Book 4: Chapter 124 - Severely Injured

Xing Chuan had so many people loyal to him and loved him but he was in disdain of their feelings and aimed at me like a mad man.

Maybe it was really because I was the only one who rebelled against him and didn’t satisfy him. Hence, he was so stubborn. It wasn’t because he really liked me but because I didn’t let him get me.

Do I really have to be like how Chang Yu said? Let him take me and he will stop.

This won’t ever happen!

“Where’s He Lei?” I asked Sharjah.

“On the night it happened, His Highness Xing Chuan was brought back to Silver Moon City while He Lei took over the task in Blue Shield City,” Sharjah reported solemnly. He looked at me for a while and lowered his face, “North Star, please bring His Highness back. This great mission has to be led by him!”

“I know.” I turned.

“Luo Bing!” Sharjah called and everyone looked at him simultaneously. He creased his eyebrows and asked, “Why can’t you accept His Highness’s love?”

I immediately felt an instinctual disgust because I was extremely disgusted by Xing Chuan’s love.

“His Highness gave you the highest authority. He is crazy about you and he does not act like himself around you. He has even thrown away Silver Moon City because of you!” Sharjah slowly became fierce, “Only if you accept him, he will turn back to his original self!”

“Sharjah! Stop it!” Gale immediately stopped him.

Matsuno sighed and left.

I let out a sigh too and entered the spaceship.

“Luo Bing! Don’t you think so highly about yourself! Don’t you think everyone would like you!” Sharjah lost control.

I closed the cabin door. Only you think that it is only right and proper to like Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan, His Highness was high and mighty in Silver Moon City. He was handsome, gentle, strong, and good at training his army. He shone brightly.

In comparison, I was a guy who came from the ground. Besides entering the high radiation zone, I had no other superpower.

Compared to Xing Chuan, it was really my honor that Xing Chuan liked me.

It was a pity that he revealed his true self before me and I knew what kind of a person he was. In my eyes, he was despicable, shameless, nasty and a b*stard.

He tried to poison me. I couldn’t take it! 

The spaceship activated and instantly flew out of Silver Moon City.

I took down the gold moon badge, “Alright. Tell me where Xing Chuan is.”

The gold moon badge suddenly hovered in the air and landed on a mini console in front of me. It extended a claw and put it in the port of the mini console and a map popped up in front of me. There was a green dot blinking on the map.

A depopulated zone in Zone Twelve.

The spaceship immediately advanced to Zone Twelve.

There were countless crimson gorges, like shattered lands. 

Every crimson gorge looked like a thick, mutated blood vessel of a huge monster. It was a terrifying sight.

A depopulated area was dangerous because you never knew what kind of mutated creatures habituated in that area. There should be Day Monsters. They were fast in action and an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to outrun them.

Xing Chuan’s superpower was suppressed by the superpower inhibitor and it would be dangerous for him to be in a depopulated area.

Suddenly, I saw an object that was possibly an ejection capsule and I immediately landed.

The spaceship couldn’t enter the narrow gorge, so I stopped by the land on the gorge.

The protective shield around the spaceship was activated because the living creatures on the ground were very smart. They would attack the spaceship when they saw one because they knew that there was food in the spaceship.

I put on the equipment and got off the spaceship. I stood by the side of the gorge and looked down. It was really Xing Chuan’s ejection capsule. However, the capsule door was open and there was no one inside.

I flung down the rope and jumped down. I ran to the ejection capsule but it was empty inside. I saw a terrifying scratch on its exterior. “Xing Chuan was attacked!”

I wielded my light saber and looked around with my guards up.

The gold moon badge had located the ejection capsule but not Xing Chuan. I didn’t know his exact location, but he wouldn’t have gone too far away.

“Xing Chuan!” I shouted.

Tatara!” Suddenly, there were stones rolling from the side. I looked up and there was a cave on the mountain wall.

Tatara!” I heard the noise from stones again. It was Xing Chuan!

I reined back the rope and launched it on the cliff above the cave. I climbed up but the cave was blocked by the huge rock.

“Xing Chuan! Are you in there?” I asked.

A hand tainted with blood extended from behind the huge rock. I was terrified. “Xing Chuan, are you injured? Wait for me! I will save you!”

Pak!” He suddenly grabbed my wrist. His arm was out and there were deep scratches and wounds on it that had yet to recover. There was dried blood on his skin, but the wound was still bleeding heavily.

“You… came to look for me…” I heard a weak voice, “About that night… I’m sorry…”

I creased my eyebrows and pulled my arm away. “This is not the time to talk about this.”

“You are not going to forgive me, aren’t you?” He immediately grabbed my wrist tightly. “Luo Bing… I love you… I want to be with you… I don’t want you to leave me… I…”

Tatara!” Suddenly, the stones from above dropped and I became alert, “Let me go!” Just as I shouted, a shadow suddenly appeared above me. I had no time to look at what it was and I immediately kicked myself off from my original position. Xing Chuan also let go of my arm at that moment and I wielded my light saber.

Just as I kicked myself off, a Day Monster landed from above in the exact spot where I had been standing a moment ago. It opened its mouth and revealed its terrifying sharp teeth. Its claw held onto the wall firmly. A long green tongue hung out from its half torn face and there was sticky fluid with foul smell dripping from its tongue!

More Day Monsters descended from above. Since Day Monsters were mutated from humans, they shared the similarity of being communal, especially when they were hunting their prey.

Suddenly, the huge rock loosened and fell on the Day Monster. It let out a shrilling scream as it got crushed.

Xing Chuan was in my sight. He had curled up in the hole that could barely fit one person. Half of his white Silver Moon City’s uniform was tainted in blood. His black hair was in a mess and it was covering his face and stucking on his shirt. He was panting weakly. He was obviously severely injured!

I had never expected Xing Chuan to be that badly injured!

Just then, the Day Monsters landed and surrounded Xing Chuan’s cave. The law of nature, the strong survives. Hence, the Day Monsters aimed at the severely injured Xing Chuan!

They surrounded the cave and almost covered Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan turned around weakly and his pale lips lifted into a smile.

“Xing Chuan…” I slashed and the sword chopped off the Day Monsters’ limbs. They fell simultaneously and I landed before Xing Chuan’s cave. I held the rope and wielded my sword as I glared at the Day Monsters that were moving away.


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