Book 1: Chapter 39 - What Organization is the DR?

As Sis Ceci approached us, Harry became quiet too. He suddenly became anxious, as though someone was going to take away his things. He ran towards me hastily and shouted, “Mom! Mom! She’s my wife!”

Sis Ceci raised her hand, and Sis Cannon walked past her to block Harry with her chest puffed out. Da Li sat on Sis Cannon's neck as she squinted her eyes at Harry. He looked terrified and took a step back.

After stopping Harry, Sis Ceci looked at me with a smile, “Luo Bing, I realized that you have great agility and skills. Do you want to join the DR for training?” She appreciated my skills.

What is DR? I looked at Xue Gie and her other teammates behind her. Xue Gie was looking in front of her with an expressionless face, as usual. Her attention was not focused on anyone in particular, or maybe she didn’t care about anything around her.

“Sis Ceci, she doesn’t have any superpower though,” Xiao Ying puffed up her cheeks. “If she doesn’t have any superpower, she would die in an instant outside,” Xiao Ying spread her hands and shook her head. She revealed a pitiful expression, as though I would be tortured to death by people with various superpowers the moment I stepped foot outside.

However, she was telling the truth.

I had seen metahumans. Not a healer like Ming You, but true fighting metahumans. I was still terrified by the people from Ghost Eclipse City. And if it wasn’t because of He Lei, I would have turned into a hornet’s nest from getting shot in my leg.

I looked at Xue Gie and her team once again. They were obviously different from Ming You. They were in military outfits, and whatever Xiao Ying had said revealed a message. A non-metahuman couldn’t join their so-called ‘DR’. Judging from this exchange, DR should be an abbreviation for a combat force. And in this combat force, it seemed like they only took in metahumans. In other words, Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying were absolutely combat metahumans!

Oh yeah, and Da Li…

“Don’t be our burden,” Xue Gie suddenly said coldly, but she was still looking in front of her. No doubt, her comment put me down. She made me feel useless when compared to the metahumans, and it was clear that I would only end up being a burden to them.

I was discontented from the bottom of my heart.

“But how do you explain the fact that she brought back an escape pod?” Sis Cannon’s voice was deep, like a steady mezzo-soprano. She carried an elder sister’s manner, “There isn’t a single person in this world, who can escape from Silver Moon City. On top of that, she also stole an escape pod.”

“That must be by sheer luck!” Xiao Ying immediately joined the conversation. Her plump chest bounced as she looked up at Sis Cannon, who was much taller than her.

Sis Cannon looked down at her. Her gaze seemed like she was looking at an immature little girl.

“The probability of luck to steal things from Silver Moon City is zero,” Xue Gie’s silver eyes finally were fixed on my face. I realized that her gaze was very slow, like a slow-mo camera. However, I felt a terrifying chill run all the way from my head to my toes, when I was directly staring into her eyes.

“Mm, that’s the reason, although she isn’t a metahuman, she can still do things that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to do,” Sis Cannon nodded her head with confidence as she crossed her arms.

“However, it all depends on whether she has the ability to enter DR,” Ming You said as she looked at everyone, and everyone nodded in agreement. It seemed like they just had a mini discussion about me and whether I could join their team.

“I agree!” Da Li suddenly raised her hand and shouted.

Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out and said, “Hey, you have been bought over by her apple.”

Sis Ceci smiled then she rubbed Xiao Ying’s head as well as Da Li’s. The scene suddenly became heartwarming. Sis Ceci didn’t look like their leader, but like their parent. I liked this feeling. Although I wasn’t sure if I could join them, the team felt more like a family.

“I disagree!” Suddenly, Harry jumped behind Sis Cannon and shouted, “Mom! You can’t turn my wife into someone like you!”

Sis Ceci immediately raised her eyebrows and the surrounding spectators quickly retreated.

Sis Ceci looked at Harry and asked, “Harry, do you think your mom is not good?”

Harry lost his rage from earlier and shuddered in fear as he tapped both of his index fingers together, “So fierce… What’s good about it…” 

“Harry! Harry!” Harry’s buddies hemmed him in, and threw their arms over his neck, “Calm down! Don’t go against Sis Ceci! We will die a miserable death! Listen to your mom and let your wife go to sit the test. Your wife might not be able to enter DR. She isn’t a metahuman.”

“Yeah!” Harry was thrilled with excitement. He looked at me cheekily and said, “Don’t worry, Waifu. You won’t be able to join DR.”

“…” I realized that I wanted to hit him badly. Is it better that I am useless!? As a child of a retired soldier, I definitely wouldn’t allow myself to be useless! I want to join everyone else to protect Noah City. Because Noah City is my home too!

“Luo Bing, sit for the test to join DR later,” Sis Ceci suddenly became serious and I was excited. No matter what the result would be, I thanked Sis Ceci for giving me a chance!

“Thank you Sis Ceci!” I looked at her with a grateful look.

She smiled and looked at me, “I believe in my gut feeling. You definitely can join us in DR!” Sis Ceci patted my shoulders, “Go and collect your stuff.”

“Yes!” I subconsciously stood up straight and replied with a military salute. She smiled, “See you later.” Then, she led her troops to walk away in front of me.

Suddenly, Sis Cannon stopped before me and pak! She slapped a piece of paper on my chest and looked down at me coldly, “I don’t care who you are and which department you will end up joining in the end. But in case we don’t get to become sisters, stay away from the men on this list because they are all my men!” She revealed a warning expression and stared at me fiercely as she left.

Although Sis Cannon looked fierce, I knew that she was a nice person because she had made a fair judgment about me.

I took the paper stiffly and saw that it contained a long list of names; a total of… fourteen names !

Did Sis Cannon mean that all of these fourteen guys were hers!?

Oh my goodness. Fourteen men…

I subconsciously read the first guy’s name aloud, “Khai!”

“Hey? Are you calling me? Luo Bing?” Suddenly, a handsome man who was holding Harry looked at me excitedly, “How do you know my name?” Then, he raised his eyebrows at Harry and teased, “Your wife knows my name.”

Harry’s face immediately turned distressed. He creased his eyebrows and looked at me, “How could you know the other guys’ names, besides your own husband’s!?”

D*mn. I knew Raffles’ name too, okay! Oh yeah, they don’t treat Raffles as a man. 

I rolled my eyes at him, and flashed him the list consisting of fourteen men’s names, “Sis Cannon warned me that the guys on this list are all her men…”

Suddenly, Khai looked green and white. Then, he turned purple. He then turned and ran away without saying anything. As he ran, his brothers laughed mercilessly.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!”

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