Book 4: Chapter 125 - Xing Chuan Refused To Return

An arm suddenly hugged my waist from behind me. The hand tainted in blood slowly went under my shirt and touched my stomach.

“Your body… is still so warm…” he leaned on my back weakly. I clenched with hatred. What kind of a situation are we in right now? How could you take advantage of me!?

“Let me go! Otherwise, we will all die here!”

“I won’t let go… Your warmth… Your breath… I am in awe of them…” He hugged me tightly.

The surrounding Day Monsters were walking towards me slowly.

I really wanted to kill Xing Chuan!

I put away my lightsaber and took out a gun. I shot.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The Day Monsters fell one after another. 

There was a scream from above and a shadow covered my head. I didn’t bother looking at it and shot up.

A huge Day Monster fell in front of me. Its claw was still stretching out to reach me. I glared at it coldly as it fell before me.

I lifted my chin and looked at the Day Monsters hanging around the edge of the cliff, “Which of you want to come?!”

The Day Monsters looked and vanished by the cliff.

They were human mutants. Hence, they were scared like humans too.

“Let me go!” I began to pull away Xing Chuan’s hand from under my shirt. “Pervert!” I punched him as I pulled myself free from his grip. I really couldn’t hold myself back even though I knew that he was severely injured!

He fell to the ground from the punch and burst out in laughter, “Hahahaha… Hahahaha…”

I couldn’t be bothered to look at him. I instructed the spaceship, “Send the rescue robot down.”

There was the spaceship’s buzzing noise from above and it’s shadow covered the sky above us. The spaceship hovered steadily in the sky and it slowly let down a capsule. The capsule opened and it was a long armed robot.

I moved to the side and the robot extended its long arms into the cave. The arm turned into a lock and held Xing Chuan’s body. The locks were magnetic and it made Xing Chuan float. It was a great way to transport severely injured victims.

I began to rise too. The rescue robot would directly send Xing Chuan into the medic cabin.

The spaceship stopped at the original spot again. I quickly headed to the medic cabin. In the medic cabin, the small robot claw had already taken off Xing Chuan’s clothes.

Xing Chuan was very weak and his lips were pale. It looked like he had fainted.

“His Highness has lost too much blood. Begin blood transfusion,” A blood transfusion tube pierced into Xing Chuan’s blood vessel. 

The robot claw cut Xing Chuan’s shirt and removed it. I was surprised to see that there were three deep gashes across his chest. The Day Monster’s sharp claw had caused the wounds! His wounds looked black due to the poison. Xing Chuan’s situation wasn’t ideal.

“Disinfection,” the medic cabin was filled with spray to cover Xing Chuan completely. I saw that the small robot claw was constantly busy.

“Disinfection complete,” the fog vanished and the medic robot was recovering his wound.

I looked at his wounds and my feelings became complicated and I felt heavy hearted. I couldn’t see him in this state any longer.

“Luo Bing…” He called softly. He slowly opened his eyes to look at me weakly, “Don’t leave me…” He slowly lifted his arm.

I felt my heart ache. It hurt so much that I couldn’t breath.


I hated him so much and I didn’t want to see him. I viewed him as a stranger but why did I feel such a heavy weight over my heart when I saw him suffer like this.

I closed my eyes in agony and turned to leave!

I ran out from the spaceship and took a deep breath outside. The air seemed to be filled with the pungent blood smell that was coming from him. What is wrong with Xing Chuan?

I sat at the cliff and my legs were dangling at the edge.

Everything that Xing Chuan did was because he loved me… At least that was what he said.

He wanted to get me because he loved me.

He promised to fulfill all my requests and gave me the best of everything because he loved me.

He was crazy because he loved me. He was getting mad because he loved me.

He was thrown off Silver Moon City because he loved me. He had become the body with so many wounds and a dying soul in the medic cabin because he loved me.

Why did I feel like it was my fault? Why did it feel like it was me who had caused it?!

Am I at fault for not liking him back? Am I at fault for not having sex with him?!

I knew that Cang Yu’s command that I could look for Xing Chuan was for Xing Chuan and me to reflect on ourselves and patch back our relationship.

Because it was the most usual method.

In a team, when two members fight, they will usually be punished together. It was to enhance their friendship.

However, it was impossible for Xing Chuan and me to reconcile.

If he promised not to harass me, I could continue to work together with him in a team.

“Why did you run away from me…” Suddenly, there was a heavy weight on my back. He knelt behind me and hugged me. He still smelled like blood.

“Let me go!” I struggled in his arms. Does this guy have to hug me when he can move?!

“I love you so much and I only want to be with you. Is that wrong…” His burning face was leaning on my neck.

I grabbed his arm, turned and pushed him on the ground. I sat on him and punched him. “You poisoned me! B*stard!”

There was a nicely wrapped bandage on his body. Under the transparent bandage, there was semi solid wriggling like gel. These were reborn stroma that could recover the wounds. However, if they were damaged, the wound would bleed again.

“Because you are not willing to give it to me.” His looked at me with a burning gaze. “I want you! I want you all the time!” His hand suddenly held the back of my waist and went under my shirt. He touched my back and his burning temperature left a trail on the back of my waist.

“You are unrepentant!” I pulled his hand forcefully and pressed it on the ground. I raised my fist again, “How do you want me to tell you that will help youl understand that I do not love you nor will I have sex with you!?”

“It’s okay. As long as I want to have sex with you, it will do!” He suddenly sat up and charged at my face. I immediately seized his neck and he burst out in laughter. His chest was heaving up and down and his Adam’s apple under my hand was quivering.

“That’s enough! You’re mad!” I gripped his neck tightly. I was really worried that I would kill him if I gripped him too tightly.

He lifted his right hand and I looked at it with high alert. Just as I had thought he was going to touch me, I saw a small red ball in his hand. “I won’t… let you leave me…” Then, he squeezed the red ball.

“Bang!” Suddenly, there was an ear-deafening explosion. The blast instantly blew me away and I nearly fell off the cliff. I lay on the ground and lifted my head. Then, I saw my spaceship burning in flames.


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