Book 4: Chapter 131 - Put On A Handcuff

Xing Chuan came to stand by my side. Looking down at me, he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you are a girl.”

I turned my back to him and refused to bother with him.

“No matter if you are a man or woman, I still love you,” he suddenly said with affection.

I turned off the stove. “Please don’t say such disgusting things so early in the morning.”

“I meant it. You know it,” he insisted.

Heh.” I laughed coldly and pointed at my neck. “Yeah, you really love me! You love me so much that you wanted to die with me, isn’t it?!” I jabbed my finger at the backup capsule outside on the balcony.

I didn’t love him and he blew up the spaceship.

I told him to get lost and he jumped off the cliff!

This kind of love was terrifying.

XIng Chuan carried Little Prince, stubbornly expressionless.

He remained quiet for a while before he looked at me. “I only wanted to spend a few days with you alone. I only wanted to see you feel heartache for me. I only wanted to be like Little Prince and be able to lie in your arms…”

“Shut up!” My hair stood on end and I looked away. “If it wasn’t because Little Prince is here, I would have beaten you up long ago!”

“Does it hurt?” He suddenly reached out to touch my neck. I instantly slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me! You”re the one who bit me, you should know if it hurts!”

He stood beside me in silence and stared at me.

Suddenly, he held out his arm before me and said, “Bite me.”

I stared at it for very long before I averted my eyes and slapped his hand away.

I poured out the corn porridge and placed it before him. “This world needs you. I can’t kill you. Silver Moon City will come and look for us very soon. By then, return to Silver Moon City on your own! We won’t meet ever again.” I walked past him.

“Luo Bing!” He suddenly grabbed my arm and I immediately swiveled, filled with the urge to hit him. However, seeing Little Prince look at me anxiously, I held back my urge. “I’ll say this again. Don’t touch me!”

Xing Chuan held me tightly, his gaze beginning to burn. It was obviously an expression that had no repentance at all and still wanted to press me down in bed.  

“Brother, brother!” Little Prince suddenly called. Xing Chuan immediately let go of my wrist although he maintained expressionless. “What’s wrong?”

I was stunned. I’d never expected that Little Prince would ‘restrain’ Xing Chuan!

Once Little Prince called for him, he’d let go of my hand without hesitation and focused on Little Prince.

I didn’t want to admit it, but my heart softened at how gentle Xing Chuan was with Little Prince. Although Xing Chuan didn’t wear any expression, I knew that was just how he treated others when he was being honest with them.

Besides me, Little Prince was the only other person who made him wear that expression.

Little Prince made a popping sound with his mouth and he pointed at the hot corn porridge on the table. He knew it was for eating.

“You want to eat?” Xing Chuan asked softly. He was even gentler than when he was with me, although he still wore no expression.

Little Prince seemed to understand. He said in a hurry, “Eat, eat.”

“Alright.” Xing Chuan opened the drawer and took out a small stainless steel spoon. Studying it for a moment, he put it back, seemingly unsatisfied with it. He then lifted his hand again, and his finger turned into a spoon. 

I stared at him in surprise. Xing Chuan thought that the stainless steel spoon was too hard?

Then, Xing Chuan washed his hand. He scooped up the hot corn porridge with his spoon finger and blew on it. He then put it into Little Prince’s mouth.

Little Prince immediately held Xing Chuan’s hand and ate happily.

Xing Chuan lifted the corners of his lips faintly under the morning sunlight. He seemed to be immersed in the beautiful moment.

“Eat, eat.” Little Prince continued to ask for more.

Xing Chuan continued to feed him.

Watching him wordlessly, I gradually calmed down. I held complicated feelings towards Xing Chuan. I felt like we were in the same boat.

I was like him. I was afraid of being alone and I craved for familial love. Because both of us had lost our family.

And he’d lost them twice.

“Elena…” When I said the name, Xing Chuan’s hand paused in mid-air. I watched him carefully. “Is she the sister you mentioned before…”

Mm,” Xing Chuan replied. Touching the bowl, he seemed to find the corn porridge not too hot anymore. He put Little Prince on the table and Little Prince immediately lifted the bowl and ate on his own.

Xing Chuan’s eyes looked lost. “How did you know her name…”

“You said her name when you were having a nightmare last night.”

He looked in a different direction, silent.

Taking a deep breath, I shored up my courage to forgive him. “Listen, Xing Chuan. I can forgive you but you can’t touch me from today onwards!” I said loudly and solemnly.

He turned to me slowly while I glared at him. His gaze suddenly became burning hot once more. Looking directly at me, he turned stubborn. “I can’t."

I was stunned. He was really not repenting!

“Just like how you can’t stop the others from loving you! I can’t control my love towards you!” His burning gaze fixed upon my face as he roared.

I said that I could forgive him but he still insisted on behaving like that. Why couldn’t he just change?!

“You don’t repent at all! I gave you a chance to reconcile!” I stomped away angrily. I knew that I couldn’t give him what he wanted but I could at least show concern as a friend.

“But you can stop me!” He held my arm and gripped firmly.

I gaped at him dumbfounded. I really didn’t understand his logic!

With a glance at me, he let go of my wrist. He took huge strides to the backup capsule, where he retrieved a gold and black bracelet, then came before me. Without warning, he took my thumb and touched it to the blue gemstone on the side of the bracelet.

Then, a blue light twinkled and the bracelet opened.

I was terrified. At once I pulled my hand back. “What are you trying to do?! Don’t put it on me!”

He furrowed his eyebrows harshly and pressed on the green gemstone on the other side of the bracelet. A fine needle suddenly protruded from the inner side of the bracelet, dripping green fluid.

He let go of my hand and the needle retracted.

He glanced at me while I looked at him confusedly. Then, he raised his left hand and the bracelet, and snapped the bracelet onto his own wrist.

“Only you can open the bracelet.” He pointed at the blue gemstone. The light twinkling earlier should have been the bracelet recording my genetic signature.

“If I want to do it with you and you are not willing, you can press here.” He indicated the green gemstone expressionlessly. “The bracelet would inject a superpower inhibitor. If you press it for three seconds, the amount would increase in intensity and I will pass out. Similarly, only you can use it!” he said with a glum look. Then he pulled the lightsaber from my waist. 

“What are you doing again?!” I stared at him anxiously. Ever since he’d jumped off the cliff, I would get worried whenever he picked up anything dangerous. I was afraid that he would hurt himself.

He glanced at me, then slashed at his wrist without a twitch in his expression!


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