Book 4: Chapter 120 -The North Star in People’s Heart

I glanced at Xing Chuan, who was so agitated it was as if he was going crazy. “Old monster! Don’t touch her!” 

*Bang!* The executors threw him into the ejectable capsule harshly. Xing Chuan’s voice instantly vanished as they closed the door.  

The capsule rose slowly to a vertical position, and I saw Xing Chuan struggling and pounding hard on the cabin door. His dark hair was all messed up from his vigorous action, his eyes raging with anger behind his hair. He was still roaring and shouting maniacally but I couldn’t hear him anymore.

Suddenly, the hands on my shoulders slid down along my arms. When I’d come back to reality, Cang Yu had hugged me from behind and placed the remote control in my hand.

My body instantly stiffened as his chest leaned against my back. His slender hand wrapped around mine and pressed the button on the remote control.

“No!” Just as I shouted, *BANG!* Xing Chuan was launched out, his capsule instantly breaking through Silver Moon City’s protective shield and charging towards the crimson planet.  

“You can go and look for him after you feel better,” Cang Yu said calmly with his usual poise. 

He then let me go and left. I was still holding the remote control in my hand and I couldn’t calm down.

Do I hate Xing Chuan? 

Nope, it wasn’t that I hated him. 

But I really dislike him! I wish that he would die! But deep down in my heart, I know that he doesn’t deserve to die. So, my subconscious stopped me from killing him and didn’t let me do something I would regret. 

But then, my heart was hanging on the end of a string as I watched Xing Chuan disappear into the boundless universe. Where will he end up in? Will I be at peace if he really dies because of me?  

“Your Highness.” 

“Your Highness.” 

The people swarmed towards the direction where Xing Chuan had been launched. The girls were crying for their dearest Highness while the guys hung their heads low as though they were mourning for him. All were drowned in sadness. 

Moon Dream ran towards me emotionally. Sharjah tried to stop her but she flung him off really hard. Moon Dream rushed towards me and Blue Charm caught up to her and pulled her arm. “Moon Dream!” 

"It is all your fault! You are the one to blame!” Moon Dream roared at me uncontrollably. The surrounding people looked in our direction. Moon Dream smirked coldly, "You look just like a gigolo from Blue Shield City in this outfit! You are a gigolo who goes around seducing men! It is you who seduced His Highness! Who are you to cause His Highness to be punished!” 

“Moon Dream, you’re out of your mind!” Sharjah came forward. “Do you want to be thrown down as well?!” 

Moon Dream glared at them coldly. 

"It wasn’t Bro Bing’s fault.” Gale instantly appeared next to me and glared at Moon Dream angrily. “Take back what you said just now!”

Moon Dream chuckled and said, "Why? Are you bewitched by this gigolo as well!?” 

"What did you say!?” Gale got angry too. “You are the one who is worthless to His Highness Xing Chuan...” 

“Gale!” I pushed his back. He stumbled and looked away. 

Moon Dream’s dreamy pupils trembled. 

“Moon Dream, this is too much!” Sophia came up and shoved Moon Dream away. “Luo Bing has never seduced His Highness. It was always His Highness that forced him! I have seen it before!” 

“This is embarrassing.” Matsuno glared at everyone coldly,.“The North Star Knight group is a shame,” he said glumly. He then turned to walk away alone. 

"Moon Dream, you are still in the North Star Knight group because of Bro Bing.” Yama came forward too. 

Moon Dream chuckled. "Are you bewitched by him?! Didn’t His Highness Cang Yu throw His Highness Xing Chuan off because he has fallen for him too!?” 

"Moon Dream!” Sharjah and Blue Charm exclaimed in surprise. 

“Am I wrong!? Everyone saw what happened just now! How coquettish it was! Oh! Was it you who caused Nora’s disappearance? Did you sleep with His Highness Cang Yu too?!” 

I slapped her on her face.

Everyone stared at me in surprise. 

"You hit me!” Moon Dream glared at me angrily.

I glared at her coldly. "Don’t be a disgrace to the knight group! Stop acting like a crazy woman! You are only going to make yourself look low!” 

Moon Dream stared at me fiercely with her moonlight pupils. 

"I will bring your Xing Chuan back to you, then I will also leave Silver Moon City!” I said glumly. Then, I marched past them all and walked away.

“Bro Bing! Calm down!” Gale caught up with me. “Don’t leave Silver Moon City! Everyone worships His Highness but we worship you even more now! No one denied what His Highness Cang Yu said earlier. Everyone respects you!” 

“I’ve already made up my mind. I won’t stay in Silver Moon City.” I continued to walk forward. Suddenly, someone hugged me from behind again. My eyebrows twitched as Gale started shouting, "Don’t! Bro Bing! You are now our spiritual leader! All of us respect you and worship you like God! We will be disappointed if you leave us.” 

“I think that’s only you!” I shook my head. Then, Gale was dragged along behind me again as I stepped forward. Why didn’t I know that he had such a habit? It seemed like he was always ready to hang himself on my back ever since the other day at the ice cave.

“No! Not just me! Look! Everyone is still here!” Gale glanced back while he hung onto my back. 

I looked back and everyone was still around indeed. They were all looking at me from the field. They were standing there in silence as they watched me.

Do they hate me? 

“Everyone here really respects you.” Yama came to me and faced me seriously. "Bro Bing, you always surprise us with every mission that you accomplish. We respect and worship you. You are everyone’s target and we are all working hard to reach your standard. We see you as a legend! You can’t just leave us like this.” Yama suddenly knelt down on one knee in front of me. 

I was really embarrassed, and felt like I’d been put in a difficult position.

“North Star, please don’t leave Silver Moon City.” Suddenly, everyone knelt down on one knee. 

I stood on the spot blankly in surprise. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I didn’t know when I had become their target and their faith. 

Gale let go of me and walked in front of me. He knelt down on one knee and said, "North Star, please calm down. Please look for His Highness and please stay in Silver Moon City.” 

I stepped back and frowned. "What are you doing? I am returning to Noah City after I leave Silver Moon City. You can look for me there if you need any help, I won’t refuse. I will help you with all I can. As long as it is to fight against  the Ghost Eclipsers. But you…” I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Then, I continued, "Get up, I don’t deserve this. I promise that I will bring His Highness back to you.” I helped Gale and Yama up. 

Everyone stood up quietly. I was very touched by the feelings they had for me but there was another reason why I didn’t want to stay in Silver Moon City. It was how uncontrollable Xing Chuan was when he was facing Cang Yu. I had been able to see fear and terror in his eyes. He was afraid of Cang Yu. Xing Chuan was actually afraid of Cang Yu. 


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