Book 1: Chapter 40 - A Roll Of Paper For A Month

I continued reading the list. Even though I did not think of this list as being adulterous, it still shocked me as I realised that it was merely a list of men who had piqued Sis Cannon’s interest.

“So many… But why isn’t Raffles in this list? Raffles is good looking too…” Although I didn’t know the people here, I felt that Sis Cannon wouldn’t have bad standards.

“I think he is too sissy!” Sis Cannon suddenly spoke up, frightening me. I didn’t know when she had returned. Da Li was over her neck and she nodded in disdain, “Brother Raffles looks like a girl. He makes people lose their desire,” Da Li said as she supported her head with both her hands. She puffed up her cheeks and wore an expression that said, ‘I can’t help it.’ 

I looked at her in surprise, “You know about desire too?”

“Mm,” Da Li pretended to be an adult, “it means not opinionated.”

Phew. I let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, she doesn’t know.

Sis Cannon flipped her short hair cooly and replied, “With Raffles, I feel like I’m with another girl. Ew.” She even made an unbearable expression before leaving with Da Li.

“Waifu!” Harry ran next to me. He stole a glance at my list mischievously and pouted, “Why am I not on this list?” Then, he combed his soft, brown, and short hair as he pretended to be cool.

I rolled my eyes impatiently and walked away from him.

“Waifu! Why did you walk away again?” He caught up with me once more like a dog skin plaster, “No, no. You collect the things from this side.” He held the back of my neck and led me in another direction. I pushed him away in annoyance, “Don’t touch me!” I hated it the most when someone else touched me without my permission.

But he maintained his boisterous manner.

On the white square, everyone was lining up in an orderly manner while carrying an empty water bottle.

There was a room in the front where people were distributing things. The people who had already collected their things, walked past us while chatting. They were holding a piece of bread and a bottle of water. It was like school giving out refreshments during break, but they were far better than this. I saw that the bread they were holding was the same size as the one Raffles had given me. Was it really a one-day provision? Was that bottle of water for a day’s consumption too?

The bottle was at most twice the size of a Nongfu Spring bottle. How was it enough?

Harry pulled me to one side, and we walked past the long queue, straightaway in front of everyone, to stand before a white window.

Behind the window were two women and one little girl. The two women looked like Asians from back home, with their black hair. One of them had her hair tied up in a bun and she had a big baby bump. She was pregnant! 

They were busy giving out bread and water. The little girl passed out bread from inside, while one of the women took the empty water bottles to fill them up. The tap was right next to her and it connected to a pipe above. My gaze followed the pipe and saw that it went above the roof.

“Harry, you brought her here,” the two women who were giving out bread and water smiled at me.

“Brother Harry!” The little girl ran over happily. She looked at me and then looked at Harry happily. She was wearing a linen dress and two long braids. She looked cute, but her complexion seemed to be wilting. She also had freckles. As expected, the appearance of a metahuman and a non-metahuman was different.

The metahumans’ skin was better. It was a strange phenomenon.

Non-metahumans were like ordinary people. Under the circumstances where food and resources were scarce, ordinary people would suffer from malnutrition and it was made apparent with their skin not looking healthy.

If so, Arsenal should be a metahuman.

“Luo Bing, this is for you,” one of the women put a box of things in front of me.

“Waifu, this is Sis Meizi,” Harry pointed at the woman with the baby bump and I nodded, “Hi, Sis Meizi.” I looked at her baby bump subconsciously and she stroked it happily, “I hope she’s a girl."

This world has far fewer girls.

“This is Sis Lim,”  Harry introduced me to the other woman. Sis Lim put a piece of bread and bottled water into my box. Then, she smiled, “Thank you, Luo Bing.”

I looked at the ordinary looking box. It consisted of two pieces of towels, an ordinary plastic cup with floral design and a toothbrush, but a toothpaste was nowhere to be seen. The toothbrush was a pretty pink with a peach blossom pattern on it.

Then, I saw the toilet paper, but there was only one roll.

“How long do we use the roll of toilet paper for?” I asked casually.

Sis Lim and Sis Meizi looked at one another and smiled, “One month.”

I was stunned. They saw my expression and looked awkward. Sis Meizi blinked and looked at me in embarrassment, “Luo Bing, sorry, we…”

“Your share is already put together as per Princess Arsenal’s orders. Don’t look so rejective.” Suddenly, the little girl’s face turned distressed as she rolled her eyes at me, “No one else has as much as you do!”

“Xiao Jing! Don’t behave like that! Luo Bing brought us seeds!” Sis Meizi pulled Xiao Jing away and the people around us were smiling at me, “Luo Bing, I’m sorry. We have very limited things here.”

Everyone started apologising to me and treating me like a VIP. It made me feel rather uncomfortable. I didn’t mean to be rude. I had come from a place with abundant resources, where people squandered those resources extravagantly. As opposed to that, I was now suddenly given just one roll of paper for a whole month. I was taken aback because I had no idea how to be stringent in utilizing this roll of paper to last me for a whole month.

“No, no, no. I do not think that it is not good enough. This is already great,” I immediately picked up the metal box.

“How dare you say that you don’t think it isn’t good with that expression?” Xiao Jing put on her poker face and glared at me.

“Xiao Jing, my wife said she thought it was good. What’s wrong with you today?” Harry extended his hand to rub Xiao Jing’s head, but she slapped it away angrily. She turned away as her face grew red from anger, “None of your business! You have so many wives, why do you even bother to think about me so much!?”

Harry raised his eyebrows as he supported his head with one hand and watched Xiao Jing playfully. 

I suddenly became embarrassed.

Sis Lim immediately looked at everyone and said, “Alright. Let’s continue to give things out. Everyone is making Luo Bing awkward."

Everyone smiled apologetically at me as they collected their bread and water.

They were sorry for my embarrassment, and this made me feel even more awkward.

I looked at Sis Meizi and beckoned at her. She moved closer with her tummy poked out. I said softly, “What I meant was… Do I use this paper when that thing comes along too?”

Harry moved his head close to eavesdrop and I slapped his face away. Xiao Jing saw what I did, and turned around fuming to continue giving out the bread angrily.

Sis Lim gave out bread and water as she looked at us suspiciously. Sis Meizi was stunned when she suddenly understood what I meant, “Oh, my bad. I haven’t had it for quite some time and I forgot about such an important thing.” She patted her forehead and whispered into Sis Lim’s ear. Then, Sis Lim shook her head not knowing whether she should cry or laugh.


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