Book 4: Chapter 123 - Receiving Gold Moon Badge Once Again

Zong Ben lowered his head and immediately showed a bored expression. “And paint another rubbish like that?” Zong Ben rudely said that his creation was rubbish. “I don’t want to draw that kind of shallow painting ever again. I want to paint something deeper! Something that could raise one’s soul higher. A painting that could suck one’s soul!” Zong Ben said excitedly. 

“Then… take your time and think,” Jun turned Zong Ben as though he was consoling a child. He made Zong Ben face the refreshing yet magical painting. “Look at her. You might find inspiration."

Zong Ben stole a glance at Jun. Then, he looked at the painting in boredom as though he was really looking for inspiration.

Jun slowly retreated. He pulled my arm and exited the holy temple.

“Why does he always sacrifice you?” I was upset. I knew that Zong Ben liked to paint nudes so I wasn’t surprised at what he said.

“You meant the part where he wanted me and you…” Jun pointed at himself and me awkwardly. Then, he flashed a bright smile, “You misunderstood him. He will imagine it himself…”

“Imagine?!” My eyes were wide open in shock.

Jun smiled, “You thought it was for real? No, Zong Ben doesn’t need it. He prefers to imagine. A real person wouldn’t be able to achieve what he wants. For example… I… Hehe…” Jun scratched his head in embarrassment, “I couldn’t make the kind of expression he wants.”

I pressed on Jun’s shoulder, “You don’t have to feel sorry. It is his problem!”

“Don’t think of Zong Ben that way. Art seeks the origin.” Jun’s expression became serious. “We began to paint the human body not from a pornographic aspect but from the solemn observation of the human body’s ratio. In the end, everyone is after the origin. What’s the origin of the soul? What’s the origin of art? Zong Ben   

“You really show him compassion and spoil him. Do you… like him?” Jun was really nice to Zong Ben.

Jun was stunned and he immediately waved. “No, no, no. You are misunderstanding our relationship. We are not in the kind of relationship you are thinking of. Although Zong Ben did paint a lot of nude paintings of me, he is like me, a true straight man!” Jun said straightforwardly. It seemed that all nude paintings were merely paintings to them.

If a doctor looked at your body, it was merely a body.

In contrast to their innocent artistic viewpoint, we seemed to be perverts and filthy-minded.

“Zong Ben liked strong women, especially female soldiers,” Jun smiled. His smile was always bright. “Hence, if he was alive, he would have definitely liked you. You are a strong warrior. That’s why Zong Ben wanted to paint you. He wanted to see you during war. Don’t misunderstand him that he likes to see murder but it was because he wanted to paint a person experiencing life and death in that moment. It wasn’t mercilessness of humans but hopelessness and horror that the war brings…”

I looked at Jun in shock. Every time I talked to them, I felt myself elevating my soul. They had told me a simple theory, don’t judge the book by its cover.

“I’m sorry, I know that you wanted to rest but I brought you here to chat with us…” Jun chuckled in embarrassment. “It’s because we have been dead for sixty years and it was our first time seeing a living person. That’s why we wanted to talk to you more…”


“You should go back. I’ll see you next time,” Jun smiled widely at me. His innocent smile was like an angel’s. “Thank you for listening to us dead, and looking at our posthumous painting work.

The more he said, the more I felt like crying. They didn’t feel like dying but they were pretending to be okay.

“I’m leaving Silver Moon City,” I said. Jun looked surprised, “Are you leaving? Is Silver Moon City not good? Oh yeah, Zong Ben told you to stay away from Cang Yu. His superpower seems to be dangerous.”

Is he really dangerous? I immediately asked, “What did he see? What happened to the girl?”

Jun shook his head,” Zong Ben is not willing to say but he said that the girl is still alive.”

Nora is alive. Where is she then? I think only Cang Yu knew or maybe Xing Chuan.

I looked at Jun, “I will go home, back to Noah City. I will visit Valley Dust Ruin before I go back. I will take another spirit flower to keep in touch with you.”

“Thank you! Luo Bing!” Jun said happily, “That’s great. As long as you have our spirit flower, we will be able to keep in touch. Oh yeah, this is a present that everyone entrusted me to pass to you.” Then, he smiled and suddenly leaned down. He planted a kiss on my cheek before leaving.

I looked at him dumbfounded while he smiled at me, “I hope you like it. It’s everyone’s gratitude.” Then, he placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back.

I woke up and the spirit flower’s petal slowly vanished in the morning sunlight.

I touched my cheek that was kissed and I felt happy. I was happy not because of Jun’s kiss but because the kiss carried everyone’s gratitude. Their gratitude filled my new room and my heart was once again fueled with love in these cold end of times.

Suddenly, I felt myself heightening to another level. I didn’t hate Xing Chuan as much then.

Mm. Time to look for him.

The robot came in and gave me breakfast. I picked up the milk glass and a glimpse of gold caught my eyes.

I paused. It was the gold moon badge. It was shimmering under the sunlight.

“His Highness Cang Yu said that only the one with gold moon badge could look for His Highness Xing Chuan,” the robot relayed a message from Cang Yu.

Receiving the gold moon badge meant that I had received the highest honor of Silver Moon City again. I had the highest authority and I carried the responsibility of the North Star, staying in Silver Moon City.

If I didn’t accept it, I couldn’t go and get Xing Chuan.

Cang Yu is brutal. Is he really going to let Xing Chuan die on the ground? Is he really not going to bring Xing Chuan back? Besides me?

In the mind game, he was far ahead of Xing Chuan.

I took a deep breath and sipped the milk. Then, I picked up the gold moon badge and headed to look for Xing Chuan!

On the hanger, Gale, Yama, Sharjah, Blue Charm, Sophia and Matsuno, who didn’t like to bother with anyone, were already there. Only Moon Dream wasn’t there.

Gale saw me coming in and greeted me happily, “Thank you! Brother Bing!”

“You…” I looked at them, “Did you wait here for an entire night?”

They didn’t speak.

Matsuno glared at them, “That’s right. Only a bunch of idiots would wait for you for the whole night. Pfft."

“Your Highness Cang Yu commanded that only the North Star can look for His Highest,” Sharjah said with a heavy heart. Although Xing Chuan had punished him before, he was still loyal to Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan’s knight group was loyal to Xing Chuan. It reflected Xing Chuan’s charm and capability.


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