Book 4: Chapter 127 - Flying Corpse Prince

Then the flying corpse who’d caught Xing Chuan flew closer to me, I took the chance to kick Xing Chuan right away. “You b*stard! B*stard! Die further away! Don’t die in front of me! Other people would think that I caused your death! They’d take revenge on me! Take revenge!” I couldn’t be bothered about whether the flying corpse wanted to eat us now or were waiting for us to die before eating us. I only wanted to hit Xing Chuan. I only wanted to beat him up!

Xing Chuan lifted his eyes and smirked as I roared at him. Then with a shudder, his body went weak and completely passed out in the flying corpse’s hands. Blood dripped from his body to the ground far below us.

“B*stard! Don’t play dead! Weren’t you very strong earlier?! You b*stard!” I continued to kick him in mid-air. Seemingly noticing my actions, the flying corpses flew further apart to separate us.

I’m so pissed off!

Nothing good has happened since I came down to look for him!

We’d finally gotten rid of the Day Monsters; I’d thought I’d been about to complete my mission and finally bring him back to Silver Moon City. In the end, the b*stard had blown up the spaceship and trapped us on the ground. Then, we’d gotten caught by the flying corpses! 

The flying corpses took us past the cracked land and forest. Suddenly, there was the loud roar of water running as the air around instantly cooled.

Looking up in front of us, I saw a huge waterfall!

The water wasn’t cascading down from a cliff face but from a tall building!

The building rose high and tall against the sky, like a bamboo shoot in spring. Water cascaded down from the top, forming a mini waterfall and clean pool at every level, before finally gushing into a huge pool of clear water at the bottom. Beneath the water’s surface, the building extended deeper underwater, with huge fishes shuttling in and out of the building. The entire city looked like it was standing in the water!

The flying corpses began to land. They gathered on a balcony next to a pool, which opened up into a spacious room. It was obviously a residential building from before the end of the world. The levels had luxuriously high ceilings, looking like stacked up palaces.

Xing Chuan lay down on the ground without moving an inch. The flying corpse nudged him but he refused to budge, so the flying corpse retreated to the side. 

The moment I was put down on the ground, I pounced at Xing Chuan and slapped him hard across his swollen face.


He didn’t respond at all.

Infuriated, I raised my hand and clenched it into a fist. However, I couldn’t punch him because he was already in a coma. I couldn’t hit an unconscious person no matter how angry I was.

He was an existence of darkness, an existence that made me pace back and forth at the edge of humanity. He fanned the flames of hatred inside me, encouraging it to swallow the light in my heart. I couldn’t let my hatred run free and drown myself in complete darkness. I couldn’t become cold, merciless and indifferent like him.

Xing Chuan’s existence was the biggest trial for my humanity!

If I could, I’d really want to kill him!

But I couldn’t.

I knew that I wouldn’t be the same Luo Bing anymore once I killed him. I would have completely assimilated into this world and became one of those people who didn’t carry hope, only massacre.

I put down my fist and walked away from Xing Chuan.

The nearby flying corpses surrounded me. I had come into contact with the flying corpses before. Knowing that they could sense our emotions, I tried hard to stay calm as I faced them.

The flying corpse that had caught me earlier lowered its face as it moved closer to me. I tried to keep calm as I looked back at it. Sniffing around me for a bit, it then knelt down politely.

I was surprised. Just then, the surrounding flying corpses all knelt down on one knee too. The familiar feeling filled me with a thrill of excitement!

Only one flying corpse family would be so polite to me. That was -!

Suddenly, a huge shadow blocked the sunlight falling on me. A huge yet familiar flying corpse was flying towards me. Next to him was a female flying corpse that was much smaller than him. She was carrying a child who looked about two years old!

*Bang!* The huge flying corpse landed in front of me. I stared at him with great excitement, and quickly bowed at him. “Long time no see, Flying Corpse King!”

Mm,” he let out a deep groan in response.

I lifted my head to look at the Queen next to him. She extended her hand towards me, and I immediately pounced at her and hugged her. “Second Sis…” I couldn’t help but cry. Not out of my rage at Xing Chuan, but more because I’d survived a disaster and even reunited with my family. Hence the tears of joy. 

Coo.” A small hand suddenly touched my face; the sensation felt like it was wiping my tears.

Quickly I wiped away my tears, then turned to look at the child who’d touched my face curiously. I was surprised - he looked like a human!

“Little Prince!” I stared at Second Sis in surprise. She smiled and nodded at me. Her white eyes had welled up with tears too.

Coo!” The Little Prince continued to touch the tears on my face. His eyes were big and silver in color, with pupils like humans! He had such a beautiful pair of eyes!

However, Little Prince’s silver pupils were much bigger than humans’. Hence at first glance, his eyes had still looked the same as Second Sis’, which were entirely white. Little Prince also had the same white hair as Second Sis. The short tufts of hair made him look as cute as a beautiful baby doll.

His skin was as fair as a European’s, but carried a faint green undertone that made him look like he was covered in silver glitter. He was wearing a black singlet similar to the Flying Corpse King. On his back were a pair of small wings that had yet to spread. It looked really cute!

I happily held his hand that was touching my cheek. His small hand was soft and chubby, not the least bit like the flying corpse’s sharp claws.

Raffles had succeeded! He’d revived the human genes in flying corpses! And the genes seemed to have combined efficiently with the flying corpses’ characteristics to get the best of both sides!

Because his growth was obviously according to the flying corpse’s life cycle. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to have already grown to the size of a two-year-old human baby!

Although Little Prince had not turned out to be completely human, his facial features were identical to humans. Just that Little Prince’s plump lips were tainted a faint green, making the shimmer of his saliva look like silver lip gloss.

No one would ever complain about a baby’s saliva.

Second Sis lifted Little Prince before me as though she wanted to let me carry him.

I carried him happily. He wasn’t afraid of strangers at all, raising his face closer to my face and sniffing. “Sniff... sniff.. sniff...” He swung my hand happily. Then, he suddenly moved his mouth to my lips. His soft lips were as soft as jello.

I was stunned. Second Sis quickly took him into her arms and glanced at me sheepishly. She lowered her head and the Little Prince instinctively raised his face closer to hers. Then, I saw… Second Sis… regurgitate… some paste… and… fed it… into the Prince’s… mouth….

It turned out that flying corpses fed their kids like that! Just like birds!


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