Book 4: Chapter 122 - Zong Ben and Jun

I returned to my room. The robot looked happy to see me back and welcomed me to the room. I saw Snowball and it looked like he had grown bigger as he sat on my bed.

Snowball hopped to me when he saw me. He pounced at me and I caught him. He had gained weight. I touched its white, smooth fur. “Follow me back to Noah City, okay? I’ll take you away from here.”

Snowball looked at me and jumped out of my embrace. He ran to the hold that connected my room and Xing Chuan’s room. Then, he jumped on Xing Chuan’s bed. Even Snowball didn’t want to leave Silver Moon City. Life here was really comfortable.

I took off Ah Zong’s loose clothing and let down my long hair. Harry had left his kiss marks all over my body like strawberries. As I relaxed, the soreness and weariness swept over me.

Forget it. D*mn Xing Chuan. I shall sleep first.

After I took a comfortable shower, I became even wearier. I fell asleep the moment I reached the bed.

I was woken up by a little breeze in my dream. I opened my eyes and saw Jun. Zong Ben was standing behind Jun and staring at me directly with his dark eye circles. In his eyes, there was unfathomable darkness with an anxious glimpse. 

I subconsciously hid in front of Jun to avoid Zong Ben. I popped my head out to look and Zong Ben, but he was still staring at me directly.

“Today… I can’t paint it for you. I am tired,” I said apologetically to Jun.

Jun didn’t mind much but smiled, “It’s okay. It means that you went for a mission if you didn’t come by. So no one else came as well.”

I looked around. There was really no one there.

“Then… Zong Ben…” I pointed behind Jun anxiously. “Why is he looking at me like that?”

“Don’t be scared. He only wanted to paint you,” Jun said casually with a wide smile.

But my heart skipped a beat when I heard that! Zong Ben wants to paint me!?

I became tense. Jun seemed to notice that I was anxious and he smiled. “It is a good thing that Zong Ben has the desire to paint you. There is hardly anyone that could motivate him now.”

I immediately hugged my body, “I don’t want to let him paint me!” No way!

Pfft.” The chains all over Zong Ben clanged as he walked out from behind Jun. He looked at me with his pair of murky eyes, “I can’t paint if you cover yourself?”

“It’s useless, Luo Bing,” Jun chuckled and grabbed my wrist to put them down, “We are artists,” he smiled innocently.

What he meant was that they had seen through me long ago?

I looked at them stiffly. I was a little upset.

“I don’t only paint nudes,” Zong Ben rolled his eyes at me and glanced at Jun, “Jun knows.” Zong Ben said and walked past me. His black leather skirt swayed and revealed his slender, long legs.

“I’ll take you to see Zong Ben’s painting,” Jun held me and flew. In this world, they were like angels.

We flew through the building walls and shuttled through buildings that were filled with paintings. Finally, we stopped before a white, holy temple. 

He turned and smiled innocently. Then, he pulled me into the holy temple. When I entered, I was immediately greeted with a huge painting that looked holographic, yet it was different from a 3D painting. It looked like it wasn’t painted on a flat surface. It was really three-dimensional to begin with.

However, it wasn’t holographic because you can clearly see every spot on the painting and even the breeze. They were all painted with paint.

The artist had used four-dimensional space to paint this painting.

The painting was a sea of fresh clouds. Every piece of cloud was flowing slowly. The entire sea of cloud formed into a young maiden with an innocent smile. 

I was astonished at the sight because it was a three-dimensional painting and I was curious as to what was on the back. I walked around the huge painting and what shocked me was that the smiling maiden seemed to follow me wherever I walked to!

It was such a magical painting!

It was a painting that would put an artist’s skills to test!

At almost every angle and every surface, it could form the maiden’s innocent smile. She had become the smiling ambassador who welcomed you to her city. She was also the symbol of the city!

“This is what I painted with Zong Ben,” Jun smiled and looked at me, “Does it not look like his work?”

I nodded stiffly. I found it hard to believe that Zong Ben would draw such a refreshing piece of painting, “It must be your idea.” I looked at Jun.

He smiled and shook his head, “It was Zong Ben’s idea. He saw the clouds that looked like a girl was smiling. So he told me to paint this painting with him. We…” Jun looked at the huge painting that looked almost holographic and continued, “...painted for very long…” It seemed like he missed those days. That time must have been Zong Ben and Jun’s favorite timel.

“I wanted to paint another one with Jun…” Suddenly, Zong Ben flew through the maiden’s smiling face and gently landed before Jun and I. “Only when I work together with Jun, I feel excited! Ah!” He hugged himself and his arm almost broke his body from the tight grip. He closed his eyes and lifted his chin as though he was drowning in some kind of pleasure.

I looked at him tensely.

“Don’t mind him. He is always like that…” Jun said with an embarrassed smile, “Zong Ben, you are frightening Luo Bing!”

Zong Ben opened his eyes and his burning gaze was in his dark eye circles. “Compared to you, this is simply rubbish!” He pointed at another paint behind him.

I looked at him in shock. His eyes were fueled with excitement, “Your superpower gave me new inspirations! I am not happy! Why did I die!? Why did I die?!” Zong Ben roared. His hoarse voice sounded like a demon’s roar.

Jun sorrowfully looked at Zong Ben in silence. Sympathy and helplessness were written across his face. He walked towards Zong Ben and patted his shoulder gently, “Don’t be like this…”

Zong Ben closed his eyes and looked up, “I want to see Luo Bing’s superpower… I want to see her kill… I want to see her burning you into ashes when you have sex with her…”

I was dumbfounded. Did I hear it wrongly?

However, from Jun’s stiff smile, I had heard it right. Zong Ben was intense! He didn’t even let his best buddy off the hook!

“I think it’s quite impossible…” Jun smiled awkwardly, “I don’t have a physical body… Isn’t the refreshing painting we made together great?” Jun was nice being to Zong Ben. When he talked to Zong Ben, he sounded like he was comforting his child. On the other hand, Zong Ben wanted to see him die, and wanted him to die when he was doing it with me! 


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