Book 4: Chapter 132 - Fight Over Little Prince

“That’s enough!” I urgently grabbed his hand just as the lightsaber struck his bracelet. He only put away the lightsaber expressionlessly. “The bracelet is made of a special material. No lightsaber would be able to break it. So, don’t worry.” He threw the light saber on the ground nonchalantly. His cold expression seemed to say that he couldn’t be bothered to explain in detail to me. 

He was at fault yet he behaved all high and mighty. He seemed to be disdainful of everything.

“However, if you do not stop me,” he continued with fiery eyes, “I would do it to you! I will make you unable to part from my lower body!” His burning gaze was just like before. He didn’t at all hide his desire for me that was intense enough to burn me into ashes.

He was still the same. He hadn’t changed one bit.

Under my grip, I could feel his pulse through the tense skin on his wrist.

“Eat! Eat! Burp!” Suddenly, Little Prince burped.

I let go of Xing Chuan’s hand and looked at Little Prince. Little Prince had become a dirty cat! His chubby face was covered in yellow corn porridge. Did he put his entire face into the bowl? His face was simply entertaining. No matter how bad one felt, they would be amused just looking at him.

Little Prince chuckled happily and fell backwards. He was about to fall off the table!

Ah!” I exclaimed in shock.

At once, Xing Chuan’s hand with the bracelet lengthened and caught Little Prince with ease. I then let out a breath of relief.

Xing Chuan retracted his hand and walked to the water curtain with Little Prince in his arms. He helped Little Prince to wash his face.

I watched them from the side. Xing Chuan’s careful character showed through when he took care of Little Prince. I glanced at the bracelet on his wrist and felt even more complicated. It was so complicated that I couldn’t differentiate how much I hated Xing Chuan and how much I ‘loved’ Xing Chuan.

Second Sis flew in through the water curtain. Little Prince burped again as he extended his arms towards her.

Second Sis smiled. She carried Little Prince gently and kissed him.

“He ate,” I told Second Sis.

Second Sis nodded and passed Little Prince to me again.

“You want me to teach him about being human?”

Second Sis nodded again. As I thought, she really did have this intention.

I took Little Prince and he hugged my neck again. Probably because I wasn’t speaking loudly, Little Prince liked me again.

I was smug with pride. Perhaps because opposite sexes attract after all, so Little Prince still liked me more.

“We should give Little Prince a name,” Xing Chuan glanced at Little Prince and said calmly.

I looked at Little Prince happily. I poked his chest. “What do you want your name to be? Huh? What would you like to be named as?”

Little Prince chuckled and tried to grab my finger that was poking him. “What, what…” He tried to mimic me again. Little Prince picked things up very quickly.

I glanced at the wings behind him. “Lucifer. How about Lucifer?”

“Lu, Lu…” Little Prince studied my lips attentively.

“Lu-ci-fer,” I said slowly.

“Lucifer, Xing Chuan.” Xing Chuan stood next to me and pointed at himself. Little Prince looked at him. Then, Xing Chuan suddenly extended his hand and placed it on my head. He said expressionlessly, “Luo Bing.”

“Don’t touch me!” I slapped his hand away.

Cough, cough.” Little Prince immediately looked like he was going to cry again. He extended his hands towards Xing Chuan. “Carry, carry.”

“You frightened him again,” Xing Chuan reproached expressionlessly. Then, he carried Little Prince away from my arms.

Little Prince hugged his neck tightly and peeked at me carefully.

I stared at Xing Chuan with a glum look.

Xing Chuan carried Little Prince to the balcony. Then he lengthened his arm and swung Little Prince out like a swing. Little Prince instantly let out an extremely happy chuckle.

“Be careful!” I said anxiously.

“Don’t worry.” Xing Chuan was calm. I seemed to see another man’s shadow in his calmness: Cang Yu.

The elegance when he had been putting on his clothes this morning replayed in my head. His elegance was similar to Cang Yu’s. What was the relationship between them?

“What is the relationship between you and Cang Yu?” I asked.

Xing Chuan’s expression tensed. He retracted his arm as though he’d lost the mood to play. Carrying Little Prince in his arms again, he didn’t look at me nor did he answer my question. He focused on Little Prince instead. “Lucifer?”

Ah!” Little Prince responded. He knew that it was his name.

“Why did you name him Lucifer?” Xing Chuan glanced at me, avoiding my question.

Since he didn’t want to talk about it, I wouldn’t ask again. “Lucifer is a well-known fallen angel in my hometown.”

“Fallen angel?” Xing Chuan furrowed his eyebrows. “I don’t remember a Lucifer among the fallen angels.” Suddenly, a sharp glint flashed across his eyes and he swiveled towards me. “You didn’t lose your memory?”

Little Prince glanced at me then at Xing Chuan from within Xing Chuan’s arms. He opened his mouth as though he was mimicking us talking.

I glanced at Xing Chuan and avoided the question, just like he had. “Pass me Little Prince!” I extended my hand.

Xing Chuan narrowed his eyes and didn’t ask again. He looked solemn and serious. “No. Now is the prime time for Little Prince to learn about humans and mimic them. Plus he is still young enough to be confused about his gender. He’ll become a sissy if he follows you all day.”

What? What do you mean by he’ll become a sissy?!

I immediately narrowed my eyes. “Was I a sissy when I was a guy?”

“But you are a girl now.” Xing Chuan’s gaze landed below under my neck. I instantly blushed. “What are you looking at?! He’ll become a pervert if he follows you!”

Xing Chuan was as calm and steady as a rock. “I am not a pervert. I have strong lust towards the woman I love!” His gaze started burning with intense possessiveness and desire!

“Xing Chuan, you are shameless!” Whenever I was with Xing Chuan, I would definitely blow up in anger within seconds. In front of him, I simply couldn’t keep my calm.

However, Xing Chuan was used to my anger. He shamelessly continued, “Speaking as a man myself, if a man says he loves you but doesn’t lust for you, it means that he is lying to you. That’s why Harry is so intense with you…” He looked at me, his eyes shimmering with gentleness. “He must have hurt you. If it was me, I would’ve been more gentle…”

“Shut up!” I clenched my fist and wanted to hit him. I’d been communicating calmly with him up till now only because of Little Prince. If Little Prince hadn’t been around, I wouldn’t have been able to spend time so calmly with him.

“Lust! Lust!” Little Prince suddenly shouted.

Xing Chuan instantly stiffened.

He still had the face to look awkward at such a moment!

He was never embarrassed or awkward when he talked about having sex. However, now that Little Prince had learned the word from him, his ears were burning red.

I immediately glared at him angrily. “Look! See what kind of child you’ve taught!”

Xing Chuan became embarrassed. His eyebrows were tightly knitted as he looked at Little Prince. Little Prince seemed to be asking for a compliment as he repeated it again, loud and bright, “Lust, lust!”

“Shh!!” Xing Chuan put his index finger on Little Prince’s mouth and looked around the room.

He seemed to spot something and walked over to the water bed. On the wall next to it were many buttons. He glanced at me. “There’s a temporary solar battery in the backup cabin. Please bring it to me.”

I glared at him angrily but I fetched it for him anyway.

Putting Little Prince down by the side, he placed the solar battery into the side of the bed, connecting a power source to those buttons. Instantly, the buttons lit up.

He pressed one of them and a clear image of a maple forest projected onto the wall opposite the water bed. The image was in 3D. It felt as though if we just got off the bed, we would step right into the forest.

“Wow!” Little Prince was impressed. He sat on the bed without moving an inch, while saliva slowly flowed out from the corner of his lips.

The two flying corpse guards were gawking at the sight too. Out of curiosity, they extended their hands to touch.

“This place used to be known as Louver Holiday Resort, a resort for couples.” Xing Chuan patted the wall that had power plugged in. Slowly the wall opened up, revealing a complicated circuit board. He carefully connected the wires. “There were also families that came to stay, hence there are things suitable for all ages to watch, including children.” Then, he covered the lid and the circuit board was hidden behind the wall again.

He turned to look at the wall. “Sunny,” he said.

Instantly, the maple forest vanished and turned into a sunny sky.

“Wow!” Little Prince clapped in excitement.

Xing Chuan came up behind Little Prince and put him on his legs. He pointed at the sunny sky and said, “Sunny.”

Little Prince looked at Xing Chuan, then at the image. “Sunny.”

“That’s right. Sunny.” Xing Chuan then instructed, “Rain.”

The image immediately shifted to show a thunderstorm. Frightened, Little Prince curled up in Xing Chuan’s arms. Xing Chuan pointed at the thunderstorm. “Rain.”

Little Prince blinked and began to look at the thunderstorm. “Rain…”



The scenery began to switch between sunny skies and thunderstorms.

I stood astonished by the side of the bed. That was the explanation for lust[1]?! It became sunny weather and rain! 

I had to admit that Xing Chuan was smart.

It turned out that the person who wouldn’t stop thinking about having sex with me, was also thinking about teaching the most innocent and most beautiful things to children.

Xing Chuan… really liked kids…

Maybe he was right. Little Prince should spend more time with him.

Second Sis sent more human food for us. Xing Chuan and I became Little Prince’s teachers in this house.

I’d come down to look for Xing Chuan but somehow I ended up teaching Little Prince here with him.

Night descended again. In the sky, there was only a moon, and no Silver Moon City. Here we should be on the other side of Kansa Planet, because the weather was warm. RIght now, Noah City should be in the snowstorm season.

“If I’d brought you back to Silver Moon City back then, would you have loved me?” Xing Chuan carried Little Prince who was sleeping soundly as he looked at me gently.

We sat by the side of the pool. After Xing Chuan had set up the power in the house, the water curtain could open and we could see the romantic starry night sky.

[1] Pronounced as “qing yu” in Mandarin, which is homonymous to sunny weather (“qing”) and rain (“yu”).


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