Book 4: Chapter 130 - Everything In A Child’s Eyes Is Beautiful

I held my forehead. I could only hope that he didn’t normally sleep here...

However, the waterfall here looked like it was constantly moving so perhaps it wasn’t so bad.

Little Prince came running to me after he was done peeing. He spread his arms and wanted me to carry him.

“Carry.” I carried him up and looked at him gently. “Car-ry.”

He looked up at me and blinked his big eyes, then chuckled happily. He opened his silver-tinted mouth and mimicked, “Carry.”

“That’s right. Carry.” I lifted him high and he suddenly spread the wings on his back. Morning sunlight suddenly shone through the water curtain, turning the air misty. A holy light showered over Little Prince, making him look as beautiful as a little angel.

I slowly lowered him , then lifted my chin to rest my forehead against his. I rubbed my nose tip against his as I said gently, “Rub, rub…”

Chuckle.” He chuckled happily. He cupped my face with his plump hands and rubbed his nose against mine.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* The flying corpse who was guarding Xing Chuan abruptly ran over. I glanced over with Little Prince in my arms. Turned out that Xing Chuan had woken up; he was sitting on the bed as he glared at me.

My face grew glum as I stared back at him. 

He furrowed his eyebrows and held his forehead as though he was having a headache.

“You had a fever last night. You’re badly injured, so I suggest you don’t move around! I will prepare breakfast for you.” I glared at him coldly and walked to the backup capsule.

“These flying corpses… Why do they listen to you…” he asked with his hoarse voice.

Little Prince studied him curiously as though he had never seen a human man.

“They are the flying corpses that you’d wanted to feed me to…”

“Sister! Sister!” Little Prince extended his hand to Xing Chuan and wriggled in my arms.

Xing Chuan stared at Little Prince in shock through his messy hair. “His… human genes… have been strengthened…”

“Sister! Sister!”

“What sister?! Long hair doesn’t mean that he is a sister. That’s a b*stard!” I said to Little Prince angrily.

Little Prince’s eyes shot wide open and he stared at me in horror. He started sucking his thumb, looking anxious.

“Flying corpses… can sense emotions…” Xing Chuan said weakly. He knitted his eyebrows as he covered his wound. “You scared him…”

“You are the one who scared him! You b*stard!” I shouted.

Wail.” Little Prince suddenly cried.

I was stunned.

Little Prince jumped out of my arms and ran over to Xing Chuan. I was so pissed that I wanted to beat someone up!

This is so annoying! I’m so close to Little Prince yet Xing Chuan ruined everything the moment he woke up!

Little Prince staggered as he ran to Xing Chuan, then pounced at him. Xing Chuan extended his arms and caught him. Little Prince started grabbing his hand. “Sister, sister.”

“I’m brother.” Xing Chuan looked at Little Prince expressionlessly but there was a faint gentleness in his black eyes. “I’m brother.” He then pointed to himself and his lower body. “Look, I’m the same as you.”

What are you teaching?!

Little Prince followed Xing Chuan’s gaze to look down. Xing Chuan pulled his pants open.

“Xing Chuan!” I immediately shouted.

Wah!” Little Prince cried again.

I was stunned again.

Little Prince wailed as he sat on Xing Chuan’s lap.

I suddenly felt helpless towards this tiny living thing that cried anytime unscrupulously.

“You’ve frightened him.” Xing Chuan glanced at me expressionlessly. “He has never seen a human man. I am teaching him how to identify gender.” His solemn expression made me seem like the bad person.

Little Prince wailed his lungs out in Xing Chuan’s embrace as though someone was stealing his milk.

“Look!” Xing Chuan carried Little Prince with one hand and lifted his other hand in front of Little Prince. His fingers slowly grew longer and soft like noodles.

Xing Chuan’s superpower has recovered!

Chuckle.” Little Prince instantly laughed. He’d just been crying like his milk got snatched away earlier, but the next moment he was as happy as the sun.

Little Prince reached out his hand to grab Xing Chuan’s finger that had become like a tentacle. Xing Chuan wobbled his finger in the air. Although he wore no expression, he was patient and quiet.

The other flying corpse flew back and brought a change of clothes for Xing Chuan. Seeing that Little Prince was playing happily in Xing Chuan’s arms, he didn’t interrupt.

“Brother, brother…” Little Prince tried to catch Xing Chuan’s fingers that wobbled in the air while Xing Chuan continued to comfort him patiently and tenderly.

I stood by the side and suddenly felt calm. If Xing Chuan could always be like that, it’d be great.

Leaving them to play, I went to take out food. On the other side of the room was an open kitchen. The entire house had an open concept. Sections of the house were separated with stairs, screens and other designs. 

The kitchen was functional. All the cooking utensils were in the cupboard. There was also a solar stove that could be used once it was turned on.

I opened a packet of something easy to cook, corn porridge. I poured the corn porridge out to heat up. When I glanced up, I happened to see Xing Chuan get up from the bed with his back towards me. The sunlight streaming in through the water curtain tinted him with a faint layer of gold.

He put on the clothes that the flying corpse had brought for him, a loose shirt as white as a cloud. He pulled it on over his head, slowly covering the seductive spider lily on his back.

When he lifted his arm and threaded it through the loose sleeve under the golden sunlight, it looked just like a beautiful white swan elegantly spreading its wing. His movement was enough to catch any female’s heart and break it with his elegance and beauty.

Scooping up his long hair from his nape, he tied it into a loose man bun, leaving a few tufts of hair by the side of his slender neck. A crimson spider lily petal slowly stretched out from his collar onto his neck.

“Brother, brother.” Little Prince seemed to like Xing Chuan a lot. He jumped up and hugged Xing Chuan’s leg.

Xing Chuan carried him and turned around. At that moment, he looked just like a young man who had suddenly become a father. He carried his baby expressionlessly and looked at me.

Without the Silver Moon City uniform, he didn’t give off the high and mighty vibe. Instead, the white shirt highlighted his usual gentleness and steadiness.

At once I released a murderous vibe. It instantly frightened Little Prince, who hugged Xing Chuan’s neck in fear.

I froze. No way. I can’t make Little Prince afraid of me. I want to take back my cute Little Prince from Xing Chuan!

Trying hard to suppress my instinctive anger towards Xing Chuan, I stopped looking at him.

Xing Chuan carried Little Prince and turned his hand into a soft tentacle for Little Prince to hold onto. Then, they walked towards me.

The flying corpse guards watched him closely.

The corn porridge began to heat up, its sweet scent filling the air.


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