Book 1: Chapter 4 - Dash Outside

“Hurry up! Quick!” He just couldn’t wait and hastily started to take his pants off. The only noise that could be heard was of his clanking belt echoing in the pitch dark and quiet cage. 

I extended my hand to cup his dust-covered face. Just as he was about to kiss me, I put pressure on an acupuncture point on his neck through my thumb and he fainted immediately. 

Heh! This is really the most effective method!

I retracted my leg and he slouched to the ground. Seeing this, everyone gasped on the cold air. I immediately signaled them to quiet down and indicated that we will be saving everyone.

The people in the cages instantly covered their mouths and looked at us excitedly. They also looked at He Lei. They seemed to know him personally.

I picked up the keys and the gun from the ground and turned to throw them at He Lei who looked shocked. “Take this!”

He caught them in his hand, while Ah Xing who was in the corner also lifted his head in shock. When he stood up, I was shocked to see his face!

Not only was Ah Xing dressed in clean clothes, but his face was also very clean! He was very handsome as if he was an incarnation of Adonis himself. He had a soft and graceful jawline, slightly pointy chin, a pair of huge double-lidded eyes, and long curly eyelashes. His big bright eyes were enchanting in the faint light. He had purple-colored eyes and the purple shimmer flashed in the light as though creating ripples. 

A straight nose, thin red lips, and a handsome face, just like a good-looking student president! With such an appearance, he didn’t look like the guy who would shiver in fear, as he had done earlier. Judging from the ability that my dad had trained me for reading people, I could tell that he had been pretending to be scared while hiding something.

However, under such a dangerous situation, all these disguises and secrets were simply nothing but methods and strategies for self-defense. If my prediction about Ah Xing was accurate, then he would be steadier and calmer than He Lei who had anger and anxiety written all over his face.

Ah Xing looked at the person who was on the ground in shock, but recovered very quickly and looked at me with worried eyes. Suddenly, he fixed his gaze upon my exposed shoulder and said, “You’re injured!?” His concern and anxiety overtook his worried expression, but also revealed a tinge of steadiness.

I was stunned and looked at my shoulder, and blushed. Luckily, there was dirt on my face and he couldn’t tell that I was blushing because of it. What he saw wasn’t a bandage but my… er… Cough. That strap. That was strange. The girls here didn’t wear bras? However, looking at their outfits, it was apparent that they dressed rather shabbily, just like people in poverty. Luckily, they didn’t know the secret behind that strap.

I quickly pulled up my collar and zipped up my jacket. And I was once again wrapped up in my baggy school uniform. I rolled my eyes at him. “If I had known you were so good-looking, I would have sent you to seduce him instead.”

Ah Xing’s expression stiffened. He gawked and once again there was another ripple in his purple eyes. That was strange. It almost seemed like he was wearing something in his eyes. Was he really hiding something? What… was his identity?

Who cares? I have to save myself first.

“Stop gawking! It’s most important to save the others first!” He Lei walked past me quickly. Ah Xing and he were about the same age, roughly around eighteen years of age.

As Ah Xing and I came back to reality, he resumed his panicky expression. He even hid behind me and held onto the corner of my sleeves, even though he was actually about He Lei’s height.

We followed closely behind He Lei. He hid next to the huge cage and craned his neck to look around. He then turned to tell us softly, “I’ll take care of them. Wait for me here!” His gaze was steady and sharp, just like a young soldier during the war. His leadership manner made me feel like a warrior who was sizing up another. My heart started beating faster and He Lei made me feel as if my blood was boiling!

I had no choice. My Dad was once a special forces soldier, and I naturally favored guys who could fight. I was always in high spirits whenever I was with them.

I immediately nodded. As He Lei left, I popped my head to look around. Suddenly, a pair of hands pressed onto my shoulders as Ah Xing leaned on my back to look together with me. He rested his upper body weight on mine, causing me to nearly fall down. I hurriedly moved aside because I didn’t like being touched by a strange man, but this made him stumble and fall on my feet.

“Don’t touch me.” I crossed my arms and spoke in a tone like a man who was unhappy to be touched by a stranger.

On the contrary, he took off his shoes and put them in front of me. “Put them on.” He smiled and there was a shimmering shine in his purple eyes.

I looked at his shoes, which were the only things that belonged to Ah Xing that were dirty. I accepted them and put them on. They were warm but were too big. Wearing them wasn’t helpful, but more like a burden instead. I took them off and returned them saying, “These are too big. I’ll fall.”

He took the shoes back and looked at them for a while. He looked around at the people imprisoned in the cages, as did I. They were all wearing straw sandals!

He walked towards a guy and smiled as he pointed at his shoes, “I’ll exchange mine with yours.”

The guy was surprised. Instantly, he took off his straw sandals without any hesitation and cradled Ah Xing’s shoes in his arms happily. Ah Xing brought over the straw sandals to me and said, “Put them on. There are many stones outside.”

I was touched. He used his good shoes in exchange for my straw sandals. Although huge, the shoes were extremely comfortable.

“How about yourself?” Then, I looked at his feet. He was wearing a pair of extremely thick looking socks. “These socks are thick and I can easily wear them like shoes.”

“Thanks!” I immediately put on the rough and dirty straw sandals that he had exchanged for me. It was better than nothing.

“What is this shirt made of? How come it wasn’t damaged after coming in contact with the acid?” Suddenly, Ah Xing pulled my shirt and started examining it closely.

*Slap!* I slapped his hand away, “Don’t touch me. Don’t think that you are my friend just because you got me a pair of shoes!” What if he found out that I was a girl. Although he was imprisoned as well, I needed to be on guard around everyone.

He smiled and lowered his head. He then started behaving timidly once again, but his gaze kept wandering over my school uniform.

This person was so strange. Now that we were out, he wasn’t in a hurry to sortie, but instead, he was studying the material of my school uniform? He was just too calm about the situation. Was this wisdom or folly? 

I stole glances at him as I smoothed my school uniform. Speaking of which, the quality of our school uniforms was great! One time, a classmate of mine accidentally spilled sulphuric acid during chemistry class and wiped it with his school uniform without damaging it…

I turned around and leaned close to the cage to continue watching He Lei. He disappeared from my sight within a short period of time. Just as I started to panic, I saw him come out by another cage as he waved at us to signal that it was safe.

We followed immediately. The people in the surrounding cages were cooperative and none of them made any noise. He Lei moved swiftly, and very soon we saw three figures standing side by side smiling lasciviously. Between these three figures, we could also see the bonfire and two messy figures.


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