Book 4: Chapter 126 - Coming Across Flying Corpse Again

“What is wrong with you?! Ah! Ah!” I stood up furiously and held my head. The spaceship continued to explode and the wing flew across the sky and fell down the cliff. I knelt on the ground and watched as the spaceship burned. I was cursing non-stop. That was the first time in my entire life when I had lost my mind and cursed so much.

It simply meant death in a depopulated zone without a spaceship!

“Now, you can’t leave…” Xing Chuan hugged me from behind again. He slid his hand through my collar and he bit me on my neck like a starved zombie who had just found food. He was also like an old vampire who was asleep for a thousand years who had seen a living person…

I grabbed his hand that he was sliding down my singlet and flung him over. I sat on him and slapped him without hesitation. “Don’t drag me down with you if you want to die! You b*stard! B*stard!”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!” I continuously slapped him.

He suddenly gripped my hand and sat up, locking my hands behind my back. He hugged me tightly and started biting my neck!

Every single bite, he bit into my neck. Every single bite felt like he was going to chew me into pieces.

“You are a mad man! Ah!” I screamed in pain. I struggled in his embrace and he bit even harder.

He held my hand tightly and wrapped himself around my body in a tight embrace. He bit off my buttons and tore my shirt with his mouth. He bit my collar bone before pausing to pant, “I want to cover up… all the marks that Harry has left on you!” He roared in his hoarse voice.

“Xing Chuan!” I struggled above him. I suddenly felt a hard object where I was seated. My head was once again filled with curses.

“Mm! Mm!” He bit my body hard and moved onto my singlet strap. He then bit my chest and I shouted in pain, “Ah!” Although the singlet helped with shaping, he would still be able to tell if one was a guy or girl if he touched me, let alone the fact that he was biting me like a zombie.

Suddenly, he stopped and panted before my chest. He looked at me dumbfounded, “You are… a girl…”

I was tearing from the pain. I glared at him with my teary eyes and he slowly let go of me. I punched him directly on his face and he fell back from the impact. The bandage on his body split slightly and he started bleeding once again.

I stood up and roared at him, “You’re right! I am a girl! A girl!” I tore off the disguise from my face and the voice changer on my neck and threw at his face that was shocked and swollen.

I held my head. I was going crazy, “You exploded the spaceship! You exploded the spaceship! Xing Chuan! What is wrong with you!” I roared with my female voice. I pointed at him angrily. “This is why I don’t like you! You are sick! You are mentally sick! I don’t want to be with a person who is always thinking about raping me! Ah! Why do I have to be involved with you?! You pervert! You are God d*mn scarier than Cang Yu!” I roared furiously because I didn’t know how else to vent the anger churning inside me.

He sat on the floor dumbfounded. I ran to the spaceship that was almost burned into ashes and knelt before it. I lowered my head helplessly. Xing Chuan is crazy. He is too stubborn! A spaceship is so precious to this world, but he just exploded this one.

“Even though the spaceship has exploded, the backup capsule should be…” I heard Xing Chuan’s voice from behind me. I immediately took out my gun and aimed at his head. The intense anger made my hand shiver. I tried hard to control myself and to pull the trigger. However, my hand shivered even more vigorously as though it was going to cramp.

He looked at me expressionlessly. His black hair fluttered in the blast from the explosion and it stuck across his pale face. He squinted his eyes weakly. This b*stard looks so weak right now, but he was so powerful earlier.

He touched the wound on his chest. It had started bleeding again. A trail of blood flowed out from the wound, like a red poisonous snake crawling out from his body and across his nipple that was shimmering before the flame.

“I only want to… spend a few days alone with you…” He held his chest as he said weakly.

“Go away! I don’t want to hear your voice! I don’t ever want to see you again! Get lost if you don’t want to die! I want you to get lost!” I held my gun up. I finally couldn’t hold back my urge and fired at him.

Instantly, a ray of light shot past his hair and left a mark across his face. A tuft of hair by the side of his face was burned off.

His eyes grew dim. Then, he slowly retreated to the cliff and spread his arms. He lifted the corners of his pale lips. “Fine, I will get lost…” he muttered softly and leaned backwards.

“Xing Chuan, what is your problem?!” I ran to him but he was already falling off the cliff. His black hair fluttered along with the wind and he disappeared from the horizon.

“You are insane!” I hurried to the cliff. I ran too fast. I also stumbled and fell. My hand scratched against the ground, peeling my skin.

No way. Xing Chuan can’t die. I put in so much effort to come and find him, to rescue him. How could he jump off the cliff and place the sin of his death on me!

He forced me all the time. He forced me to love him. He forced me to accept him. Then, he forced me to become a murderer.

Xing Chuan, you are a mad man! Pervert! How could you die! How could you take revenge at me using this kind of method in front of me!!

A huge shadow suddenly covered the sky above me. A flying corpse suddenly flew down at me. Before I could react another flying corpse was already charged at me.

I quickly dodged but it was very swift in action and it instantly grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up!

I could hear wing-flapping noises from the cliff. The very next moment, the flying corpse that had charged down the cliff flew up and it was holding Xing Chuan.

The moment I saw Xing Chuan, I let out a sigh of relief, as though I had crawled back from the edge of death.

He could die but… He couldn’t die because of me! That is putting me at risk! He is taking revenge on me! I would carry the sin of murdering him forever!

He lowered his face expressionlessly and his eyes looked dead. It was as though nothing mattered to him any more, he wouldn’t even care if he was eaten alive by the monster on the ground!

There were a few other flying corpses that barged into the spaceship, which was almost burned into ashes, and dug out a circular cabin. I reckoned that it should be the emergency backup capsule that Xing Chuan was talking about.


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