Book 4: Chapter 121 - Go and Look For Xing Chuan

I couldn’t believe that the person Xing Chuan was mortally afraid of was His Highness Cang Yu. So, I had to keep my distance.

Gale looked at me sadly, “Luo Bing…”

I turned to leave.

“North Star…”

“North Star!”

I walked quickly as people called.

Sharjah suddenly stopped me and reminded me, “Only His Highness Cang Yu knows His Highness Xing Chuan’s whereabouts."

I nodded. “I will go and look for him now. Don’t worry."

“We will leave His Highness into your hands.” Sharjah looked at me solemnly. 

“Mm.” I walked onto the elevator on the field. As the elevator descended, everyone swarmed over. They needed their Highness.

I walked to the garden library directly, where His Highness Cang Yu usually read his books, but he wasn’t there. On the coffee table, there was hot tea that was giving out steam as usual. He shouldn’t be far.

I continued to look for him.

It was His Highness Cang Yu’s place. Hence, besides my room and the garden library, I had never wandered around.

Just as I was searching, I realized that the garden library actually stretched very deep and it was really old.

I heard the sound of running water ahead of me.

When I walked out of the bookshelves entwined with tree vines, there was an indoor mountain hot spring. The spring water was showering from the man-made mountain by the side, forming a small waterfall. It poured down from the mountain wall, and the scenery looked extremely beautiful.

The steam from the spring water had filled the place, putting on a veil over the surrounding flowers.

“Do you want to come in and join me?” Suddenly, His Highness Cang Yu asked me.

I subconsciously looked in the direction of his voice and saw His Highness Cang Yu in the bathing pool.

I retreated in fear. I quickly looked away from his body. In a mere glance, I had seen His Highness Cang Yu’s well-built body and his distinct muscles. I had never expected His Highness Cang Yu to have such a toned body under the slender long robe.

His deep merman lines and muscular abs would make one’s heart race. I was surprised at his muscular, sexy body.

He looked like a scholarly wise man but he bore the body of a general.

I stood before him and suddenly felt small. I even felt dependent.

He maintained his elegance and leisurely attitude. There was a tray floating on the surface of the water and on it was his favorite hot tea. He leaned against the side of the pool as he continued to read without looking at me.

“His Highness Cang Yu, I plead to be permitted to look for His Highness Xing Chuan.” I lowered my face and didn’t look at him sitting in the water.

“You forgave him so quickly?” He extended his hand to pick up his teacup and drank from it elegantly.

“I did not forgive him,” I said directly. “However, I know that the future war needs his return.”

“Wait until you forgive him, and then you can go and look for him,” Cang Yu said calmly.

“His Highness Cang Yu!” I looked at him anxiously. “You can’t force me to forgive him!”

He looked up from his teacup and fixed his gaze upon my face. He lifted the corners of his lips into a smile. “Luo Bing, you are a man. You like men too. Then why do you mind that?”

I creased my eyebrows and looked away with rage. “I am a man and I do like men. However, I do not like to have sex with just anyone.”

Humph…” He put down his teacup and slowly flipped his book. “You and Xing Chuan are similar. You have OCD for your emotions, your bodies and your desires. This is because you are yearning for an innocent and beautiful relationship…” He squinted his eyes and looked far away. “Xing Chuan is dying for a relationship, he is dying for your love and warmth…"

I got goosebumps and I rubbed my arm.

“However, it is obvious that you are not interested in him… Your refusal made his desire stronger…” He stood up and I could hear the water splash.

I quickly turned around and saw the bathing robe hanging on the tree branch in front of me.

“Pass me the bathing robe,” he said gently as he approached my back.

The bathing robe was within my reach. When I took it and turned around, he spread his arms with his back facing me. He obviously wanted me to put it on for him.

His arms were long and toned, and his back muscles were exposed clearly in front of me. The water flowed down the muscles across his firm waist to the gulley in between his two toned butt cheeks.

My heart clenched and I looked away as I put on the bathing robe for him.

He turned around and I instantly tensed up.

He tied his belt, but the chest area of the robe spread and revealed his sexy muscles. He hung his long braid in front of his chest and looked at me with a gentle gaze.

“Would you like to listen to my advice?” He asked gently.

I looked at him and he bent down with a smile.

I took a step back and he stopped. He smiled at me. “Have sex with him and he will be satisfied.”

I looked at him in shock. He stood straight and flashed an unfathomable smile. “As you are a man, you should know that a man would explode after holding himself back for too long…” He slowly looked down and his gaze swept past my neck. He extended his hand and I immediately moved back again. He smiled and retracted his hand. “Last night should have been very exciting, huh?”

I instantly blushed. I couldn’t help but retreat again. Suddenly, my foot reached nothing and I fell back. “Ah!” “Bang!” I fell and sat on the edge of the bathing pool which was shallow. Half of my body was instantly drenched.

I supported myself in the bathing pool as I looked at Cang Yu looking at me casually. Somehow, my heart started racing at his gaze that seemed to look through everything.

He smiled and looked at me for a while. He raised his hand and the tray that was floating on the water floated towards me. Besides his tea, there was also the golden moon badge on the tray.

“Next time, don’t give it to anyone else. This is what I have given to you. It represents the highest authority in Silver Moon City.” Although his voice was gentle, it was dignified. “Rest well tonight. There’s no hurry to look for Xing Chuan. If he cannot even survive a night on the ground, he is not qualified to be the Highness of Silver Moon City,” he said sternly and left the bathing pool.

I slowly came back to reality. Cang Yu sounded more like Xing Chuan’s elder brother because he had always said that Xing Chuan didn’t qualify to be the Highness of Silver Moon City…

I extended my hand to pick up the golden moon badge. I stood up and looked at the badge.

Cang Yu was telling me that he wanted me to stay in Silver Moon City. Just like he had always said that Silver Moon City needed Xing Chuan, he was also hinting to me that it was necessary for me to stay in Silver Moon City because Xing Chuan wanted to have sex with me.

Hence… I couldn’t take it.

I placed the badge on the tray and left the garden library.

The water dripped from my trousers onto the grass. I returned to my room. Looking at the room full of paintings, I picked up the spirit flower.

Every time I complete a painting, some of the flower petals would vanish from the spirit flower. At that time, there were only a few pieces left. Hence, I had to pick another spirit flower before I returned to Noah City so I could keep in contact with Jun and the others. 



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