Book 4: Chapter 133 - How To Like Someone

“If I’d returned to Silver Moon City with you back then, you wouldn’t have found out about my superpower. I wouldn’t have had a chance to perform my superpower either. Would you have still loved me then?” I threw the question back to him.

He was stunned, but he still thought about it carefully. After a while, he looked at me expressionlessly. “I wouldn’t.”

I chuckled lightly and looked out at the starry night. “That’s why. This is fate.”

He became quiet too, as he lifted his face up to the night sky. “I hope these days don’t end. I am happy being with you like this.” He wasn’t smiling yet he said that he was happy.

When he smiled, it would actually be the pretentious and cold Xing Chuan.

“What about the Ghost Eclipsers?” I looked at him. 

He became quiet again. His reaction showed that he was a man who couldn’t easily put his responsibility aside. In his blood, he was still an ambitious king! 

“Why do you like Harry?” He asked without facing me, only stealing a glance at me from the corner of his eyes.

“Why do you like me then?” I looked at him. “Don’t tell me things like how I can give you a sense of security or whatnot. Tell me, why did you like me right in the beginning?”

Xing Chuan turned to look at me quietly.

“There’s no reason for liking a person…” I looked up at the silent starry night. A meteor shower streaked across the night sky. Just like me, they’d come as guests to this world. “Back when Harry saved me, I didn’t like him at the start. I was thankful for him but he got too carried away. He thought that since he saved me, I would definitely like him. So… I didn’t like him then, instead I hated him…”

“Just like me…” Xing Chuan muttered softly.

“Back then, I preferred Raffles…” I lifted the corner of my lips subconsciously. Raffles always made me feel at ease and warm at heart. “He took care of me, he loved me, he used all methods to make me happy…”

“So, you don’t like me because I can’t make you happy…” Xing Chuan sighed. “But you love Harry now.” Xing Chuan looked at me expressionlessly. “You hated him at the beginning. Why are you able to love him now?”

I rested my face on my hand. “That’s why, feelings can’t be explained clearly… I only realized that I like Harry when we came up to Silver Moon City. There are very few girls in Noah City, so Harry hardly hung out with other girls. He would always be next to me, along with Raffles. However, when we came to Silver Moon City, the girls surrounded him all the time. I suddenly realized… I didn’t like him being with other girls. I developed… possessive feelings…”

“Just like how I want to possess you.” Xing Chuan looked at me. Our gaze met, and his eyes had no disguise but were instead filled with feelings.

We looked at each other for very long. It was the first time we were able to sit together in peace after what had happened that night.

Between us, there were only feelings of empathy. However, he was too dominant, aggressive, and possessive. He scared me…

“Xing Chuan…” I spoke. He didn’t move his gaze away from me. I blinked and looked down, running my fingers through the hair by the side of my neck. “I think highly of you but… the things that you did to me disgust me. I hate it…”

“How long did it take for you to fall in love with Harry?” He gave an irrelevant response.

I glanced at him. “A year.”

He looked down without any expression. “I did wrong. I wanted you to love me but I only did things you hate. I only pushed you further and further away.”

He finally understood!

It shouldn’t have been hard for Xing Chuan to understand, but he’d never loved before and he didn’t know how to love. He had always been the high and mighty Highness Xing Chuan. Therefore women took the initiative to get into his bed. Even the women on the ground wanted to become Xing Chuan’s woman.

Just like Arsenal.

“I have never been rejected,” he said quietly with Little Prince in his hand. He faced forward expressionlessly. “Especially not by a woman. When you rejected me, I thought it might have been because you were a man and men are unwilling to be conquered. Men prefer to conquer others.”

Just like how he wanted to conquer me.

“Hence, it triggered my strong intention to conquer. I wanted to conquer you, Luo Bing.” He fixed his burning gaze on me. “I wanted to see you beg under my body. The thought makes me excited all the time!” Flames churned vigorously in his eyes as he stared right into mine, his whole person releasing an aggressive vibe.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked away while he lowered his head. “But now, I realized that you are a girl. I know that my method was wrong but I can’t help but want you. I love you too much. I want to keep you by my side.”

“It’s impossible,” I replied directly.

“Luo Bing, it’s fate that we met again. I believe fate will bring us together.” He stared into my eyes with his burning gaze while he carried Little Prince in his arms, just like a father carrying his child while staring at the wife who was leaving them behind.

I could tell that Xing Chuan wouldn’t give up. We could only let time prove that it was impossible between me and him.

Standing up, I looked down at him. He swiftly moved closer to me to kiss my face. I dodged and took Little Prince out of his arms without looking at him. “You should sleep too.”

He looked down in silence.

I walked to the water bed and put Little Prince down gently.

Suddenly, someone hugged me around my waist. He rested his weight on me, just like how Raffles had suddenly hugged me from behind on the night I’d left Noah City.

*Bang!* I toppled forward onto the water bed while he laid on my back. At once I grabbed his wrist, intending to make him pass out, but then I heard his light snoring.


He was already… asleep…

A warm chest leaned against my back and I fell deeper in the water bed. The water bed had no point of support I could prop myself up with, making it difficult for me to turn or get up. Whenever I moved, the bed wobbled too.

I extended my hand and waved. Instantly I felt lighter as the flying corpse guard came to my rescue.

Letting out a breath of relief, I lay down next to Little Prince. But why did I still feel a hand on my waist? Looking down at my waist, I realized that Xing Chuan’s arm was really still there!

Glancing to the back, I saw that the flying corpse guards had already moved Xing Chuan to the other side. We were almost two meters apart. Yet two long arms connected the both of us.

I knitted my eyebrows and slept next to Little Prince. It was so terrifying!

So, was this how he’d slept with Blue Charm and Moon Dream?

I turned around and looked at the two long arms again. Curious, I touched them. They were soft… soft…

My mind was a mess and I couldn’t help but think to myself: It’s actually soft… How does he… do that?


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