Book 4: Chapter 128 - Prince Had Yet To Be Weaned Off

Second Sis fed him, then glanced at me again. She seemed like she was trying to explain why Little Prince had kissed me. He had actually been looking for food from my mouth.

However, I wasn’t ruminant like the flying courses. Flying corpse could regurgitate food from their rumen.

I was dazed for quite a while. Feeding till he was full, Little Prince squirmed around in Second Sis’s embrace, signaling that he wanted to come down.

Second Sis put him down gently and he staggered as he walked over to me. Then, he hugged my leg. “Coo, coo…” He cooed at me.

Again I picked him up, gazing wonderingly at his beautiful silver eyes. “What’s your name?”

Little Prince cocked his head sideways and looked at me. He opened his mouth. “Wha-what? Coo… Coo… Name! Name!”

I gaped at him in surprise. He’s not… mimicking me talking, right?!

At once I widened my eyes at Second Sis. Both Second Sis and Flying Corpse King looked surprised too.

Flying Corpse King immediately plucked up Little Prince by his singlet, lifting him from my embrace. Turned out that the Little Prince’s singlet had such a function. 

Flying Corpse King held up Little Prince before him. He opened his mouth but he could only make one sound, “Ah!

Little Prince opened his mouth too. “Ah!

Second Sis held Flying Corpse King’s arm, and Flying Corpse King glanced at her in disappointment. She then immediately pointed at me. Flying Corpse King seemed to understand something and put Little Prince before me again.

I understood then that Little Prince only knew how to babble because the flying corpses didn’t know how to speak!

In actual fact, Little Prince already had the ability to learn to speak! His human genes were manifesting more as he grew!

Carrying Little Prince, I pointed at Second Sis. “Mommy.”

Little Prince opened his mouth and gurgled, “Mom…”

“Mommy!” I said again.

Little Prince chuckled and suddenly patted my face. “Coo. Mm.” He suddenly let out a deep groan like Flying Corpse King, scrunching his little nose and big eyes together. He imitated him well!

I laughed and glanced at Second Sis. Second Sis looked disappointed. I touched Second Sis’s arm comfortingly. “Second Sis, Little Prince has never spoken before. Don’t be in a hurry…”

“Mommy!” Little Prince unexpectedly called out.

Delighted, Second Sis carried Little Prince up to kiss and hug him in excitement.

I was surprised. This meant that Little Prince’s learning capability was very powerful!

It was merely because no one had taught him all this while. He’d only needed to hear me say it twice before he could say it too. I felt that his human brain cells were working vigorously. He wanted to learn everything humans could do.

Theoretically, human kids could speak at two years old. Hence, Little Prince possessed the ability to speak. However, he was limited by his environment.

Mm…” Flying Corpse King fixed his eyes on me. “Mm…” He let out an even louder deep groan, shocking the surrounding flying corpses into taking a step back.

Second Sis held up Little Prince before me again. Little Prince’s legs swung in the air as though he enjoyed the position a lot. He happily swung his fat legs.

I looked at Little Prince and pointed at Flying Corpse King. “Daddy!”

Little Prince crooked his head to the side and looked at me. He extended his hand and touched my lips.

“Daddy!” I said again under his touch.

He glanced at Flying Corpse King, and Flying Corpse King looked back at Little Prince anxiously. Little Prince chuckled and extended his hands towards Flying Corpse King. “Daddy! Daddy!”

Immediately Flying Corpse King hooked up Little Prince’s singlet, spread his wings and flew straight up into the sky. The huge wind he raised whipped at my hair that was already in a mess.

Flying Corpse King soared up high, and Little Prince chuckled happily in the sky.

Second Sis extended her hand and hugged my shoulders. I leaned against her arm contentedly. I am finally with a family member again…

Oh!” Suddenly, the flying corpse next to me let out a soft groan. I glanced at him and he pointed to the ground. Turning, I saw Xing Chuan looking up at me from where he laid on the ground. He blinked his eyes slowly, revealing the disoriented light in his eyes.

“Put him on the bed,” I said.

The flying corpses carried him and walked into the room.

*Clang!* The huge backup capsule was placed on the balcony too. Xing Chuan, what should I do with you?

Xing Chuan’s wound had tore open. There was a simple first aid kit in the backup capsule. I quickly took out the gel to seal his wound again. By now he was already sleeping soundly. This time, he was sleeping for real.

Sitting on the huge water bed, I watched him silently. Two flying corpses guarded next to him.

Little Prince snuck into the backup capsule, flipping through and studying everything he found inside curiously.

Without the medic cabin, I had no idea about Xing Chuan’s current situation.

I wanted to just abandon him with a care, but I couldn’t.

Getting up, I walked to the pond by the balcony. It was actually a pool. The people here had known how to enjoy life.

I took off my outer clothes and pulled up my singlet. There was a bloody mark that Xing Chuan had left on my abdomen.

The flying corpse brought me a human girl’s dress and a towel.

A sharp pain stabbed me when I opened up my singlet. Where Xing Chuan had bit me, the blood had dried up and stuck onto my clothes.

Xing Chuan had really bit me!

I touched my neck; the skin there was torn too. Even though I couldn’t see it, I could feel a deep teeth mark. When my fingertip touched the wound, the salt on my fingertip stung me painfully.

I began to wash my wound and disinfect it.

Then, I loosened my chest and pulled down the singlet strap. As expected, there was a deep bite mark. But because it had been protected by my singlet, my skin at least was still intact. On my boob, a few kiss marks stood out against my fair skin. Some of them were covered with teeth marks.

I put down my arm and glanced at the pool. The moon’s reflection rippled across the surface of the water. Xing Chuan made me helpless. I was completely out of ideas on how to deal with him. Hoping the cooling water could calm me down, I dived into the pool.

Happily I swam for a while, before I broke through the surface of the water. I wiped the water off my face, rivulets flowing down along my arm into the pool.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Little Prince staggered towards me. I swam to the edge of the pool and pointed at myself, “Sister, sister.”

He blinked his beautiful eyes. “Sister.” He picked it up very quickly. He learned every word that I taught him almost immediately.

“Yes!” I carried him into the pool. He started swimming on his own, kicking and paddling with his limbs. He flapped his little wings as well.

I leaned by the side of the pool, and Little Prince lay on my chest. He closed his eyes comfortably. I was just like an air bed under him.

Gently I touched his little wings on his back. They were soft and the bones were soft too; the sensation felt like rubber toys. I slowly pulled them open. When I let go, the wings folded shut on their own.

Coo…” Little Prince lay on my chest and started sucking his thumb. Pouting, he suddenly touched my boobs. Without any warning, he pulled down my clothes with great strength. Before I could react in time, my left boob was already exposed to the air.

I instantly blushed!


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