knew how to call my name too. Struggling in Second Sis’ arms, he extended his hand to me. “Sister…”

I loathed to part with Little Prince too. I’d named him. I wasn’t just his sister, I was also his godmother.

“Let me carry him for a little while more.” I took him from Second Sis’ arms again. We hugged each other tightly, Little Prince holding me closely with his greater strength.

Flying corpses were naturally strong. His hold felt like a collar tightening around my neck.

Still, I’d already decided to leave. Even if I wasn’t going back to Silver Moon City, I wanted to go to Harry’s side, and fight alongside him.

Suddenly, the water curtain opened before us. Little Prince was already waving. “Brother Xing Chuan! Brother!”

The water curtain opened. revealing Xing Chuan in his white shirt. A few tufts of hair that weren’t long enough floated around his neck, giving him the carefree air of an artist, just like Jun. But compared to a painter, he seemed more like a dancer.

Then, I heard Sharjah behind him.

“His Highness, it’s great that you are fine…” Sharjah and Gale followed behind Xing Chuan. Sharjah was wearing a relaxed smile. “Where’s the North Star?”

Gale’s eyes found me, and he stood rooted to the spot. “Bing-, Bing-, Bing-…”

Sharjah glanced at Gale, then caught a glimpse of me. Momentarily stunned, he smiled. “I see. Your Highness isn’t willing to go back to Silver Moon City because there’s a beauty here…” Sharjah smiled as he looked at me. Then, his expression instantly froze.

Xing Chuan walked before me and faced me solemnly. “Let’s go back.”

I hugged Little Prince tightly. “I don’t want to go back.”

“I won’t have a chance to harass you anymore.” Xing Chuan looked down at me expressionlessly, “Because I am going to war.”

I lifted my head to look at him. He gazed at me solemnly and extended his hands to me. Hugging Little Prince tightly, I studied him with my guards up. When he slowly put down his hands, I relaxed. He wanted to bid farewell to Little Prince too.

He stroked Little Prince’s short hair, and touched Little Prince’s back. Taking advantage of my lowered guard, he placed his hand over mine that was holding Little Prince’s back. Pressing on my hand, he supported Little Prince’s back. He glanced at me. “Let’s give Lucifer a kiss. We were his parents for three days.”

“Kiss, kiss…” Little Prince extended his hand to both of us and looked at us with anticipation.

Xing Chuan and I stared at each other for a while. He leaned down and kissed Little Prince’s cheek.

I kissed Little Prince on his other cheek. Our forehead touched before Little Prince, his hair brushing against my forehead. Without warning, his hand reached over to lock onto my chin and he swiftly kissed my lips. His burning kiss brought a thread of pain as he bit my lip softly.

“Your Highness!” Gale shouted. “Brother Bing will be angry! Keep your hands to yourself!” Gale got worried about Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan let go of me and breathed out softly before Little Prince. He looked at me. “Don’t be in a hurry to hate me. I might not be able to return…”

I was stunned. His eyes swept downward in distress and he let go of my chin.

War was merciless. Every warrior who went to war was prepared to sacrifice his life, including Xing Chuan himself.

Suddenly, the sight of Xing Chuan standing on the cliff edge before he fell backwards replayed in my head. The deathly stillness across his face pained my heart.

He really hadn’t cared about his life or death then. He’d been conquered by the fragile and hopeless thirteen-year-old Xing Chuan who had been hidden in his heart for many years. He’d lost hope in this world…

I couldn’t help but reach out my free hand for him, before I leaned into his chest with Little Prince still in my hold. He was instantly stunned.

“Although I hate you… you are a really respectable general. Please do not hurt yourself as you wish or give up on your life…” I tightly gripped the shirt on his back. My feelings towards him were so complicated that I couldn’t decipher them myself. I only knew that it would be silly if he died for me. It would be such a waste.

At once he hugged me back tightly, his arm around my back.

I quickly pushed him away. “Let go!”

“It’s too late to regret.” He hugged me tight and buried his face in my neck, leaving a burning kiss under my hair.

“Your Highness! What did you do to the North Star!?” Sharjah abruptly exclaimed in shock. “You, why did you change him into a girl?!”

“Idiot! Luo Bing is a girl!” Gale shook his head impatiently.

Xing Chuan let go of me, his gaze rapidly darkening. He turned to look at Gale. “How did you know that she’s a girl?!”

“Ugh…” Gale became awkward.

I seized the chance to move away from Xing Chuan. Once I became soft-hearted towards him, he wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to attack aggressively!

Xing Chuan, you haven’t changed one bit when it comes to how you treat me!

“Don’t suspect him,” I cut in. Xing Chuan turned to me, while Gale gave me a look of gratitude. I gave Xing Chuan a glum look. “When we returned to Silver Moon City, you were on the verge of being thrown off. Hence, he didn’t manage to tell you.”

“Brother, brother.” Little Prince extended his hand to Xing Chuan. He seemed to have sensed that we were leaving; tears had welled up his eyes.

Xing Chuan’s expression immediately turned gentle. He carried Little Prince from my arm and looked at him tenderly. “You are a boy. You can’t cry. In the future, you are definitely going to be an impressive warrior.”

“Carry, carry…” Little Prince wailed in tears.

“Luo Bing… is a girl…” Sharjah was still gaping at me in disbelief.

Gale was smug. “You didn’t expect it, right? Humph.

“Can’t we bring Little Prince back to Silver Moon City? He needs to learn about how to be a human.” I looked at Xing Chuan.

“No,” he refused determinedly, just like how he’d objected to me teaching Little Prince. He faced me with dignity. “He can learn human knowledge at any time, but the time to be spent with parents can never be recovered once lost. I do not agree with Little Prince leaving his parents. Nothing is more important than staying with his parents…” His eyes gradually seemed a little lost. He turned to pass Little Prince to Second Sis.

Flying Corpse King landed from outside. *Bang!* He landed next to Sharjah. His huge body carried the force of a magnificent mountain, frightening Sharjah and Gale.

Looking at Xing Chuan brushing Little Prince’s short hair in Second Sis’ arms, I understood what he meant.

He looked at Second Sis and pointed at the bed. “It can teach Little Prince all human knowledge.”

Xing Chuan came to the side of the bed and pressed on a button. The screen immediately showed up again; this time it was filled with a comprehensive set of categories to choose from.


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